Offbeat How to Lose the Midterms and Re-elect Trump

17:32  14 june  2018
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Trump wants separate Nafta talks for Canada, Mexico, Kudlow says

  Trump wants separate Nafta talks for Canada, Mexico, Kudlow says President Donald Trump is “seriously considering” breaking up joint talks with Canada and Mexico to rewrite the North American Free Trade Agreement in favor of parallel, bilateral negotiations, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said. "His preference now, he asked me to convey this, is to actually negotiate with Mexico and Canada separately," Kudlow said Tuesday during an interview on Fox News. "I know this is just three countries but still, you know, oftentimes when you have to compromise with a whole bunch of countries you get the worst of the deals.

You’ re right that Donald Trump is a dangerous and deeply offensive man, and that restraining and containing him are urgent business. You’ re wrong about how to go about doing that, or at least you’ re letting your emotions get the better of you.

The president's party has lost congressional seats in 18 of the last 20 midterm elections. Ten Democratic senators are running for re - election in 10 states Trump carried, including several the president won by double-digit margins.

a man standing in front of a mirror posing for the camera: Robert De Niro was given a standing ovation at the Tony Awards ceremony after delivering a profanity-laced comment about President Trump. © Sara Krulwich/The New York Times Robert De Niro was given a standing ovation at the Tony Awards ceremony after delivering a profanity-laced comment about President Trump.

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Dear Robert De Niro, Samantha Bee and other Trump haters:

I get that you’re angry. I’m angry, too. But anger isn’t a strategy. Sometimes it’s a trap. When you find yourself spewing four-letter words, you’ve fallen into it. You’ve chosen cheap theatrics over the long game, catharsis over cunning. You think you’re raising your fist when you’re really raising a white flag.

Obama meets with possible 2020 presidential contenders: report

  Obama meets with possible 2020 presidential contenders: report Former President Obama has been privately meeting with possible 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, Politico reported Monday.Obama has reportedly held one-on-one sessions with at least nine candidates in his D.C. office over the past few months, including former Vice President Biden, Sens. Ber nie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick (D).Obama's office declined to comment to Politico."The president was generous with his time and advice, and he was excited to talk about the future," one individual with knowledge of the meetings told Politico.

Veteran Republicans are fretting that their party is ill-prepared for a brutal midterm campaign that will be largely dictated by President Trump . We’ve got to change the landscape or we’ re going to lose the majority for sure.”

Still, presidents — even popular ones — historically tend to lose seats in their midterm election . And Donald Trump is already unpopular enough to possibly And that’s why we’ re better off with a patently unsuitable president than someone who on the surface looks sane (if you don’t look too hard).

You’re right that Donald Trump is a dangerous and deeply offensive man, and that restraining and containing him are urgent business. You’re wrong about how to go about doing that, or at least you’re letting your emotions get the better of you.

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When you answer name-calling with name-calling and tantrums with tantrums, you’re not resisting him. You’re mirroring him. You’re not diminishing him. You’re demeaning yourselves. Many voters don’t hear your arguments or the facts, which are on your side. They just wince at the din.

You permit them to see you as you see Trump: deranged. Why would they choose a different path if it goes to another ugly destination?

Of course this is broader than De Niro, bigger than Bee and about more than profanity. It’s about maturity, pragmatism and plain old smarts — and the necessity of all three when the stakes are this high.

A List of Everyday Items That Could Cost You More Money Because of Trump's Trade War

  A List of Everyday Items That Could Cost You More Money Because of Trump's Trade War The countries being targeted by President Donald Trump’s newly imposed trade tariffs are retaliating with their own tariffs on U.S. goods that may have major implications for Americans including job losses and pricier items. When Trump originally announced tariffs on metals — a 25% tariff on imported steel and a 10% tariff on imported aluminum — back in March, he exempted U.S. allies like Canada, Mexico and and the European Union from being taxed on those exports until June 1. Now that Trump has let the exemptions expire, those U.S.

Although President Trump himself isn’t up for re - election , the midterms are largely seen as a referendum for the nation to evaluate how the of the midterms in 1934 for Franklin D. Roosevelt and 2002 for George W. Bush, most newly-elected presidents see their parties lose more seats than they

However, by the time voters cast ballots in those presidents’ first midterms that fall, the percentage of voters believing Clinton and Obama deserved to be re - elected had fallen to the same level Trump is at now. It remains to be seen just how much impact this fall’s election results will have on President

Many Democrats get that. Maybe even most do. In the primaries last week and on Tuesday, Democratic voters, by and large, chose House candidates whose appeals were tempered and whose profiles make them formidable general-election contenders. They’re the best bets for wooing less fiercely partisan voters and snatching seats currently in Republican hands.

