Offbeat 'Making a Murderer' case goes before top US court

21:32  13 june  2018
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Inmate given death sentence for killing another prisoner

  Inmate given death sentence for killing another prisoner There are now 12 men on Nebraska's death row.A three-judge panel Friday sentenced Patrick Schroeder, 40, to die for strangling his cellmate, Terry Berry in April 2017.

Making a Murderer : Brendan Dassey's case will now go before the US appeals court . The decision follows an appeal against an earlier ruling that Dassey should be freed from prison.

A Wisconsin man convicted of murder in the case that was chronicled in the Netflix documentary, " Making a Murderer ," on Tuesday asked the U . S . Supreme Court to toss out his 2005 confession that his attorneys claim was coerced by investigators, the Washington Post reported.

Steven Avery was sentenced to life in prison for murder in 2007, in a case that was made famous by a popular Netflix series and is now getting Supreme Court attention © Provided by AFP Steven Avery was sentenced to life in prison for murder in 2007, in a case that was made famous by a popular Netflix series and is now getting Supreme Court attention

The US Supreme Court on Thursday will decide whether to hear an appeal in a case made famous by popular Netflix series "Making a Murderer" that raised troubling questions about the American judicial system.

Millions of people around the world were transfixed by the gripping documentary series about a blue-collar Wisconsin man and his nephew charged with the murder of a young woman photographer, whose remains were found on the grounds of the family's auto salvage yard.

Supreme Court wipes away lower court ruling that granted undocumented teen access to abortion

  Supreme Court wipes away lower court ruling that granted undocumented teen access to abortion A unanimous Supreme Court on Monday declined to set a precedent for whether or not an undocumented teen in US custody can get an abortion. The court granted a request from the Trump administration to wipe away a lower court opinion that allowed an undocumented teen in Texas to get an abortion last year. Although the teen -- known as "Jane Doe" in court papers -- has obtained the procedure, the administration wanted the opinion vacated so as not to create a precedent for other similar cases that could come up. In a five-page per curiam opinion, the justices explained that the issue is now moot.

US appeals court rules ' Making a Murderer ' inmate Brendan Dassey's confession from when he was just 16 should stand. It overturned a ruling that could have freed the ' Making a murderer ' inmate. Alessandra Ambrosio goes topless as she applies makeup before hitting yacht party in shiny gown

The case gained an international following from the Netflix docu-series " Making A Murderer ." This goes against the state 's theory that Halbach's vehicle never left the Avery Salvage Yard after she Arguments were heard in before the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. The panel of judges will

Opinions are divided on the guilt of the story's central character, Steven Avery. He was sentenced in 2007 to life in prison for the murder of 25-year-old Teresa Halbach.

But many viewers were deeply disturbed by the fate of Avery's nephew, Brendan Dassey -- only 16 at the time of the killing -- who received the same sentence. It is his case the Supreme Court will be considering.

The prosecution's case against Dassey rested entirely on a highly controversial police interrogation of the adolescent -- a young man of limited intellect -- and on his eventual confession.

As cameras rolled, Dassey was questioned for hours, with no lawyer present, by investigators who used questionable tactics to persuade the young man to provide incriminating testimony against himself and his uncle.

Court records: Neighbor upset over Rand Paul's yard debris

  Court records: Neighbor upset over Rand Paul's yard debris A court filing in the federal case against a neighbor who tackled U.S. Sen. Rand Paul says the neighbor "lost his temper" over yard debris on the property line between their homes.The neighbor, Dr. Rene Boucher, is asking a judge to grant probation in the case. Prosecutors are seeking a 21-month prison sentence.A sentencing memorandum filed Friday by Boucher's attorney says Paul repeatedly placed "unsightly" yard debris near the property line. On the day before the Nov. 3 attack, Boucher burned some debris left by Paul, according to the document obtained by the Daily News of Bowling Green.

A federal appeals court upheld the murder conviction of a Wisconsin man in a case chronicled in the television documentary “ Making a Murderer ," overturning a lower court judge who had tossed out the original You’re busy. We get it. Stay on top of the news with our Editor’s Picks newsletter. US Edition.

The Dassey Case Just Reached The Supreme Court . Dassey’s uncle, Steven Avery, was the subject of the hit Netflix documentary “ Making a Murderer .” For as little as , you can help us . George Soros Complains: 'Everything That Could Go Wrong, Has Gone Wrong'.

Dassey's defenders say the adolescent, pressed by persuasive interrogators and confused by words and language beyond his comprehension, ended up confessing to acts that never occurred.

- Police 'fed him facts' -

"Put simply, the interrogators took advantage of Dassey’s youth and mental limitations to convince him they were on his side, ignored his manifest inability to correctly answer many of their questions about the crimes, fed him facts so he could say what they wanted to hear, and promised that he would be set free if he did so. The resulting confession was more theirs than his," said Dassey's lawyer, Seth Waxman, in his petition to the court.

Waxman is a former US solicitor general, meaning he has argued scores of cases for the federal government before the Supreme Court.

It is rare that the high court would take up a case involving an isolated instance of presumed judicial error like this.

Manhunt nabs one after three inmates escape from Illinois jail

  Manhunt nabs one after three inmates escape from Illinois jail An alleged murderer is still on the loose in Illinois one day after a trio of inspired inmates busted out of a rural jail. Both Zachery Shock, 24, and Johnny Tipton, 61, have eluded authorities thus far after allegedly breaking out of the White County Jail in Carmi, Ill. Saturday morning using a pipe to dig a hole in one of the jail’s concrete block and brick walls, according to ABC News.

Dean Strang tells us about being internet famous and what " Making a Murderer " is really about. The immense popularity of " Making a Murderer " has brought the case back to light, with But " Making a Murderer " goes far beyond just the verdict, exploring injustices in America's criminal courts in general.

We may not if the murderer is a transient, as I think. That will be critical if this case ever goes before a judge. This detective guy and a lot of other people think it’s because of that court case which took away Stan’s land.

But more than 60 prosecutors, in a "friend of the court" filing, urged the justices to take up the case and help "restore the public's confidence in the justice system."

They noted that "Making a Murderer," viewed by millions of Americans, had prompted "a public outcry over the obvious failure of the system."

In 2016, a federal judge in Chicago overturned the conviction of Dassey, who is now 28. A three-judge panel later upheld that ruling, finding that the young man's confession had been coerced.

But last December the full 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the state of Wisconsin, which has argued forcibly against Dassey's liberation, calling him a "serious threat to public safety."

A dissenting judge called that court's 4-to-3 ruling "a profound miscarriage of justice."

On Thursday, the last round in Dassey's long legal battle begins.

European human rights court rejects mass killer Breivik's appeal .
The European Court of Human Rights rejected an appeal by Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik. who claimed his incarceration in Norway violates his rights. The Strasbourg, France-based court said the case "doesn't reveal any violations" of the 1950 European Convention on Human Rights, and "rejected the application as inadmissible for being manifestly ill-founded."The court said Breivik had challenged the conditions of his detention, particularly the fact that he was kept isolated from other prisoners.The three judges said the decision was final.

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