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19:21  13 june  2018
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Poll: Trump job approval up 4 points

  Poll: Trump job approval up 4 points President Trump's approval rating ticked up 4 points in a new poll amid positive economic numbers. The NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found that Trump's job performance rating rose to 44 percent, up from 40 percent in April in a potentially good sign for GOP candidates seeking to tie themselves to the president ahead of challenging midterms for the party.

World Cup . I think that Kim (aka Little Rocket Man) is simply doing everything he has to do to get the USA and Trump out of the picture. Will the left give Trump or his administration any credit for this at all?

President Trump Asks for Support From African Countries in USA 's Bid for 2026 World Cup . "We will be watching very closely and any help that they could give us in that bid we would appreciate."

MOSCOW — This will be music to the ears of his supporters and torturous reading for those who oppose him, but since November 2016 Donald Trump is 1-0 in presidential elections and 2-0 in the United States landing global sports events.

Victory for the “United Bid” comprised of the U.S., Mexico and Canada on Wednesday means that the 2026 World Cup will head to North America and, in a stunning reversal after months of speculation as to how Trump might hurt the vote, it ultimately turned out that he helped win it.

Kris Kobach used taxpayer money to pay $1000 fine in federal case

  Kris Kobach used taxpayer money to pay $1000 fine in federal case Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach used a state-issued credit card to pay a $1,000 fine for misleading a court about documents related to a 2016 meeting with Donald Trump. The Topeka Capital-Journal reported Friday that an open records request revealed that the payment was made last year using a state-issued credit card belonging to Craig McCullah, who was serving as deputy assistant secretary of state at the time.McCullah, who is now seeking the Republican nomination for secretary of state, told the Capital-Journal in an interview that he was not aware that his card had been used to make the payment.

Donald Trump has been sticking his oar into the joint 2026 World Cup bid from the USA , Mexico and Canada, and it has got plenty of people talking. We will be watching very closely and any help they can give us in that bid we would appreciate,” Trump said. The current president of the United States

Despite the abundance of stories of how Trump ’s tax plan has aided dozens of big companies in passing on their saved money to their employees, CNN refused to give Trump credit for the positive economic growth.

Since March, Trump provided bid leaders with three letters addressed to FIFA president Gianni Infantino, guaranteeing that no incoming immigration crackdowns would impact players, administrators or fans coming to the U.S. for the World Cup, according to The New York Times.

It was one part of extensive but largely under-the-radar government support for the bid, and the letters took away the primary fear in the minds of FIFA federation members that could have persuaded them to vote for Morocco instead.

Wednesday’s vote follows on from the success of Los Angeles in gaining the right to stage the 2028 Summer Olympics, a campaign backed by Trump and in which L.A. bid leaders were highly complimentary of the president’s involvement.

Dennis Rodman arrives in Singapore ahead of U.S.-North Korea summit

  Dennis Rodman arrives in Singapore ahead of U.S.-North Korea summit The former NBA player and Kim Jong Un whisperer reportedly arrived a day before Kim's scheduled historic meeting with President Trump.Rodman emerged from the baggage claim area at Changi Airport around midnight local time Monday and told reporters he wasn't sure if he would meet Kim while the two are in Singapore. The North Korean leader is scheduled to leave at 4 p.m. local time Wednesday, some seven hours after his scheduled visit with the U.S. president.

Donald Trump calls on Nigeria, other African nations to support USA 's World Cup bid in 2026. President Donald Trump 's aim to get the World Cup to the United States in 2026 continues. We will be watching very closely and any help they can give us in that bid, we would appreciate."

CHICAGO — Donald Trump ’s bid for the presidency could prevent the United States from hosting the 2026 FIFA World Cup , U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati said on Tuesday. The USA is expected to campaign to host the tournament for the second time and is seen as a strong contender

So many people, this reporter included, were off base in predicting how Trump’s bombastic ways and controversial policies would affect things.


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Few were more wrong than former U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati. He said before President Obama was elected in 2008 that a Democratic president would give a U.S. World Cup bid the greatest chance of success. He then hinted in the summer of 2016 that Trump’s then-unlikely tilt at the presidency would be a detrimental factor, adding that a joint bid involving Mexico was likely a non-starter unless “Secretary Clinton was in the White House.”

Gulati is gone as president and was a peripheral member of the bid by the end, while Trump, who has little history of showing any real knowledge or interest in soccer, was left to claim many of the late plaudits.

Fed rate hike will add $2.2 billion in credit card interest charges

  Fed rate hike will add $2.2 billion in credit card interest charges The U.S. central bank is expected to hike its key interest rate another quarter of a percentage point Wednesday. And that means higher interest rates on credit cards.That also means cardholders soon will be forking over even more money in interest payments annually, an estimated $2.2 billion alone for what’s expected to be the Federal Reserve’s second rate hike of the year, according to the June Credit Card Debt Report from CompareCards. And if the Fed raises rates two more times this year, it will boost interest paid on credit cards to roughly $10 billion in 2019, the report said.

