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18:50  06 august  2022
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D'étranges formes ressemblant à des gratte-ciel sont apparues ces derniers jours au large de la côte nord-ouest. © supplied by Gentside of strange shapes resembling skyscrapers have appeared in recent days off the northwest coast.

If you spent the last days on the side of Normandy or Brittany, you may have had the chance to observe this amazing optical phenomenon by examining the horizon.

On Sunday, July 17, while mercury soaked up in the whole of France, from curious forms resembling it to skyscrapers worthy of the greatest American metropolises appeared on the horizon off the northwest coast, from Calvados to Finistère. Rest assured: this was not a paranormal event, but an optical illusion of the one could no longer natural under the name of "Fata Morgana" .

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What is Fata Morgana?

This relatively rare meteorologist phenomenon is in fact closely linked to the scorching heat wave that has been touching the country for more than a week now. It is caused by the refraction of the light rays when they cross layers of air at very different temperatures .

The light rays are then deflected and are thus at the origin of the appearance of lower and upper mirages , thus giving the illusion that an object ( a boat , a skyscraper ...) or that a whole landscape is suspended above the surface of the water.

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"Normally, the air located on the surface is warmer than the air located just above. However, during a mirage, the temperatures are reversed. The air above the sea is then more Cold because of the water and a warmer layer of air is created via warming the sun, "explains the Belgian meteorological Martijn Peters to 7Sur7 .

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"The light then forms an arc and we can be curved, but our brain thinks that it happens to us in a straight line. We are thus duped by our own brain. Objects are suddenly found above the horizon and are sometimes Distorted or reflected. The curvature of light thus reveals the objects behind the horizon, normally invisible. "New York is invited in Finistère

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The phenomenon was particularly visible on the side of Houlgate, in Calvados, but also to yield, in Finistère. However, it was not limited to the French coasts, since several municipalities of the Belgian coast also reported this Fata Morgana. To the delight of photographers, professionals or amateurs.

"New York is settling in Kerfissien", quipped on Facebook Vincent Zéroual, in legend of an amazing photo of the meteorological phenomenon which appeared on the side of Finistère.

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Triple Optical Illusion off Luc/Sea 17/7/22 #Normandy

These are not ships on the horizon but a Fata Morgana, a succession of mirages resulting from a thousand sheets of currents of currents Hot air and cold pic.twitter.com/9vcrb6uf63

- Raphaël Fresnais (@rfresnais) July 18, 2022 Read also: The "heat feather", a disturbing climate phenomenon which could be widespread

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