Offbeat Israel Has the Right and Obligation to Defend Its Border with Deadly Force

18:20  16 may  2018
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Israel's Gaza response 'disproportionate'

  Israel's Gaza response 'disproportionate' The UN rights chief sharply attacks Israel for killing Palestinians "caged in a toxic slum".Zeid Raad Al Hussein told a meeting in Geneva that Gazans were effectively "caged in a toxic slum" and Gaza's occupation by Israel had to end.

Israel Has the Right and Obligation to Defend Its Border with Deadly Force . It rarely presents the forces of reason with easy or simple solutions. It ’ s also worth noting that there is a dispositional difference between left and right .

Mr Netanyahu defended his military, saying: "Every country has an obligation to defend its borders . "The Hamas terrorist organisation declares its intention to destroy Israel and sends thousands to breach the border fence in order to achieve this goal.

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One of the enduring mysteries of modern political discourse is the way in which smart people — who are not remotely anti-Semitic — impose curious, unworkable double standards on the nation of Israel. Let’s take, for example, the response of many on the left to the so-called Great Return March, an effort by thousands of Gazans to storm the Israeli border.

After all, the international legal standards are clear. A nation has the right to protect the integrity of its border, and that right is supplemented by an inherent right of self-defense in the face of a hostile foreign power. Hamas — which rules Gaza — rejects Israel’s right to exist and remains in a state of perpetual, declared war with Israel. Any reasonable person contemplating the consequences of a border-wall breach knows that chaos and bloodshed may result.

Three Palestinians killed by Israeli forces at Gaza border

  Three Palestinians killed by Israeli forces at Gaza border Three Palestinians were shot and killed while attempting to cross into Israel from southern Gaza on Sunday, according to the Israeli military. A fourth Palestinian also attempted to enter with the group, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said in a statement, though it wouldn't comment on the person's condition or location. Two of the deceased were identified by the Palestinian Ministry of Health as 23-year-old Bahaa Qdeih and 20-year-old Mohammed Abu Rida.

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Israel has defended its actions, and the US has voiced its support. UN human rights spokesman Rupert Colville told reporters in Geneva on Tuesday that Israel 's use of force was "not acceptable". "Every country has an obligation to defend its borders ," he said.

Moreover, every reasonably informed person knows that Hamas has a long history of using human shields, including women and children, to drum up international sympathy and deceive gullible foreign critics into believing that Israel is using lethal force against peaceful protestors who merely seek a peaceful resolution to an intractable conflict. Yet still yesterday we saw tweets and articles not just from the single-minded anti-Israel Left but also from far more thoughtful observers:

Let’s answer these tweets with a question. What would you have Israel do when thousands of people march on the border, some armed, some not? What would you have Israel do when you know that terrorists are certainly mixed in that crowd, people who’d gladly shoot or stab Israeli civilians if they were ever to gain access to Israeli towns?

You can’t let the wall come down. You can’t let thousands (or perhaps tens of thousands) of people flood into Israeli communities.

Oh, and you’re not allowed to presume that the Israeli military has superhuman ability to do what no military force has ever been able to do: effectively and reliably control hostile armed mobs with exclusively nonlethal means. In other words, tear gas won’t get the job done.

One of the enduring problems in international dialogue about Gaza is that the Palestinian resistance is, quite simply, more vicious and violent — with ultimate eliminationist goals — than well-meaning leftists want or believe it to be. Take, for example, objections to the American embassy in Jerusalem. The real root of much of the Palestinian rage isn’t that the location of the embassy disrupts a (largely illusory) “peace process,” but rather that American action is yet another step toward solidifying permanent Israeli control over most of Jerusalem.

Israel says it is the first country to use U.S.-made F-35 in combat

  Israel says it is the first country to use U.S.-made F-35 in combat Israel is the first country to have used the U.S.-made F-35 stealth fighter in combat, the Israeli air force chief said on Tuesday in remarks carried by the military's official Twitter account.Local media further quoted Major-General Amikam Norkin as saying in a speech to the chiefs of 20 foreign air forces convening in Israel: "We are flying the F-35 all over the Middle East and have already attacked twice on two different fronts".

