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15:20  18 august  2022
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Our date of birth provides information about our calendar age. The situation is different with the biological age that is influenced by many external factors. How to lower your biological age

Die Wissenschaft ist sich sicher: Man kann sein biologisches Alter senken ISTOCK © iStock The science is certain: you can lower your biological age iStock

"You are only as old as you feel." This saying is actually something on this saying. Because in addition to our calendar age, which results from our date of birth, there is also the biological age. and these two numbers do not necessarily have to match.

What is the biological age?

In the biological age, in addition to the calendar age that corresponds to the actual years of life, factors such as mental condition, lifestyle (nutrition, smoking etc.), genetics and metabolism are also included. Even our blood vessels give "the technicians" to our biological age according to the health insurance : depending on how elastic or stiff the vessels are, one is more susceptible to cardiovascular diseases, increased blood pressure and Co. by means of a special blood pressure measuring device The pulse wave speed can be measured, from which doctors can draw conclusions about the biological age.

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means that the biological age that depends on so many physical and inner factors simply has to accept? Not at all! The biological age can be influenced by your own behavior (further below you will find an interesting study ). Just as older people can lead a long life in good health, it is also possible that young people age earlier due to their way of life.

Lower biological age: This is how

is not the genes that are solely responsible for our biological age, there are many ways to turn certain adjustment screws in everyday life that have positive effects. Above all, this includes:

healthy eating: In addition to a balanced diet with lots of vegetables, fiber and protein, so -called epigenetic food are considered true young makers, because these should have the skills to combat diseases and to have a positive effect on the individual generation. The epi-foods include green tea, dark berries, dark leafy vegetables, tofu and cabbage-on the other hand, fans of the epigenetic diet completely do without. Do sports regularly: best two to three workouts per week + move a lot of in everyday life (stairs instead of elevator, by bike instead of the car to work etc.) restrict to smoking alcohol consumption: in addition to the poor effects on the liver and Co. also increases regular alcohol consumption the risk of cancer and obesity, which in turn has an enormous effect on the biological age. Avoiding enough sleep study proves: change in the lifestyle can make it younger that you can actually be with healthy eating, lots of exercise and little stress can reduce biological age, an investigation by the McGill University in Canada .

took part in the examination 43 male subjects between 50 and 72 years of age who underwent an eight -week program. This included an optimized diet, sufficient sleep, movement and relaxation exercises, at the same time they were given probiotics and herbal phytonutrients.

using special DNA examinations could be found after the end of the eight weeks: The test subjects were able to lower their biological age by a total of


egg compared to the control group.

quite a lot for the relatively short effort! You see: For a healthy lifestyle and a younger biological age, it is never too late.

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