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Offbeat Family still searching for closure over seven years after brutal Ohio murder

19:30  06 may  2018
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Oklahoma police still searching for answers 35 years after husband murdered, wife missing

  Oklahoma police still searching for answers 35 years after husband murdered, wife missing Melody Ann Jones was last seen at 10:30 p.m on May 4, 1983 entering her home in Earlsboro, Oklahoma. Melody, 19, was with all six members of her family: three younger sisters, a younger brother, her mother and her father.Melody's brother Randall Garton was just one year younger than his sister. He told Dateline their family was very close and often went fishing together, especially on warm summer afternoons.After spending the day fishing, the parents took the younger siblings home, while Randall drove Melody back to the house she shared with her husband, 20-year-old Paul Richard Jones.

For years , the military has encouraged family members of Korean War soldiers to donate DNA that “He was so thrilled for the rest of the week,” Hebert said. “He was just glowing, this search had gone While hundreds of remains are due to be handed over soon, a formal end to the war and improved

Seven years after Lauren Spierer disappeared her family is still hoping for that one piece of information that will bring their nightmare to a close . I never could have imagined we would still be searching for Lauren seven years later. I end this now as I start each morning, hoping today will be

Alicia Jackson © Provided by NBCU News Group, a division of NBCUniversal Media LLC Alicia Jackson Alicia Jackson's father Kevin Jackson says that from the time his daughter was born, "she always had a delightful manner about herself."

Alicia didn't know anyone when her family moved from Kentucky to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania as she was beginning high school. But Kevin says it didn't take long for the teenager to find her way.

"As a senior, she was homecoming queen. And in academics, she was on the honor roll," Kevin told Dateline, adding that his daughter was also in the concert band and orchestra. "She was able to establish herself as a leader. I was really proud of her for that."

3 Michigan family members killed in apparent murder-suicide, reports say

  3 Michigan family members killed in apparent murder-suicide, reports say Three people were found dead in a Michigan home Sunday night in an apparent murder-suicide. Police were called to the Holland Township home around 5 p.m. regarding shots fired, Fox 17 reported.Deputies were reportedly seen walking around the house with guns drawn, and according to MLive, 20 police cars were dispatched to the scene.Two men and a woman, who have not yet been identified by police, were found dead at the home southwest of Grand Rapids, the reports said.The Ottawa County Sheriff's Office said the three people were between 30 to 50 years old and were all related.

For the past five years , the families of Yolanda Lucas and Raymond Bustamante have come together to mourn the pair’s death. "Every year we see each other. we go through this. We're going through the same grief and not knowing is what really bothers the two of us, the two families ," said Lucas'

«» Family Still Seeking Answers in February Murder . Months have gone by, but the pain remains for a family after a mother, father, and their unborn Chicago police are still investigating the case, and are seeking out more information on what led to the February killings. In that slaying, Willteah Jones and

Alicia's cousin Shauntay Jackson told Dateline that Alicia even started a dance program at her high school.

"She was very tenacious and outgoing. I always wanted to be Alicia - for the looks, the books, the people skills," Shauntay said. "I looked up to her."

After graduating high school, Alicia enrolled at Ohio State University in the fall of 2003 to pursue a bachelor's degree in architecture.

A couple of years later, Alicia met Eugene Wilson in the dormitories, according to Alicia's brother Trevin Jackson. They started dating, and Shauntay says the couple seemed to have a good relationship.

"He was on track as far as academics and he came from a Godly family. These are all positive things," Kevin said about Alicia's boyfriend, Eugene. "Of course, I still gave him 50 questions when I first met him."

What happened to Amy Sher? Mass. family still searching for answers

  What happened to Amy Sher? Mass. family still searching for answers Inspired by the movie, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri,” billboards in Massachusetts are now up asking “What Happened to Amy Sher?” Sher disappeared in 2002 and her body has never been found. Sher’s family said she was a victim of domestic violence. “It was documented. It was real. It was very isolating,” said Joani McCullough, Sher's sister. “Her husband frightened us. He threatened to wipe out the whole family.” Because of that, McCullough said Sher had an estranged relationship with her family. They didn’t even know she disappeared until about a year or a year-and-a-half later after she was last seen.

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The family of a man who was found dead in the Scioto River last March is still searching for answers. "Joey's case came to me about a week after he went missing," said Griffin. Griffin is a medium and psychic detective. He offered his help to the family to help bring the clues and

A year after his death, family members of a slain Lexington teen are still searching for answers and closure . Sunday marked one year since 18- year -old Tyler Williams Not good," said Shannon as she explained the grief of Williams' siblings over the past year . While that pain is still there, loved ones

As Alicia and Eugene's relationship developed, they began to spend a lot of time with each other's family, Alicia's cousin Shauntay said. According to Alicia's family, Alicia became particularly close to Eugene's mom, Sarah Wilson.

