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10:11  06 december  2022
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jakarta. Despite criticism and protests, Parliament in Indonesia passed a law on Tuesday that sex is punishable outside of marriage. In 2019, protests had stopped a similar project.

Demonstration gegen ein Gesetz, das Sex außerhalb der Ehe verbietet, vor dem Abgeordnetenhaus in der indonesischen Hauptstadt Jakarta am Montag. © Donal Husni Demonstration against a law that prohibits sex outside of marriage, in front of the House of Representatives in the Indonesian capital Jakarta on Monday.

In Indonesia, sex outside of marriage is to be banned and punished with up to one year in prison. The parliament in the Southeast Asian island state is expected to approves a corresponding law on Tuesday. Critics urgently asked the House of Representatives not to say goodbye to the law because it violates civil rights in the largest Islamic country on earth. According to the plans, the new legislation should come into force in three years.

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"Indonesia wants to take the path of the violating disaster by punishing extramarital sex," warned Phil Robertson, deputy director of the human rights organization Human Rights Watch, a few days ago on Twitter. On Monday, hundreds of people went on the streets in several Indonesian cities to protest against the project. As early as 2019, there was a draft law for a new code of conduct, but was initially postponed due to mass protests.

not only sex under unmarried should be prohibited: According to the law, couples should no longer live together before marriage. In the event of a violation, six months in prison would threaten. However, the police only take investigations if a family member submits a complaint. This point is a compromise between liberals and conservatives in parliament. Tourists, for example on the holiday island of Bali, should hardly be affected by the law.

Indonesia expected to pass law punishing sex outside marriage with jail sentence

  Indonesia expected to pass law punishing sex outside marriage with jail sentence The Indonesian government tried to pass the new criminal code in 2019 but delayed after nationwide protests made clear that citizens would not accept it as written."We’re proud to have a criminal code that’s in line with Indonesian values," Edward Omar Sharif Hiariej, Indonesia’s deputy justice minister, told Reuters.

has not yet been a criminal offense, but both are considered taboo in the conservative country. The Islamic legal system of the Sharia is only implemented in the province of Aceh on the northwest tip of the island of Sumatra. Sex outside of marriage is punished there with up to 100 pitches.

The population in Indonesia is currently struggling with the consequences of several natural disasters. In the past two weeks there has been an earthquake in the island state, a volcanic eruption and floods.

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Indonesia seeks to allay fears over premarital sex ban .
Officials have sought to downplay worries about a new law that criminalizes sex outside marriage. The new code, which must also still be approved by Indonesian President Joko Widodo, includes provisions stipulating sex outside of marriage is punishable by one year in prison. Indonesia's Deputy Law and Human Rights Minister Edward Omar Sharif Hiariej dismissed concerns on Monday, saying foreigners would not be prosecuted. "I want to emphasize for foreign tourists, please come to Indonesia because you will not be charged with this article," Hiariej told reporters.

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