Offbeat Görlitz-Tourismus recovers-but not everyone benefits

09:20  04 october  2022
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Fetterman’s clemency crusade draws soft-on-crime attacks from Oz in Pennsylvania Senate race

  Fetterman’s clemency crusade draws soft-on-crime attacks from Oz in Pennsylvania Senate race Mehmet Oz and his GOP allies have run ads and messaging that strips context from the cases John Fetterman has championed overseeing Pennsylvania's pardon board.“Even if he lost the next election and every election after that,” Lee Horton, 56, recalled the Democrat telling his sister.

  Görlitz-Tourismus erholt sich – aber nicht alle profitieren © provided by SZ-Sächsische Zeitung Görlitz-Tourismus recovers-but not everyone benefits

good overnight figures? Daniela Schulze waves. "Unfortunately not with us," says the boss of the Görlitz parking hotel on the bank of the Neißer. "We have almost 200 rooms and live a lot of groups," she says. However, compared to the time before the pandemic, only around 30 percent of the groups would come.

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, especially bus trips, have disappeared. "The bus travel business will not recover," she says. Older people in particular are afraid to get infected on a bus trip with Corona. There are also financial concerns of the people. Because individual tourists and business travelers cannot close the hole , the situation in the Parkhotel is rather difficult.

They paid taxes. Now undocumented Latinos are aging without savings, government care

  They paid taxes. Now undocumented Latinos are aging without savings, government care They came to the U.S. as young people seeking better lives. Now, without money and facing retirement, what will happen to older undocumented Latinos?One morning as he rode his bike to work, he was hit by a drunken driver. The driver fled, leaving him bleeding on the street, his spinal cord crushed. After being hospitalized, he was taken in by a local shelter for undocumented migrants, receiving medical care through a county program for low-income residents.

Overall, the overnight industry is not bad. This emerges from the figures that the Görlitz city administration has now published. However, they only apply to the first half of the year, i.e. until June. The months of July, August and September have not yet been evaluated.

In the first half of the year, 121,545 overnight stays were counted in Görlitz. that is much more than in the Corona years 2021 (38,511 overnight stays) and 2020 (71,403). It is slowly approaching the pre-Corona year 2019 (1377,175). The situation is similar in the average occupancy of the beds offered. It was 32.9 percent in the first half of the year. for comparison: in 2021 it was only 11.0 percent, in 2020, on the other hand, 19.7 percent and in the pre-corona year 2019 smooth 34.0 percent. So this value is almost reached.

White House seeks to tackle food insecurity at first hunger conference since 1969

  White House seeks to tackle food insecurity at first hunger conference since 1969 At a time when the affordability of food is in the spotlight, the Biden administration is hosting a White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health on Wednesday with the goal of combating food insecurity and diet-related diseases. Overall, food insecurity has declined since former President Richard Nixon convened the first and only White House conference on food, nutrition and health in 1969, which led to nationwide expansions of the food stamp and school meals programs and the creation of the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children, known as WIC, among other changes.

Gunnar Buchwald from the Hotel "Zum Hothertor" confirms this trend. Even more: "2018 and 2019 were not so extremely good years with us," he says: "In 2022, on the other hand, we are really neat, we are good." But he also says: "Bust tourism is completely due." The (organized) bike tourism left springs. But the good thing with him is: his hotel is smaller, he has never bet on bus tourists. Completely different groups come to him. "With individual tourists we have reached the level of time before pandemic and small groups such as family or class reunions come again as before." And during the week, business travelers fill the beds: "This complements well."

in the hotel "Insel The sensor Ina Lachmann reports that the senses “Am Berzdorfer See ran at the level of 2019. The subsequent months of July and August were really great: "We are a beach and holiday hotel." Like the hotel "Zum Hothertor", the hotel "Island of the Senses" has never put on bus tourists. But business people are also in the minority. "Essentially tourists come to us - and they are only individual tourists," says the boss. She has noticed a break -in since September. "People book at very short notice-depending on the weather and Corona location," she says. There are fewer bookings than in 2019. Many are unsettled, also because of the energy question. "But all of us are running," says Ina Lachmann. The fact that it is now more slow is clear to you: "We cannot create the result of 2019." messages by push -

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"Clearly in the film," she says. This year there were no major productions apart from “Wolfsland”, “Einstein” was canceled due to a lack of funding. Now she hopes that there will be a few larger productions in Görlitz next year. "After all, we need things that need many rooms," she says.

Georgia Republican says Herschel Walker became the GOP's Senate pick because he was a 'famous football player' backed by Trump: 'We didn't ask who was the best leader' .
"Herschel Walker hasn't earned my respect or my vote," said Georgia's Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan, who criticized the process by which Walker was elected.During a CNN appearance on Thursday, Duncan said Republicans needed a representative in the Senate to gain control of the upper chamber. However, he slammed the choice of Walker as a GOP Senate candidate.

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