Offbeat Jarrod Lyle going through heartbreaking rough patch in cancer fight

18:24  14 june  2018
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Jim Kelly to receive Jimmy V Award for battling cancer

  Jim Kelly to receive Jimmy V Award for battling cancer Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly says he's going to receive ESPN's Jimmy V Award for the toughness and perseverance he's displayed during his ongoing battle with oral cancer. Kelly says cable network officials informed him about 10 days ago that he will receive the honor at the ESPY Awards next month. He made the announcement Monday while attending his charitable foundation's 32nd golf tournament outside of Buffalo.

Jarrod Lyle has not thought too much about golf recently, which is scarcely a surprise. Said Lyle : "He said to me, 'You know you're one in a million. I don't know how you're still going , some days. "I'm still battling a thing called 'graft versus host', so that's my body still fighting against it."

At home with Jarrod Lyle and family. Fighting acute myeloid leukemia for a third time in his life, Lyle took the decision to use stem cell therapy to attempt to rid his life of the disease once and for all. Having been unable to find a full bone marrow match for a transplant he went down the path of a

a person wearing a hat: Getty© Getty Getty Jarrod Lyle has been so brave in his cancer fights, but it appears he's struggling in his current battle.

Lyle's wife, Briony, posted a blog update to jarrodlylegolf.com on Tuesday and the news she relayed was tough to swallow.

Jarrod is currently battling acute myeloid leukemia for a third time and there was good news about that fight back in August. But by November, Lyle shared about his trepidation ahead of a bone marrow transplant.

The Aussie noted that with especially strong chemotherapy ahead of the treatment and the transplant itself, he would be quite sick for some time after that posting.

Groundbreaking treatment saves life of woman dying from breast cancer

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'They are going to kill me from the inside out'. Jarrod Lyle prepares for another battle in his war with leukemia. The cancer returned after he finished fourth at the 2012 Genesis Open, the best finish of his career. Once again, Lyle fought his way into remission, but the battle is far from over.

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And unfortunately, he is now sounding prescient.

Briony relayed that Tuesday that's it had been 190 days since her husband's bone marrow transplant, basically the last chance for a cure according to Lyle's doctors, and that he is going through a severe rough patch.

She explained that Jarrod's eyesight has become blurry and foggy due to Central Serous Retinopathy and that prevents him from performing many daily activities itself.

But it gets even worse, per Briony…

On top of his dodgy eyesight, he is also starting to look like a very frail, sick person. He is the thinnest he's been in many years, and no matter what he eats we just can't seem to keep the weight on him. His muscles are being affected by the ongoing medication, and have started to waste away. He is supposed to do as much 'activity' as he can to try to prevent any further muscle loss, but his energy levels continue to decrease. When he first came home from Melbourne in April, he was able to walk the 1.2kms from home up to (daughter) Lusi's school and back again twice a day. He really enjoyed walking, scooting or riding with her to school each day because he'd missed all of Term 1. But now that distance has become too much for him, and he can only ever sit in the passenger seat if I'm driving.

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Tour pro Jarrod Lyle fights cancer while crisscrossing the country with his family in an RV, writes ESPN.com's Farrell Evans. He was in the hospital for nine months during his first bout with cancer when he was 17. During the second bout in 2012, he went through three rounds of chemotherapy

Lyle in cancer fight again. Former PGA TOUR player Jarrod Lyle is facing his third fight against leukemia after being diagnosed back in his native Australia. “I'm determined to be positive through this (as much as I can) so here is my last moment before the chemo is hooked up.

That's tough to read.

Briony goes even deeper on how all of this is damaging Jarrod and herself psychologically, but that they remain deeply grateful for the support they continue to receive:

In general, our spirits are really low at the moment. Jarrod is exhausted from all the treatment, and I'm exhausted from trying to look after him, the girls, the household and our business. He continues to be inundated with messages of support from people all over the world, which blows our mind. There are a lot of messages that talk about him returning to golf. Just 2 months ago when he first came home he was just about ready to pick up his clubs and head straight to the course. He was so sure that he was close to being able to play again. He has even been talking about possible events that he could aim to play in future. But the past couple of weeks have knocked it all out of him, and he doesn't even mention golf anymore. His goals have been reduced to the smallest things - being able to spread jam on his own toast without help, being able to use a sharp knife without worrying about slicing off a finger, being able to take his daughter to school, being able to read a bedtime story.

Texas' Andrew Jones able to enroll in classes while continuing cancer treatment

  Texas' Andrew Jones able to enroll in classes while continuing cancer treatment Longhorns guard Andrew Jones had his season cut short due to a cancer diagnosis in January.

All relationships go through a rough patch at some point or the other. The key is to work together to resolve the issues and not blame each other for what’s gone wrong. They are going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment

Definition of rough patch in the Idioms Dictionary. rough patch phrase. What does rough patch expression mean? They're always up and down, but they went through a very rough patch as recently as last week," the source said.

This is all certainly not what we want to hear, but it is good to know that support is still not lacking. The PGA Tour began a fundraising effort in January to help Lyle and his family (he and Briony have two daughters, Lusi and Jemma) in his cancer fight. You can donate here.

In her post, Briony added that they remain positive they'll get through it all once again but that it is tough to stay positive at the moment. And then she offered this poignant kicker:

"Cancer, and everything associated with it, really effing sucks."

We couldn't agree more. Hopefully Jarrod's worst days will be over soon.


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Jim Kelly’s wife says his latest surgery went well .
Hall of Fame Bills quarterback Jim Kelly is continuing to show strength in his battle against cancer. Kelly’s wife, Jill Kelly, wrote on Instagram that he is doing well under the circumstances, along with a picture of them holding hands in his hospital room. Kelly’s wife, Jill Kelly, wrote on Instagram that he is doing well under the circumstances, along with a picture of them holding hands in his hospital room.

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