Offbeat Snapchat launches privacy-safe Snap Kit, the un-Facebook platform

20:27  14 june  2018
20:27  14 june  2018 Source:   techcrunch.com

Instagram reportedly tinkering with longer-form video posts

  Instagram reportedly tinkering with longer-form video posts Instagram is reportedly considering a longer view of its short videos.The Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing app is readying a new feature that will let users post long-form video, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday. The new feature will allow videos of up to an hour in length, as opposed to the current max length of one minute, and will focus on vertical video, people described as familiar with the company's plans told the newspaper.

Today Snapchat finally gets a true developer platform , confirming TechCrunch’s scoop from last month about Snap Kit . Snap Kit ’s big selling point is privacy — a differentiator from Facebook .

Facebook , Privacy and Cambridge Analytica. Email Marketing. Snapchat is launching a new Facebook -inspired ad platform . The partners will be providing software to empower marketers to create Snap Ads and other types of video content.

Today Snapchat finally gets a true developer platform, confirming TechCrunch’s scoop from last month about Snap Kit. This set of APIs lets other apps piggyback on Snap’s login for signup, build Bitmoji avatars into their keyboards, display public Our Stories and Snap Map content, and generate branded stickers with referral links users can share back inside Snapchat. Snap Kit’s big selling point is privacy — a differentiator from Facebook. It doesn’t even let you share your social graph with apps to prevent a Cambridge Analytica-style scandal.

Launch partners include Tinder bringing Bitmojis to your chats with matches, Patreon letting fans watch creators’ Stories from within its app, and Postmates offering order ETA stickers you can share in Snapchat that open the restaurant’s page in the delivery app. Developers that want to join the platform can sign up here.

Facebook bug set 14 million users' sharing settings to public

  Facebook bug set 14 million users' sharing settings to public Facebook says an error changed 14 million users' default sharing setting to public for four days in May. The bug, which affected those users from May 18 to May 22, occurred while Facebook was testing a new feature.

The maker of Snapchat has introduced Snap Kit , a As Snap launches its developer platform , it’s worth noting that most social network developer platforms haven’t turned out the way their creators hoped. Facebook ’s developer platform was historically profitable for game developers — among

Snaps shared publicly will be disappear 30 days after getting posted outside of the Snapchat platform . Still, this move seems fundamentally at odds with what Snapchat was when it launched .

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Snap Kit could help the stumbling public company colonize the mobile app ecosystem with its buttons and content, which could inspire Snapchat signups from new users and reengagement from old ones. “Growth is one of our three goals for 2018, so we absolutely hope it can contribute to that, and continue to strengthen engagement, which has always been a key metric for us” Snap’s VP of product Jacob Andrea tells me. That’s critical since Snapchat sunk to its lowest user growth rate ever last quarter under the weight of competition from Instagram and WhatsApp.

“There have been areas inside of our products where we've really set standards” Andreou explains. “Early, that was seen in examples like Stories, but today with things like how we treat user data, what we collect, what we share when people login and register for our service . . . Snap Kit is a set of developer tools that really allow people to take the best parts of our products and the standards that we've set in a few of these areas, and bring them into their apps.”

Facebook launches user review, potential bans for advertisers

  Facebook launches user review, potential bans for advertisers Facebook Inc said on Tuesday it would allow users to review businesses that advertise on the social network and possibly ban those that receive the most negative feedback. The move is aimed at cracking down on businesses whose ads mislead users into buying low quality goods or services or firms that fail to deliver products in their stated shipping time.Facebook users can leave feedback for their viewed ads under the "Ads Activity" tab, the company said in a blog post https://newsroom.fb.com/news/2018/06/improving-customer-service.

“I guess I’m not that worried about that,” Mark Zuckerberg said in response to criticism about Facebook copying Snapchat . He defended the “misunderstood” strategy as laying groundwork for Facebook ’s new Camera Effects Platform for developers that launched today.

Snaps you submit to Our Story can show up in Discover, Search, on the Snap Map, or even on third-party platforms — like on the jumbotron while you’re at a game! That way, even if someone steals your device and logs in to Snapchat somehow, those private Snaps are still safe .

a close up of a cell phone © Provided by TechCrunch This focus on privacy manifests as a limit of 90 days of inactivity before your connection with an app is severed. And the login features only requires you bring along your changeable Snapchat display name, and optionally, your Bitmoji. Snap Kit apps can’t even ask for your email, phone number, location, who you follow, or who you’re friends with.