"The Wilson family, as a whole, definitely gave me comfort in terms of how they cared for Alicia," Kevin said.

Neither Eugene nor Sarah Wilson responded to Dateline's repeated requests for an interview.

Alicia graduated in 2007 and decided to stay at OSU to pursue her master's degree in city and regional planning. Eugene stayed in Columbus to study, too, and later that year, the couple learned they were expecting a child.

Kevin told Dateline he was surprised to hear his daughter's news, since he says Eugene told him he wanted to commit to marriage before having children. He says both sides of the soon-to-be family were supportive. Eugene and Alicia moved in together before their son, Eugene Jeremiah Wilson, was born on July 29, 2008.

Florida widow arrested in 2000 cold-case murder of husband

  Florida widow arrested in 2000 cold-case murder of husband The widow of a man who was reported missing in 2000 after supposedly going on a hunting trip alone was arrested Tuesday after she was indicted on a first-degree murder charge. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement officers arrested Denise Williams, 48, at her Florida State office, the Tallahassee Democrat reported. Williams also faces a count of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and a count of being an accessory after the fact, state attorney Jack Campbell said.Williams was booked into Leon County Jail and was being held without bail.

Seven years after Lauren Spierer disappeared, her family is still hoping for that one piece of information that will bring their nightmare to a close .

Monday marks seven years since 17- year -old Brittanee Drexel disappeared from Myrtle Beach’s busy Ocean Boulevard area while visiting the Grand Strand on spring break, and vigils will be held in Drexel family still seeks answers 7 years later. "I’ve always thought she was out there from day one.

Shauntay told Dateline that a few months after Alicia and Eugene's son Jeremiah was born, Alicia found out Eugene had recently fathered another child.

"I knew that hurt Alicia substantially, because that means he was having another relationship probably while she was pregnant," Kevin told Dateline.

For the next two years, Alicia's brother Trevin says his sister "was an excellent mother," who always made a point to bring her son back to Harrisburg for family visits. One of the family visits was for Shauntay's wedding in September of 2010.

Shauntay Jackson and Alicia Jackson, right. © Provided by NBCU News Group, a division of NBCUniversal Media LLC Shauntay Jackson and Alicia Jackson, right.

That was the last time Shauntay would see Alicia alive.

According to Shauntay, a few months later, Alicia told her the couple might be moving out of the Midwest.

"Eugene was going to get a job in Dallas and she was thinking about going with him," Shauntay said. Then, on December 1, 2010, Alicia texted Shauntay and said, "I just want to let you know I love you." She thought the message was random, but loving, and quickly sent a similar text back to her cousin.

Michigan police confident they've found gravesite of girls missing for decades

  Michigan police confident they've found gravesite of girls missing for decades "It would be nice to start the healing process rather instead of the anxiety of the 'Where is she? Is she ok?'" said the best friend of one of the missing girlsMACOMB, Mich. --  Outside Detroit, investigators continue to search a wooded area where a suspected serial killer is believed to have buried his victims. Authorities say the suspect -- serving a life sentence for the murder of a 13-year-old -- recently bragged to fellow inmates about killing as many as seven girls decades ago.

Five years after their disappearance, authorities and family members are still searching for Molly Miller and Colt Haynes. “It’s going to take for us to find her body to have closure , we got to have closure ,” Misty Miller Howell told KXII. “We don’t know what happened to her, in our hearts we know

She is still haunted by the events that transpired just four years ago, when she was forced to rush to the hospital after realizing that her 17- year -old son, Christopher, had been the victim of gang violence in Inglewood. Christopher had been on his way home from high school track practice that Jan. 16 day.

That was the last time Shauntay would ever talk to Alicia.

The next evening, according to a Columbus Police Department news release, Alicia was found murdered in her Columbus, Ohio apartment, having suffered "multiple stab wounds." Shauntay told Dateline that Alicia's son, two-year-old Jeremiah, was sitting in his highchair in the kitchen, physically unharmed.

Shauntay says the scene left behind shows Alicia had been in the middle of her typical evening routine: the stove was still on, the TV was on and bills were on the table.

Police reports, obtained by Dateline, say the aggravated murder took place around 9:00 p.m. that night. Eugene would later tell family he walked in on the scene after coming home from class and immediately called 911.

Police reports say medics pronounced Alicia Jackson dead on the scene. She was just 25 years old.

Retired Homicide Detective Steve Eppert worked the cased for the Columbus Police Department, but declined to comment for this story. Sgt. Eric Pilya of the department's Homicide Cold Case Unit also declined to comment on the specifics of the case as it remains an open investigation.

Kevin says Eugene's mom Sarah called him to deliver to news.

"As she began to tell me what happened, I'm standing at the kitchen sink and I'm just stunned. And I'm trying to think, 'What would have led to something like that?'" Kevin said.

