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In Strasbourg, museums will remain closed two days a week to save energy

Tuesday  23:00,   27 september 2022

© Copyright 2022, L'Obs The Town Hall of Strasbourg persists and signs. Museums will remain closed two days a week. They will also open an hour less, until the beginning of January according to the town hall, as reported by France Bleu Alsace . In... >>>

Rafale: Dassault will deliver 42 aircraft to France

Tuesday  22:20,   27 september 2022

© Pixabay Rafale: Dassault will deliver 42 aircraft to France Delivery from Rafale to the French army will resume in 2023, after four years of interruption. France has placed a new order of 42 planes with the Dassault group. Rafale's delivery to... >>>

Kidal, northern strategic city, under Nocturne curfew

Tuesday  20:30,   27 september 2022

© AFP L A City of Kidal, strategic node in northern Mali, is now subject to an imposed curfew, not by the State, but by The coalition of armed groups predominantly Tuareg which controls it. The curfew entered into force for the first time on the... >>>

The most beautiful thing is going ...? - Tacheles survey 12/2022

Tuesday  19:30,   27 september 2022

Actually ask in our "Tacheles" section for your opinion on a controversial topic, but this time it is different, we really just want to know: What is the best way for you? But you will probably find it quickly, the answer is not that simple ... And >>>

Survey: Lust for working,

Tuesday  10:20,   27 september 2022

wanks an increasing number of people in Germany, according to a new survey, the desire to work passes. Almost half of the employees (48 percent) would change part -time if their employer allowed it. And 56 percent said that they would be able to... >>>

France wants to carefully observe fundamental rights in Italy

Monday  16:10,   26 september 2022

The right -wing radical Giorgia Meloni has clearly won the election in Italy. Now France's Prime Minister Borne promises to want to look at Rome in the future. Cheers come from Le Pen and the AfD. © Christophe Archhambault/ AFP Italy has chosen -... >>>

opinion: Scholz in Saudi Arabia - Sertion of Autocrats

Sunday  21:41,   25 september 2022

The journey of Chancellor Olaf Scholz to the Golf region makes it clear how much Germany needs a coherent policy towards the self -confident monarchs, says Loay Mudhoon. © Kay Nietfeld/DPA/Picture Alliance Provided by Deutsche Welle Before the... >>>

“It will help us”: Delphine Colas' method (large families) so that everyone helps household chores

Sunday  15:10,   25 september 2022

© Capture Instagram screen @family.colas “It will help us”: the Delphine Colas method ( Large families) so that everyone helps household chores this Thursday, September 22 in Familles: Life in XXL, broadcast on TF1, Delphine Colas revealed her... >>>

World Cycling Worlds: Van der Poel abandons after spending the night at the Police Post

Sunday  12:40,   25 september 2022

© Belga / Icon Sport The Australian World Cup has turned into a nightmare for Mathieu van der Poel. David Stockman - Icon Sport He was one of the favorites of the World in Australia, of which he had made his main objective since his abandonment on... >>>

How a refugee George W. Bush made the president

Sunday  12:20,   25 september 2022

Can the wing strike of a butterfly in Brazil trigger a tornado in Texas? The meteorologist Edward N. Lorenz asked himself this question and thus discovered the so-called butterfly effect. But can you also transfer the butterfly effect to other... >>>

hardening of sentences for Russian deserters: "a sign of feverishness" by Vladimir Putin, analyzes an ex-political adviser from NATO

Sunday  11:50,   25 september 2022

Alexis Vahlas does not think that "this regime can continue for a long time" because the Russian president begins " to scare its population ". © supplied by Franceinfo weighing down sanctions against the deserters, "it is a sign of feverishness" by >>>

Sea idyll at the rider's house

Sunday  09:20,   25 september 2022

© provided by SZ-Sächsische Zeitung Meer idyll at the riding house Ostsee flair on one of the oldest surrounding houses in Upper Lusatia? The recording on the left was made on April 1, 1987, but it was not an April joke. The Baltic Sea Schilf was... >>>

The Techno Parade makes its comeback in Paris, led by a tank in the colors of Ukraine

Sunday  00:10,   25 september 2022

tens of thousands of teufeurs, some wearing masks with the image of pop culture figures, participated on Saturday after- noon at the Paris Techno Parade, back after two years of pandemic. © supplied by Franceinfo The infrabasses maintained the rain >>>

"I don't want my children to live ...": How Stéphane (12 noon) intends to spend his earnings!

Sunday  19:40,   18 september 2022

© Capture TF1 "I don't want my children to live ...": How Stéphane (the 12 noon) intends to spend his earnings! While the course of 100,000 euros in winnings is approaching for Stéphane, the 12 -noon champion revealed this Sunday, September 18, how >>>

Director salaries: Lindner demands salary lid at the public service broadcast

Sunday  14:10,   18 september 2022

"no director should earn more than the Federal Chancellor," said the finance minister. Some broadcasters are currently under pressure for waste of money and nepotism. © IMAGO/XCITEPRESS Lindner demands salary lids at public service broadcast... >>>