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Survey: Majority of Germans is disappointed with the traffic light

Saturday  05:50,   03 december 2022

The Germans are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the current government. This shows a mirror survey. In part of the country, the resentment is particularly great. © Kay Nietfeld/ dpa For almost a year, the so -called "progress coalition" has >>>

Hawaii is preparing for the possibility that Mauna Loa lava is reaching an important highway.

Saturday  03:20,   03 december 2022

© supplied by News 360 LAVE du Mauna Loa, Hawaii - - / Planet Pix via Zuma Press Wire / DPA The authorities of Hawaii emitted an emergency order to mobilize the emergency services because the lava of Mauna Loa, the The largest active volcano in the >>>

Andrea Berg: These are their most beautiful stage outfits!

Friday  22:10,   02 december 2022

If we fall in love, we want to be very close to the other. But what shows that this relationship lasts for a long time? Two characters tell us © iStockphoto . By this 2 characters you can see that the relationship will last long iStockphoto in... >>>

World Cup 2022: why the match between Serbia and Switzerland is politically risky

Friday  20:20,   02 december 2022

after a controversy following celebrations of political connotation in the previous World Cup in 2018, the Swiss team finds Serbia Tonight at 8 p.m. © supplied by Franceinfo This is not necessarily the most anticipated match of the World Cup in... >>>

OM: A friendly match scheduled against Sassuolo

Friday  14:20,   02 december 2022

Olympique de Marseille, which will do an internship in Spain (from December 4 to 11), will play a friendly meeting against Sassuolo. © icon Sport Olympique de Marseille experienced a difficult first part of the season with an elimination from the... >>>

In Bakhmout, under the fire of the enemy, vulnerable Ukrainians flee the city

Friday  00:23,   02 december 2022

Russia claims to have captured some localities in eastern Ukraine, eager to win a victory after a set of reverse. The most intense fights are currently taking place in Bakhmout. © AP Photo of Ukrainian soldiers on the front line near Bakhmout... >>>

France and sex education: a missed meeting

Friday  00:10,   02 december 2022

© Vincent Lecomte during SVT in a college in Occitanie. Of the 21 sex education sessions planned for college and high school, students only benefit from 2.7 on average. How to treat yourself well, live well, age well? Go to Caen, on December 9 and... >>>

in England is spoken less and less German

Thursday  23:30,   01 december 2022

Whoever speaks five languages ​​is polyglott. Anyone who speaks two is bilingual. And if you can only one, you are Brit. This is a - admittedly bad - joke. But he has a real core, and it does not like the British government: interest in foreign... >>>

The Raï, popular song of Algeria, enters the intangible heritage of UNESCO

Thursday  21:20,   01 december 2022

The musical movement which experienced world renown in the 90s thanks to stars like Cheb Khaled, was registered this Thursday, December 1st immaterial of humanity by UNESCO. © supplied by Franceinfo Le Raï, this Algerian popular song is now in the... >>>

She shone in the cinema, on stage and on television - the death of Christiane Hörbiger

Thursday  20:10,   01 december 2022

is it lucky to be born as a child of famous parents? Or does it mean bad luck? A idle question about Christiane Hörbiger's career, which was born in 1938 as the second of three daughters of the actor couple Attila Hörbiger and Paula Wessely in... >>>

Climate: 2022, the hottest year ever recorded in France

Thursday  00:10,   01 december 2022

© Gaizka Iroz, AFP A dry pond near Monfort-en-Chalosse, in the southwest of France, August 3, 2022. 2022 will be the warmest ever measured in France since the start of the statements in 1900, whatever the temperatures that will be recorded in... >>>

Energy crisis: Uniper: First LNG gas could still flow over Wilhelmshaven

Wednesday  22:00,   30 november 2022

© provided by Wirtschaftswoche A crane stands in front of the investor for the LNG terminal on a platform in the North Sea off Wilhelmshaven. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = The energy group still expects the first natural gas feed-in via the LNG >>>

Miss France 2023: How many times have Chiara Fontaine tried to be elected Miss Roussillon?

Tuesday  20:30,   29 november 2022

© Instagram @chiarafontaineoff Chiara Fontaine is one of the happy elected officials to try to win the crown of Miss France 2023 on December 17, in Châteauroux. Miss Roussillon was not at her try and we reveal to you the number of times she tried... >>>

Survey: Almost every fourth office worker dissatisfied with Job

Tuesday  09:50,   29 november 2022

Almost every fourth office worker in Germany, according to a survey, is dissatisfied with his job. In a survey published on Tuesday on behalf of the technology company Slack, 23 percent commented accordingly. Six percent therefore have concrete... >>>

Deutsche Bahn prepares rescue work in front of

Tuesday  04:50,   29 november 2022

Leiferde. After the serious freight accident on the important route between Hanover and Berlin, the fire brigade has released the scene of the accident near Leiferde. The pumping of the dangerous propane fashion from the damaged tank wagons had... >>>