'Every country has the obligation to defend its borders ,' Netanyahu said on Twitter. 'The Hamas terror organisation declares its intention to destroy Israel and send thousands to break through the border fence in order to achieve this aim.

No, Israel can't let the border fence come down. No, it can't let tens of thousands of Palestinians (with terrorists intermingled) stream into Israeli communities. David French shows why Israel has a right and duty to defend its borders .

Hamas, to its very core, believes that Israel has no right to exist as a Jewish state. None. To its very core, it believes that all of Palestine must be under Islamic control. It has absolutely no moral qualms about intentionally inflicting as many civilian casualties as possible in the pursuit of its absolutist goals. Israel could moderate its approach to Gaza tomorrow, and Hamas would seize as many assets as it could to construct terror tunnels and rebuild its military infrastructure. That’s the sad reality of life in Gaza.

And that sad reality presents Israel with few good options. That’s what evil does. It rarely presents the forces of reason with easy or simple solutions.

It’s also worth noting that there is a dispositional difference between left and right. American liberals are more likely to look at mass protests — even violent mass protests — and lionize the dissenters. That’s when you see phrases in news stories such as “mostly peaceful,” or you’ll read descriptions of the disparity in power between the rioters and the Israeli military — Palestinians’ kites and Molotov Cocktails versus Israelis’ Apaches and tanks. All too many liberals are blinded by the Palestinians’ underdog status and refuse to squarely consider that actual ideas and attitudes of the Palestinian rioters.

Britain says it supports Israel's right to defend itself against Iran

  Britain says it supports Israel's right to defend itself against Iran Britain supports Israel's right to defend itself against Iranian aggression, Prime Minister Theresa May told her Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu in a phone call on Thursday. Israel said it had attacked nearly all of Iran's military infrastructure in Syria on Thursday after Iranian forces fired rockets at Israeli-held territory for the first time in the most extensive military exchange ever between the two adversaries.

Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel obliged to ‘ defend its borders ’ after dozens of protesters die during Gaza’s bloodiest day since 2014 war. Gaza has had its bloodiest day in years on Monday after Israeli forces shot and killed 58 Palestinians and wounded at least 1,200 as tens of thousands

"The conservative case for off-shoring factories" "The conservative case for sodomy" "The conservative case for open borders " "The conservative case for toppling Assad so ISIS can massacre Syrian Christians" "The conservative case for giving Christ-rejecting jews an ethno-state".

American conservatives hear phrases like “mostly peaceful” and scoff. That’s not Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. marching on the wall.

At the same time, American conservatives should no more excuse every IDF action or tactic than they should excuse every American action or tactic. Israel is a nation that is more dedicated to preventing civilian casualties than even the United States is, but it is not infallible. It needs an ally that can offer constructive criticism.

Yet while Israel is hardly perfect, its response to the Great Return March is necessary and prudent. Under no circumstances can it allow Hamas to breach its border fence. Nor can it hold its foreign policy (including the location of foreign embassies) hostage to threats of Palestinian terror or Palestinian riots. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and it will be the capital of Israel in any peace settlement. The only way Jerusalem will not be the Israeli capital is that Israel ceases to exist.

Formal American recognition of that reality isn’t wrong, and it isn’t reckless. It’s a cold dose of reality to a Palestinian cause that’s been steeped in eliminationist fantasies for generations. Rather than riot, it’s the Palestinian responsibility (including the Gazan responsibility) to understand that it cannot and will not destroy the Jewish state.

UN chief asks for halt to 'all hostile acts' in Middle East .
U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is urging an immediate halt to "all hostile acts" to avoid "a new conflagration" in the Middle East after Israeli forces bombed Iranian targets inside Syria. Israel says the strikes were retaliation for an Iranian rocket barrage on its positions in the Golan Heights and has called on the U.N. Security Council and secretary-general to immediately condemn Iran's attack.

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