Offbeat "A masquerade": France denounces the referendums of annexation in Ukraine

05:30  28 september  2022
05:30  28 september  2022 Source:   lepoint.fr

War in Ukraine: What must be remembered from Tuesday September 27

 War in Ukraine: What must be remembered from Tuesday September 27 kyiv and Western capitals denounced the referendums of annexation of Ukrainian regions occupied by the Russian forces, which claim victory. © supplied by Franceinfo the prorussian authorities welcomed, Tuesday, September 27, results from the annexation referendums of four Ukrainian regions occupied by Russia.

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L ES Régerfundums of annexation organized in Ukraine are a "masquerade", said Tuesday The French Minister of Foreign Affairs Catherine Colonna, affirming on the private channel BFMTV not to see "no sincerity" in this consultation organized by Moscow. "This is a masquerade (...). There is no sincerity in the votes that have been expressed, "said the head of French diplomacy since kyiv , where she visited Tuesday.

“They have no legitimacy, no value. We will not recognize them, they will lead to sanctions from France, Europe and other states of the international community, "she continued.

Putin calls an additional 120,00 citizens up for military service

  Putin calls an additional 120,00 citizens up for military service The Russian leader said the mass conscription was 'not in any way related to the special operation' in Ukraine.State news agency TASS quoted Russia’s defence ministry as saying the announcement was ‘not in any way related’ to the conflict in Ukraine.

98% of "yes"

Russia and the authorities of the regions it occupies in Ukraine said Tuesday that the "yes" was largely in the lead according to the first results of the annexation "referendums" organized in four territories in the east and southern Ukraine. The Russian electoral commission said that the "yes" carried between 97 and 98% of the votes after the partial stripping of votes in the polling stations in Russia, where hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians refugee on the spot were called upon. The count also started in the Ukrainian regions under total or partial control of Moscow, namely Donetsk and Lougansk (East) and Kherson and Zaporijia (South).

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" The European Union is carrying out consultations for an eighth train of sanctions, "said Catherine Colonna. At the same time, "we have, in the Security Council which is under French presidency during this month of September, initiated discussions for a resolution," she added. "If Russia wants to bring its veto, it will be alone and once again, it will only sign its isolation on the international scene. No one supports her, ”she said.

SEE IT: Map shows collapse of Russian forces in Ukraine .
A new map highlights how much ground Russian forces have lost as they weather a string of setbacks on the battlefield in parts of Ukraine. Ukrainian forces embarked on a major counteroffensive against Russia in recent days and appear to have successfully expelled Russian forces from significant areas of land, according to a map released by Oleksii Reznikov, the minister of defense of Ukraine. PUTIN SIGNS ANNEXATION OF FOUR UKRAINIAN REGIONS INTO LAW "#UAarmy’s autumn offensive, day by day. While the 'russian parliament' is intoxicated from the futile attempts at annexation, our soldiers continue moving forward.

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