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15:11  18 august  2022
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Elden Ring Obliterated a Grand Theft Auto 5 Record

  Elden Ring Obliterated a Grand Theft Auto 5 Record FromSoftware's open world action-RPG Elden Ring successfully surpasses a decade-old record set by Grand Theft Auto 5. © Provided by GameRant As reported by IGN, who was provided stats by YouTube Gaming, Elden Ring had 3.4 billion views on YouTube in its first two months after launch. This obliterates the record previously set by Grand Theft Auto 5, which supposedly earned 1.9 billion views in the same window. Considering the success Grand Theft Auto 5 enjoyed at launch and still enjoys to this day, that's a real testament to just how big of a deal Elden Ring really is.

While many gamers are aware of the Dark Souls series, some were reluctant to buy them because FromSoftware's action RPGs were often seen as incredibly difficult games that took an immense amount of time and skill to beat. This meant that while sales figures for games like Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne remained impressive, none could have expected the mark that Elden Ring would make financially. In its first month of being available, Elden Ring battered the previous sales record set by Dark Souls 3.

  Elden Ring Still Pulling Off Impressive Sales Figures 6 Months After Release © Provided by GameRant

Since then, Elden Ring has only continued to produce impressive sales figures, as the game consistently sat at the top of the charts in the weeks and months after its release. Now, fans may have expected the copies of the RPG being sold to dwindle a little, especially with Elden Ring's Steam player count dipping after launch. However, it seems that even half a year after the game first dropped, many are still interested in beginning a journey in the Lands Between.

New Elden Ring Updates You Completely Missed

  New Elden Ring Updates You Completely Missed The new patches to Elden Ring include new quality of life updates to multiplayer, summoning, weapons, and more, even if some changes aren't obvious.Ever since the game's release back in late February 2022, Elden Ring's convention-breaking developers at FromSoftware have been responding to player feedback and compiling regular updates to fix perceived gameplay issues and improve the accessibility of the RPG as a whole.

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As of the end of June, it has been reported by Bandai Namco that Elden Ring has shipped 16.6 million copies worldwide. While a lot of these sales were accomplished within Elden Ring's first months following release, the fact that it is still building sales in the millions shows that the game is incredibly popular even six months after launch. This means Elden Ring's sales figures have now gone over triple the amount of FromSoftware's previous title, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which sold 5 million copies by July 2020 after its release in early 2019.

Perhaps Elden Ring continues to sell well because of the reputation FromSoftware has built over years of producing quality titles, or it could be that Elden Ring's open world and other mechanics allow for a much more welcoming experience to new players. Either way, the latest RPG by FromSoftware has produced an unmatched amount of sales when compared to the company's previous titles. Some are even predicting by the end of the year Elden Ring could reach 20 million copies sold.

Best Steam Deck RPGs

  Best Steam Deck RPGs From the games that are Deck Verified, which are the best RPGs for the Steam Deck?Since the platform's debut, Valve has been testing games and labeling them as Deck Verified, which means they run well on the Steam Deck. Naturally, this process will take time considering the sheer quantity of projects on Steam, but plenty of massive games have already been confirmed.

With time passing and new games on the horizon, it seems Elden Ring's sales could dwindle in the coming months. However, with speculation rife about possible Elden Ring DLC, the announcement of some extra content for the game could be enough to sway those who had not yet decided to take up the quest of becoming Elden Lord.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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