Offbeat Florida Program Arming and Training Civilians to Battle School Shooters

02:06  14 june  2018
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Pentagon: ‘No one will ever know’ how many civilians U.S. has killed in fight against ISIS

  Pentagon: ‘No one will ever know’ how many civilians U.S. has killed in fight against ISIS Amnesty International accuses U.S. coalition of killing thousands of civilians in battle to retake control of Raqqa.U.S. Army Col. Thomas Veale, a spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition fighting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, said that despite the U.S. military’s best efforts to assess civilian casualties, no one will ever know exactly how many civilians U.S. strikes have killed since the fight began in 2014.

Instructors who’ve trained SWAT members are now teaching normal civilians how to guard schools in case of an active shooter . The sheriff’s office in Polk County, Florida , is training a troupe of armed “guardians,” or regular civilians , to protect students during the upcoming school year—a program

Florida schools consider having armed volunteers. Critics of the plan, known as the Sheriff- Trained Onsite Marshal Program , or STOMP, are gearing "I Arming teachers. “This whole idea that we can train civilians to carry concealed weapons is absurd. According to Judd, the Sentinel Program is

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The sheriff’s office in Polk County, Florida, is training a troupe of armed “guardians,” or regular civilians, to protect students during the upcoming school year—a program that some critics find troubling.

“Formal officers trained to specific standards should be the law enforcement presence in schools if there’s going to be one,” Secure Schools Alliance Executive Director Robert Boyd told The Daily Beast. “You don’t just take anybody and put them in a school, particularly with a firearm.”

One of the masterminds behind the program, Sheriff Grady Judd, is an unabashed gun-rights supporter—and an outspoken critic of illegal immigration, among other hot-button issues. He was one of 12 sheriffs to meet with President Donald Trump, whom he’s called the “best ally” of law enforcement, in February.

Adorable dogs join Massachusetts police department to comfort victims of tragedy

  Adorable dogs join Massachusetts police department to comfort victims of tragedy A Massachusetts police department has launched a new program. The Greenfield Police Department is usings dogs to help people deal with distress. The comfort dog program includes a Saint Bernard named Clarence and his adorable sidekick, a nine-week-old puppy named Donut. The 7-year-old Clarence is training Donut as he nears retirement. Clarence has helped comfort the victims of crime all over the country -- including those at the Sandy Hook school shooting. “The dogs are going to be able to help us calm people down so we can refocus their energies on helping them recover from their tragedy,” Lt. William Gordon said.

also allowed for the arming of teachers who were properly trained and the hiring of school police. confronting the shooter ; this tactic was contrary to BSO training regarding active shooters . or candidates who were not actively working to ban sales of military-style assault weapons to civilians . checks, provided a program for the arming of some school employees and hiring of school police

At Civilian Arms Training Source, safety instruction comes first and is the foundation of our training programs . All students are thoroughly instructed "I’ve been training and teaching for over 22 years with professionals from every agency within the United States Government. In all of my experience, I

Judd insists the civilian guardians will be well-trained—and more cost-effective than school resource officers. Potential guardians must complete background checks, psychological evaluations, and drug tests during the training process, according to the Polk County’s Sheriff Office. Over 500 people applied for the program, but only 150 people made it to the training portion, Judd told News 6.

“The guardian receives 25 percent more firearms training than a certified police officer in the state of Florida and has to qualify five points higher than a certified police officer,” Judd told the outlet.

The guardians will “provide security to our campuses, conduct necessary drills, oversee crime prevention initiatives and programs with students, conduct surveillance and other security-related tasks,” a Polk County Sheriff's Office spokesman told News 6.

Gun control activists hold 'die-in' near Mar-a-Lago on two-year anniversary of Pulse shooting

  Gun control activists hold 'die-in' near Mar-a-Lago on two-year anniversary of Pulse shooting Gun control activists, including survivors of the Parkland school shooting, staged a "die-in" near President Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate on Tuesday. About 50 people participated in the protest on the two-year anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting that killed 49 people.

Florida ’s Republican-controlled state House and Senate advanced bills this week that would train teachers to carry guns in classrooms In Idaho, an individual school district launched a voluntary program training educators to use rifles owned by the district in the event of an active shooter

The Civilian Pilot Training Program (CPTP) was a flight training program (1938–1944) sponsored by the United States government with the stated purpose of increasing the number of civilian pilots

Participants of the program, which is helmed by instructors who train deputies and SWAT team members, are required to complete 144 hours of “intensive tactical training.” Only 91 people will graduate and become an official guardian in July.

Those who make the cut will be paid $30,000 yearly, with most of their salaries being covered by the $67 million set aside to to train armed school resource officers and other staff members as part of a law passed in March after the Parkland high school shooting.

“When we get the 911 call [that] there's an active shooter on campus, the destruction is already underway, that's why you have to have school guardians on the campus,” Judd told News 6.

The Polk County sheriff, a recent NRA TV guest, has made several provocative, head-line making statements about guns—and encouraged residents to arm themselves for self-defense. In 2017, he told his community, “If you’re not afraid of a gun, get one... And if you need to shoot somebody, shoot them a lot,” according to Fox 35.

Money to 'harden' schools draws backlash after shootings

  Money to 'harden' schools draws backlash after shootings An alliance of U.S. education groups expressed shock Tuesday that the Trump administration would let schools purchase metal detectors and police patrols through a $1.1 billion program that the White House and Congress have used to defend their response to an epidemic of school shootings.The concern comes nearly a month after a gunman killed 10 people at a high school near Houston, which prompted Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to urge schools to use federal education dollars to "harden" campuses through more armed guards or altering buildings.

A new program in Central Florida is training everyday people to stop potential school shooters . School safety guardians have the job of protecting "These folks are starting as civilians but when they finish their training , they're going to be better trained with more hours and a higher proficiency

A national effort is underway to arm and train school staff members, but a former assistant principal who survived an attack believes it’s misguided. Even before a gunman opened fire at a Florida school last week, killing 17 people, a national effort had been underway to arm and train teachers

When a SWAT team shot at a suspect 100 times after he killed a sheriff and a K-9 dog in 2006, Judd quipped, “That's all the bullets we had, or we would have shot him more,” the Orlando Sentinelreported.

Polk County Schools Superintendent Jacqueline Byrd told The Daily Beast that the school board and the sheriff’s office worked together to create the program.

“The guardian program was created to make sure we have someone in our schools—mainly elementary schools—that don’t currently have school resource officers,” Byrd said. None of the teachers in the school district will be armed, she added.

Byrd admitted that Polk County School Districts faced some pushback from parents. “At the end of the day, they’re sending their children, and we want to make sure we put someone there for the safety of those students,” she said.

Most shooters got their guns legally, didn't have diagnosed mental illness, new FBI report says .
In a new report, the FBI shed light on behaviors of active shooters before they acted out, finding most obtained a gun legally and did not have diagnosed mental health issues, contrary to popular belief.As mass shootings filter in and out of the news cycle at an almost dizzying pace with each new tragedy, the FBI has continued to probe why these atrocities continue and what can be done to stop them.

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