Gulati: World 's Perception of Trump , USA Factors in 2026 World Cup Bid Vote. Customer Service. Subscribe To The Magazine. Give a Gift. Buy Covers. Order Past Issues. usa 2026 world cup bid. donald trump . sunil gulati.

Together we support the candidacy of Mexico, Canada and USA as the headquarters of the World Cup 2026," he wrote. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images). United States President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump

As this all relates to sports, scorecards are appropriate. And as much as Obama had charisma that stretched far beyond American borders, that never translated into votes for big athletic extravaganzas. On that front it’s Trump 2, Obama 0.

It wasn’t for a lack of effort on Obama’s part either. Obama went to bat hard for his hometown of Chicago as it tried to stage the 2016 Olympics. He held an event on the White House lawn and flew to Copenhagen in an attempt to sway the vote, but the Windy City came last out of four candidates as the voters opted for Rio de Janeiro instead.

Obama came out strongly for the U.S. World Cup campaign for 2018 and 2022 as well, getting chummy with Sepp Blatter, writing letters to and meeting with the soccer politician – later to be exposed as a master crook. Russia got 2018 when it was decided that event would go to a European candidate and Qatar came from nowhere to steal away 2022, leaving Obama to receive a consolation phone call from Blatter informing him of the bad news and later quipping to reporters that FIFA had “made the wrong decision.”

Ousted Trump-bashing Rep. Mark Sanford acknowledges his political career is likely over

  Ousted Trump-bashing Rep. Mark Sanford acknowledges his political career is likely over Anti-Trump South Carolina Republican Rep. Mark Sanford, who was unseated in a dramatic primary vote Tuesday night after the president urged voters to oust him, told Fox News' "The Story with Martha MacCallum" on Wednesday that his political career is likely over. "That would certainly be my take," Sanford said when asked if critics are right that the defeat puts a permanent end to his time in elected office. But, Sanford also said, "never say never.

Trump definitely loves both soccer and Mexico. He probably also loves that, under this proposal, it is likely that the United States would host 60 of the 80 World Cup games, including all of the games from the quarterfinals on, while Mexico and Canada will host only 10 each.

FIFA World Cup . Get beIN. TV Guide. Live Scores. "We will be watching very closely, and any help they can give us in that bid we would appreciate." USA , who failed to qualify for Russia 2018, last hosted the World Cup in 1994. Mexico fifa Soccer USMNT FIFA World Cup United States Donald Trump Canada.

But it is no accident that Trump’s U.S. has gotten over the line twice, that Putin will be on parade at Thursday’s opening ceremony and that China and Brazil have joined the club of being awarded multiple worldwide events in the 20th century.

Sporting bureaucrats like their politicians to be – how can this be put kindly? – doers rather than talkers. Putin was going to make sure the Sochi Olympics got built and finished and ready for display, even if it meant spending $50 billion and cutting more corners than a cheating speedskater.

China was going to make Beijing a success in 2008 no matter how high the human or financial cost. To those who vote on these things, Darfur didn’t matter enough, Chechnya didn’t matter enough, Dilma Rouseff’s crooked ways and the wall and Colin Kaepernick didn’t matter enough either.

Much as Trump detractors might want his involvement to be incidental to the victory, it isn’t. There were many voters looking for any reason to not give their pick to the United Bid. Many within FIFA were still angry it was the U.S. Justice Department that brought down the rotting house of cards that festered under Blatter’s ugly rule.

Many delegates believed that CONCACAF, as a small and competitively weak confederation with only three countries possessing even close to the capability to stage a World Cup, should only host every 50 years or so.

6 purchases you'll regret putting on your credit card

  6 purchases you'll regret putting on your credit card You can pay for nearly anything with credit cards but here are six expenses to never put on plastic, according to Experian.Load Error

( Trump does deserve credit for pushing China a lot on NK.) Fourth, US analysts,& politicians especially, constantly /3. “They can play Moon’s desire for North-South reconciliation for all they can get in terms of concessions. They’ll promise the world , but give nothing back in return.”

Get the news. President Trump asks African nations to back 2026 World Cup bid. Steve Gardner, USA TODAY Sports Published 10:12 p.m. ET April 30, 2018. "We will be watching very closely," Trump said, "and any help they could give us in that bid we would appreciate."

Whatever role Trump played, it won’t soften the approach of his critics and neither should it. There are more than enough holes in his policies to poke at and surely in his character too.

But as odd, counter-intuitive and surprising it is to write, if you want big sports events to come to America, then having Trump in the White House is no impediment.

ACLU to continue lawsuit over Trump policies toward immigrant families .
The American Civil Liberties Union on Wednesday said it plans to continue pursuing its lawsuit challenging U.S. President Donald Trump's policies concerning the treatment of immigrant families trying to enter the country. The nonprofit plans to seek an order in the federal court in San Diego compelling the reunification of immigrant parents with their children, a lawyer for the ACLU said in a phone interview.The announcement came after Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order ending the separation of families and instead calling for the detention of parents and children together.

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