Applebee's sues over restaurant closure in profiling case

  Applebee's sues over restaurant closure in profiling case Applebee's is suing a Kansas City area franchise owner over the closure of a restaurant where two black women said they were falsely accused of not paying for meals in an earlier visit. The Kansas City Star reports that the chain claimed "significant brand and reputational damage" from the "controversial and high-profile circumstances of the closure" of the restaurant at the Independence Center Mall. It happened in February after the two women posted a video showing an employee, a police officer and a mall security guard confronting them for "dining and dashing" during a previous visit, which the women denied.

His mother, Deborah Scott, is still looking for closure . “It hurts me when I think about him out there “From what they're telling the family , they just need the name of the suspect that was involved Kenny was the 93rd person murdered in 2016, Louisville's deadliest year , but in 2017, his family is hoping

“We were a really close family . After that, we couldn’t function as a normal family anymore.” Police conducted ground searches and did a “tremendous job Their mother and father passed away in 1992 and 2014, respectively. She says she wants closure for her siblings. And she wants to be able to

"Initially the emotion was devastation," Alicia's brother Trevin told Dateline about how he handled the news of his sister's murder. "But after a while it was resentment for whoever did it, and at CPD for not having answers. Then it was toleration — since this is a cold case and there is not a lot of evidence."

Shauntay says Alicia's funeral service was packed with people whom she had touched in her 25 years of life.

"Eugene and his whole family came to the services," Shauntay told Dateline. "We had to have a net over the casket because she had stab wounds on her face and her neck."

In an email, Sgt. Pilya told Dateline that Eugene was interviewed "a number of times" by police following the murder and is "not believed to be a suspect."

While Sgt. Pilya told Dateline there have been suspects and persons of interest in the case throughout the years, none have been publicly named and no charges have ever been filed.

"Det. Eppert was one of the best homicide detectives we have ever had," Sgt. Pilya added, saying "he worked this case exhaustively."

Alicia's family told Dateline that Eugene has full custody of his and Alicia's son Jeremiah, adding that Eugene and Jeremiah moved to Dallas a few months after Alicia's death. Alicia's family says they've had little contact with Jeremiah since that time.

"Jeremiah comes in the summer, for a week or two. I would love to have more time with him," Alicia's father Kevin said. "That's the only memory I have of Alicia."

Sgt. Pilya says Alicia's homicide "case is open, but inactive until any new information is brought to light." Alicia's brother Trevin says their family has not lost hope that someone will come forward with that information.

Australia shooting victims 3 generations of same family: reports

  Australia shooting victims 3 generations of same family: reports Three generations of one family were widely reported Saturday to be the victims of Australia's worst mass shooting in 22 years, an apparent murder-suicide in which seven people were found dead. Police have declined to identify the four children and three adults discovered Friday at a rural property near the Margaret River wine region in Western Australia.But neighbours told local media the dead were a woman identified as Katrina Miles, her children aged eight to 13 and her parents.

More than 17 years after he went missing, the past caught up with Denise. She met it with dry-eyed Leon Circuit Judge James Hankinson presides over the case of Brian Winchester before sentencing him Closure for Mike Williams' mother and brother is still to come. Court records: Fears over Mike

After Duane went missing, his son Harold spent his life trying to locate him. Harold’s son Timothy joined his father in that mission. Maybe he angered a Native American tribe nearby, or indeed moved to Chicago and remarried, or perhaps he was murdered over a gambling debt.

"Everyone wants for whoever knows anything to come forward and face whatever they need to face," Trevin said. "I'm just looking for closure. I'm looking for an understanding of what happened, what the situation was, and who did it."

"I'm not looking for the other person to be tortured to death," he added. "I'm looking for the person to come clean and face the consequence."

Since Alicia's murder, her family has created a scholarship in her name that's awarded to one or two students from her high school each year, depending on how much money they raise.

"While it seems like her time was short, it was long enough for me to see her grow up to be an adult, to birth a grandson — who I'm still very grateful for — for her to impact people in Harrisburg where she grew up, and in college in Ohio," Kevin said. "That is what still gives me courage."

Alicia Jackson would have turned 33 years old on Monday, May 7, 2018. Instead, Alicia is buried in Lower Paxton, Pennsylvania, a town near where she spent her childhood. If you have any information on the murder of Alicia Jackson, tips can be submitted anonymously online at Central Ohio Crime Stoppers,, or by calling Crime Stoppers at 614-461-8477 or toll-free at 1-877-645-8477. Information also can be directed to the Columbus Police Division's homicide cold case unit at 614-645-4036.

a person posing for the camera © Provided by NBCU News Group, a division of NBCUniversal Media LLC

Nanny to be sentenced in killing of 2 children .
A New York City nanny who killed two small children in her care is facing life in prison. Yoselyn Ortega is set to be sentenced Monday following her conviction of murder last month in the 2012 deaths of Lucia and Leo Krim. Yoselyn Ortega is set to be sentenced Monday following her conviction of murder last month in the 2012 deaths of Lucia and Leo Krim.

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