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Indonesia: at least 125 dead after violence in a football stadium, "a tragedy beyond the imaginable"

Sunday  16:40,   02 october 2022

© Str The violence of the supporters is a problem in Indonesia, where the long-standing rivalries have Transformed into mortal clashes, as Saturday evening in Malang. AFP is one of the worst dramas ever occurring in a stadium. The human assessment, >>>

Indonesia: more than 120 dead in violence after a football match

Sunday  08:20,   02 october 2022

© AP - Yudha Prabowo Police and soldiers in the middle of tear gas smoke after clashes between supporters in a football match at Kanjuruhan stadium In Malang, in eastern Java, Indonesia, Saturday October 1, 2022. at least 127 people died on... >>>

Jacques Legros: Why he refuses to contact Nathalie Marquay?

Saturday  16:40,   01 october 2022

© Jack Tribeca / Cedric Perrin / Bestimage Jacques Legros: Why does he refuse to contact Nathalie Marquay? Nathalie Marquay, the widow of Jean-Pierre Pernaut discovered with amazement the words of Jacques Legros in his latest book about the late... >>>

Cameroon: The northwest region in the face of economic difficulties after six years of crisis

Saturday  10:40,   01 october 2022

© Wikimediacommons CC Van Achterberg Collection A market in Bamenda, northwest capital (illustration image) for the English-speaking regions of the North -Stwest and southwest, October 1 marks the end of British tutelage in 1961. For six years now, >>>

Why a Parisian who had rented her apartment more than 120 days gained justice

Saturday  02:50,   01 october 2022

© Terovesalainen/Pixabay why a Parisian who had rented her apartment more than 120 days gained courts an exceptional reason present in the law allowed It is up to an owner to rent his good on Airbnb longer than the legislation in force. She... >>>

Thailand's suspended head of government may return to office

Friday  15:00,   30 september 2022

The temporarily suspended Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha can resume his office. The state's constitutional court decided that the ex-Armermeech chief, who came to power with a coup in 2014, did not exceeded the term limited from the... >>>

survey - British Labor now 33 VH in front of ruling Tories

Friday  13:10,   30 september 2022

London (Reuters) - After the publication of the controversial economic plans of the British Tories, the opposition Labor party has expanded its lead to 33 percentage... >>>

such a great sun (spoiler): Johanna's terrible secret, Alix exceeds the limits on France 2

Friday  11:50,   30 september 2022

© supplied by all TV The couples experience big upheavals in such a big sun . Indeed, Claire and Florent are in a difficult phase of their idyll, because the nurse is blocked on Hélène. She thinks she has been responsible for the vandalism of the... >>>

Greifswald wants to support Fischer

Thursday  14:20,   29 september 2022

The city of Greifswald wants to preserve its traditional fishing. For this purpose, measures to support the under pressure were currently advised, the city announced on Thursday. For example, berth fees could be exposed, the assembly plants are... >>>

“My lungs have been affected”: Cindy Reymond (large families) confides in her state of health and makes a radical decision

Thursday  11:10,   29 september 2022

© @cindyfamily.off “My lungs have been affected”: Cindy Reymond (Failed families ) Confides on his state of health and makes a radical decision suffering from health problems that have recently accentuated, Cindy Reymond, former candidate of the... >>>

Day of mobilization throughout France for wages and pensions

Thursday  10:50,   29 september 2022

© AFP - Kenzo Tribouillard event on May 1, 2019 in Paris. Several unions call for a strike and to demonstrate Thursday, throughout France, to claim an increase in wages, pensions, scholarships and social minima in the face of unprecedented... >>>

WDHLG survey Before Election in Lower Saxony - SPD and CDU, to

Thursday  10:10,   29 september 2022

(repetition from the evening before) Berlin, SEP 28 (Reuters) - The SPD and the CDU can grow in Lower Saxony, according to a new surveys before the state election. According to the Forsa survey published on Wednesday for Lower Saxony daily... >>>

"I seized one of the girls by the arm ...": Mathieu van der Poel delivers his version of the facts after his conviction in Australia on the sidelines of the Cycling Worlds

Wednesday  19:40,   28 september 2022

condemned by Australian justice for facts of violence on the sidelines of the World cycling championships, Mathieu Van der Poel delivered his version of the facts this Tuesday, September 27. © PA Photos/Abaca condemned by Australian justice for... >>>

Strasbourg. A young woman struck by a car, a call for witnesses launched

Wednesday  15:50,   28 september 2022

© Franck Dubray / Archives Ouest-France The police launch a call for witnesses after an accident on Sunday September 25, 2022 in Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin). Illustration photo. Sunday September 25, 2022, around 6:30 a.m., a 22-year-old young woman was... >>>

"A masquerade": France denounces the referendums of annexation in Ukraine

Wednesday  05:30,   28 september 2022

© Stringer / EPA Russia, referendum, Ukraine L ES Régerfundums of annexation organized in Ukraine are a "masquerade", said Tuesday The French Minister of Foreign Affairs Catherine Colonna, affirming on the private channel BFMTV not to see "no... >>>