“It really became challenging for us to see our users then use other products throughout their day and have to lower their expectations. . . having to be ok with the fact that all of their information and data would be shared” Andreou gripes. This messaging is a stark turnaround from four years ago when it took 10 days for CEO Evan Spiegel to apologize for security laziness causing the leak of 4 million users’ phone numbers. But now with Facebook as everyone’s favorite privacy punching bag, Snapchat is seizing the PR opportunity.

Facebook denies building eye-tracking software but says if it ever does, it will keep privacy in mind

  Facebook denies building eye-tracking software but says if it ever does, it will keep privacy in mind Facebook holds at least two patents for detecting eye movements and emotions.Facebook denied building eye-tracking software in its response to questions from Congress released Monday but said if it ever did build out the technology, it would take privacy into account.

Facebook ’s Instagram has been ruthlessly copying features from Snapchat since the ephemeral messaging app rebuffed Facebook ’s billion-dollar takeover offer in 2013. But when it comes to what publishers and advertisers can publish on their platforms

Snapchat is secretly planning the launch of its first full-fledged developer platform , currently called Snapkit. But teens, long skeptical of Facebook and unsettled by the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, could look to Snapchat for a privacy - safe way to log in to other apps without creating a new

“I think one of the parts that [Spiegel] was really excited about with this release is how much better our approach to our users in that way really is — Without relying on things like policy or developer's best intentions or them writing perfect bug free code, but instead by design, not even exposing these things to begin with.”

Yet judging by Facebook’s continued growth and recovered share price, privacy is too abstract of a concept for many people to grasp. Snap Kit will have to win on the merits of what it brings other apps, and the strength of its partnerships team. Done right, Snapchat could gain an army of allies to battle the blue menace.

Snapvengers Assemble

a screenshot of a cell phone © Provided by TechCrunch Snap’s desire to maintain an iron grip on its ‘cool’ brand has kept its work with developers minimal until now. Its first accidental brush with a developer platform was actually a massive security hazard.

Third-party apps promising a way to secretly screenshot messages asked users to login with their Snapchat usernames and passwords, then proceeded to get hacked, exposing some users’ risqué photos. Snap later cut off an innocent music video app called Mindie for finding a way to share to users’ Stories. Last year I wrote how A year ago I wrote that “Snap’s anti-developer attitude is an augmented liability”, as it’d need help to populate the physical world with AR.

Snapchat Lenses bring coral reefs to your neighborhood

  Snapchat Lenses bring coral reefs to your neighborhood How do you make nature exciting to a generation growing up with Snapchat and Instagram? The California Academy of Sciences has an idea: bring the nature to the apps that generation is using. It just trotted out a series of augmented reality Snapchat Lenses (the first of their kind, CAS said) that show reef life in your own corner of the world. These are Lens Studio creations, so you only need to grab the relevant Snapcodes (at the source link) to get started. No, this won't stand in for a documentary or classroom lecture.

These new Snapchat ads won’t blend in as well as the old ones. They’re the kind of ads that are huge on Facebook , and Snap already offers a version of these ads in other parts of the app, like alongside publisher content inside its Discover section.

Snap Inc. is a camera company. We believe that reinventing the camera represents our greatest opportunity to improve the way people live and communicate. Snapchat . Privacy Policy. Terms of Service. Other Terms & Policies.

2017 saw Snap cautiously extend the drawbridge, inviting in ads, analytics, and marketing developer partners to help brands be hip, and letting hacker/designers make their own AR lenses. But the real transition moment was when Spiegel said on the Q4 2017 earnings call that “We feel strongly that Snapchat should not be confined to our mobile application—the amazing Snaps created by our community deserve wider distribution so they can be enjoyed by everyone.”

At the time that meant Snaps on the web, embedded in news sites, and on Jumbotrons. Today it means in other apps. But Snap will avoid one of the key pitfalls of the Facebook platform: over-promising. Snap Deputy General Counsel for Privacy Katherine Tassi tells me “It was also very important to us that there wasn't going to be the exchange of the friends graph as part of the value proposition to third party developers.”