The results in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District on Tuesday were a perfect example. State Senator Jennifer Wexton, a former federal prosecutor, won, and will take on the Republican incumbent, Barbara Comstock. That was precisely what Republican strategists didn’t want, and at the beginning of the year, they chattered hopefully about Wexton’s being thwarted by more strident Democratic rivals to her left. But she beat the second-place finisher by almost 20 points.

I’m buoyed by that and by what I’ve witnessed when I’ve met with Democratic candidates in potentially red-to-blue House districts. They’re not getting bogged down in impeachment talk, which can sound to many voters like a promise of ceaseless partisan rancor and never-ending Washington paralysis. They’re not frothing at the mouth about Trump.

Poll finds most parents and kids agree on Trump, economy

  Poll finds most parents and kids agree on Trump, economy A survey conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and MTV finds that parents and their kids agree about a lot of things when it comes to politics. Most in both generations disapprove of Trump, and 55 percent say they usually see eye to eye about politics. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File) WASHINGTON — In some ways, President Donald Trump has brought Tammy Kennedy and her daughter, Sue Ann, together on politics.They don't agree on every issue— Tammy supports abortion rights, for example, while Sue Ann opposes them.

More than half of Americans think President Trump won't be re - elected in 2020, a new poll shows. 26 Comments on It’s Over. or a 2020 presidential run, How can Trump lose in 2020? I will say, fingers crossed trump will lose his office in the upcoming midterm elections Democrats are already

“When you think you’ re destined to win,” said Larry Sabato, the director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, “you’ re halfway to losing .” (Devine thinks Republicans might distance themselves from Trump after he costs them dearly in the midterms .)

They understand that there’s no need for that. He’s the most exhaustively chronicled and psychologically transparent president in the lifetimes of most American voters, who already know how they feel about him. What they’re less certain about are their alternatives. If you want to make sure that at least one chamber of Congress is a check on Trump, talk to them about that.

And do so in a vocabulary that’s measured, not hysterical. Enough with “idiot” and “moron” (unless you’re directly quoting an administration official). They’re schoolyard and splenetic.

Enough with Hitler, too. Has Trump shown fascistic tendencies? Yes. Is he the second coming of the Third Reich? No. Nor are the spineless Republicans who have enabled him Nazi collaborators, not on the evidence of what has and hasn’t happened so far.

I’m not urging complacency. But when you invoke the darkest historical analogies, you lose many of the very Americans you’re trying to win over. What you’re saying isn’t what they’re seeing. It’s overreach in their eyes.

And when you make the direst predictions, you needlessly put your credibility on the line. The stock market didn’t go into free fall after Trump’s election. We’re not at war with North Korea. I’m not ignoring the grave flaws and galling giveaways in his tax overhaul, and I’m not minimizing his disregard for diplomatic norms, including his unwarranted verbal attacks on American allies. I’m noting that when you extrapolate too wildly into the future, you sometimes wind up distracting people from what’s happening in the here and now.

Top Trump aide Marc Short to leave White House before midterms: report

  Top Trump aide Marc Short to leave White House before midterms: report White House legislative affairs director Marc Short is planning on leaving his job ahead of the 2018 midterms, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.Sources told the Journal that Short is planning on departing the White House sometime this summer, citing "diminishing returns" on getting President Trump's legislative goals through Congress ahead of the November elections.

Trump has done nothing to stop Russia from meddling in the 2018 midterms . “Frankly, the United States is under attack.” In February, Vox’s Emily Stewart asked nine experts how to stop Russia’s election interference in 2018.

Devin Nunes and Dana Rohrabacher, both California Republicans, have tough re - election fights over Russia. His work defending the White House from questions about Russian meddling in U.S. elections has made Nunes a vulnerable target in the midterms , even though Trump won his central

The more noise, the less discernment. The more fury, the less focus. Proportion and triage are in order, and that means an end, please, to the Melania madness. Floating the idea that she’s a victim of domestic abuse merely supports Trump’s contention that his critics are reflexive and unfettered in their contempt for him and that all of their complaints should be viewed through that lens.

“When they go low, we go high,” said another first lady, Michelle Obama, at the Democratic National Convention in 2016. It’s a fine set of marching orders, disobeyed ever since. It was definitely ignored by those of you in the Manhattan theater where the Tony Awards were held on Sunday. You answered De Niro’s expletives with a standing ovation.

Never mind that he wrested the spotlight from the Parkland, Fla., teenagers, so that his negative message, not their positive one, was the big story. Never mind that he squandered a chance to model a bearing more dignified than Trump’s.

He made the blue wave look iffier and Trump 2020 stronger. Did you mean to be clapping for that?

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The tough Senate map for Democrats is looking a little less tough .
Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are moving in the Democrats’ direction.Over the past few weeks, Democrats seem to have shored up their positions in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) has a double-digit polling lead on his Republican opponent; Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) was always the favorite but now appears absolutely safe; and Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) — maybe the most vulnerable of the bunch and up for her first reelection in a state Republicans had been dominating — also seems to be on solid ground.

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