How Snap Kit Works

Snap Kit breaks down to four core pieces of functionality that will appeal to different apps looking to simplify signup, make communication visual, host eye-catching content, or score referral traffic. Developers that want access to Snap Kit must pass a human review and approval process. Snap will review their functionality to ensure they're not doing anything shady.

Snapchat will begin adding docu-series to its slate of shows

  Snapchat will begin adding docu-series to its slate of shows Snapchat has hosted around 50 series on its Discover page so far, including murder mysteries, reality shows, sports coverage and news. And soon it will be adding docu-series. The company has announced one series that's set to air in September, but a whole slate are on the way. "There's going to be a breadth of content as part of this," Sean Mills, Snap's senior director of content programming, told Variety. "We'll have a variety of different shows, and the styles will be widely different -- some shot with smartphones, others more cinematic.

And in a curious move, we discovered that Snapchat seems to have removed the launch video for Snap Snap Map Privacy : Is Snapchat Snap Map safe ? The ire surrounding Snap Map is quickly growing. In a response to Sawalha’s Facebook post, one commenter said: “Absolutely disgraceful.

That's a lot of words to say a simple thing: Facebook just launched Snapchat . Stories now belong in every social app and platform —they're on the list next to status updates, emoji reactions, and trolls. In fact, snapping may well supersede all of those.

a drawing of a face © Provided by TechCrunch

Once authorized, they'll have access to these APIs:

  • Login Kit is the foundation of Snap Kit. It’s a OAuth-style alternative to Facebook Login that lets users skip creating a proprietary username and password by instead using their Snapchat credential. But all the app gets is their changeable, pseudonym-allowed Snapchat display name, and optionally, their Bitmoji avatar to use as a profile pic if the user approves. Getting that login button in lots of apps could remind people Snapchat exists, and turn it into a fundamental identity utility people will be loathe to abandon.
  • Creative Kit is how apps will get a chance to create stickers and filters for use back in the Snapchat camera. Similar to April's F8 launch of the abilitu to share from other apps to Instagram and Facebook Stories, developers can turn content like high scores, workout stats and more into stickers that users can overlay on their Snaps to drive awareness of the source app. Developers can also set a deep link where those stickers send people to generate referral traffic, which could be appealing to those looking to tap Snap's 191 million teens.
  • Bitmoji Kit lets developers integrate Snapchat's personalized avatars directly into their app's keyboard. It's an easy way to make chat more visually expressive without having to reinvent the wheel. This follows the expansion of Friendmoji that feature avatars of you and a pal rolling out to the iOS keyboard. But Bitmoji Kit means developers do the integration work instead of having to rely on users installing anything extra.
  • Story Kit allows developers to embed Snapchat Stories into their apps and websites. Beyond specific Stories, apps can also search through public Stories submitted to Our Story or Snap Map by location, time, or captions. That way, a journalism app could surface first-hand reports from the scene of breaking news or a meme app could pull in puppy Snaps. Snap will add extra reminders to the Our Story submission process to ensure users know their Stories could appear outside of Snapchat's own app.

One thing that's not in Snap Kit, at least yet, is the ability to embed Snapchat's whole software camera into other apps which TechCrunch erroneously reported. Our sources mistakenly confused Creative Kit's ability to generate stickers as opposed a way to share whole stories, which Andreou called "an interesting first step" for making Snapchat the broadcast channel for other apps.

Additional launch partners include bringing Bitmoji to Quip's word processor, RSVP stickers from Eventbrite, GIF-enhanced Stories search in Giphy, Stories from touring musicians in Bands In Town, Storytelling about your dinner reservation on Quandoo, music discovery sharing from SoundHound, and real-time sports score sharing from ScoreStream.

When asked why Snapchat was building Snap Kit, Andreou explained that "We think that giving people more tools to be able to express themselves freely, have fun and be creative, both on Snapchat and other apps is a good thing. We also think that helping more people outside of Snapchat learn about our platform and our features is a good thing."

Snap needs all the help it can get right now. If other apps are willing to be a billboard for it in exchange for some of its teen-approved functionality, Snapchat could find new growth channels amidst stiff competition.

Instagram now has 1 billion users worldwide .
Instagram announced at an in-office event today that it now has 1 billion users worldwide. It had 800 million users in September of last year, which was 200 million more than that same time the year before. “It’s incredible, and it’s something Mike and I never thought would happen,” co-founder Kevin Systrom said.

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