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20:46  14 june  2018
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The Debate Over the Tipped Wage . Change may be coming for workers who rely on gratuities. The 24-year-old is never sure how many nights’ tips it will take to cover her rent and student-loan payments. “It’s kind of exhausting how unpredictable it can be,” she said.

The tipped wage is base wage paid to an employee that receives a substantial portion of their compensation from tips . According to a common labor law provision referred to as a " tip credit", the employee must earn at least the state’s minimum wage when tips and wages are combined or the

Abby Dunn works as many as four shifts a week as a waitress at the Fainting Goat gastropub in Washington,  D.C., to supplement her income from a full-time job at a nonprofit. The 24-year-old is never sure how many nights’ tips it will take to cover her rent and student-loan payments.

“It’s kind of exhausting how unpredictable it can be,” she said.

In D.C., the minimum hourly wage for tipped workers is $3.33 an hour, compared with $12.50 for nontipped minimum-wage workers. (The latter rate is currently slated to rise to $15 by 2020.) But the dual scale could soon become history. On Tuesday, district voters will consider an initiative to eliminate the lower tipped wage and enact one minimum wage for all workers at the higher level.

Here's how much you must earn to put a kid through college

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I earn the minimum wage , I work 45 hours a week but still cannot afford a night out. No, The Government Should Not Raise The Minimum Wage . The minimum wage was never designed to be a A business, in turn, will be more likely to hire the high skilled workers over the low skilled workers

With so much guidance out there, this debate over etiquette is far from settled: There are the recommendations of the traditional route ( tip if That's still below the national median for hourly wage for all occupations, which is .87, but it's more than the BLS median for waiters and waitresses.

And campaigns to boost the minimum wage for bartenders, wait staff and others who work for tips are gathering steam outside D.C., leading some business owners to worry about rising costs.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has asked New York state’s department of labor to study a change similar to the one D.C. is weighing. In Michigan, a coalition that includes advocacy group Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, recently submitted thousands of signatures in an effort to put a one-minimum-wage initiative on the ballot in November.

Seven states, including Washington and California, have a single minimum wage. In the other 43, tipped workers are paid less on an hourly basis, though their tips are expected to make up the difference.

Not everybody working for tips favors higher base pay. Bianca Brancella, 26, said she struggles to make her rent and car payments as a $5-an-hour Pizza Hut waitress in Rockland, Maine, but she is against a higher minimum wage.

A minimum-wage worker can’t afford a 2-bedroom apartment anywhere in the U.S.

  A minimum-wage worker can’t afford a 2-bedroom apartment anywhere in the U.S. Nationally, one would have to earn $17.90 an hour to afford a modest one-bedroom apartment without spending more than 30 percent of income on housing, a common budgeting standard. Or $22.10 an hour for a two-bedroom rental. That's based on the common budgeting standard of spending a maximum of 30 percent of  income on housing.The report estimates that renters nationally make an average of $16.88 an hour. That means even those making above minimum wage struggle to afford rent.Housing costs have continued to rise with growing demand for rental housing in the decade since the Great Recession.

We should its a part of life i understand that some men have been said to be better workrs but woman have stepped up alot from back then. We all hve the equal right in places like this and i support what has been said to show than females should have the same wage .

The federal minimum wage for most occupations is .25. However, waiters and bartenders are part of a special category of California, the most-populous state in the country, has a minimum. Most waiters and bartenders in Alaska, Montana and Nevada earn more than per hour, not including tips .

“Forget it,” she said. “There would be no tips.”

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In November 2016, Maine voters approved boosting the tipped minimum wage in a move that eventually would have given workers $12 an hour. About six months later, state legislators rolled back the initiative as complaints poured in from companies worried about ballooning labor costs and from some tipped workers who said customers didn’t leave as much gratuity after the vote.

“You’re looking at almost a doubling of your wages for most of your employees,” said Joe Kefauver, who advises restaurants on public-policy issues as a managing partner of Align Public Strategies LLC. “That’s why they’re freaking out.”

As Seattle increased its minimum wage to $13 in 2016 from $9.32 in 2014, hours in low-wage jobs fell by about 9% as employers cut back on shifts for existing workers and decided not to hire new ones, according to a University of Washington paper released last year. Overall, low-wage employees’ earnings fell by an average of $125 a month, the paper said.

Minimum wage doesn't cover the rent anywhere in the US

  Minimum wage doesn't cover the rent anywhere in the US Low-income Americans working full-time can't afford to rent a modest apartment in any stateLoad Error

The Tipping Point: How Should Waiters , Waitresses, and Bartenders Be Paid? Check, Please. You see, while the federal minimum wage was raised in 2009, the minimum wage for tipped workers did not increase – and has remained unchanged for over 20 years.

Employees who earn significant tip income (e.g. waiters and waitresses) make over an hour when their tips are included. Tipped employees have two different sources of pay: Tip income, and a supplemental base wage . The supplemental base wage is set at .13 per hour at the federal level.

Companies typically deal with minimum-wage increases by cutting back on labor, boosting prices and trying to automate, said Ekaterina Jardim, a postdoctoral research associate at the university and an author of the paper.

“Some restaurants will be able to survive. Some won’t,” she said.

Roger Hewitt, owner of Red Hawk Bar and Grill in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is worried about the possibility of a single higher minimum wage. “It could well put me out of business,” he said.

Mr. Hewitt is considering raising menu prices if Michigan brings in a unified minimum wage—possibly by 20%—but he doesn’t want to put off guests of his casual restaurant. “There’s a limit to how much people will pay for sandwiches and burgers,” he said.

At Service Bar in D.C., which dishes up cocktails and comfort food like fried chicken, staffers come in hours before opening time to refill syrup bottles, carbonate beverages and cut up garnishes. “We can’t have 7.5 hours of setup on our clocks paying $15 an hour,” said owner Chad Spangler.

If the D.C. initiative passes, Service Bar might trim costs by sending some servers home early and making guests order at the bar in lieu of table service, Mr. Spangler said.

D.C.'s war over restaurant tips will soon go national

  D.C.'s war over restaurant tips will soon go national The district’s voters will decide Initiative 77, which would raise the minimum wage on tipped employees. Why don’t workers support it? In less than a week, voters in Washington, D.C., will settle a national debate over tipping. The district’s upcoming primary election includes a ballot measure called Initiative 77, a policy to gradually raise the minimum wage that tipped workers receive. Two national restaurant groups are turning D.C. into a proxy war over a wide-reaching and politically fraught norm: the tip.

The Minimum Wage Fairness Act, which Obama endorsed, would have gradually raised tipped workers’ minimum wage to 70 percent of the regular She notes that tipped workers are hit especially hard by “ wage theft,” whereby restaurants don’t make up the difference when the tips aren’t rolling in.

Servers need to earn at least minimum wage because that is the law. Restaurants should definitely get rid of the tipping system. Just the same way as the minimum wage needs to be raised. Waiters and waitresses are not particularly the highest paid workers in America, but not to say I don't think that

Some restaurants facing higher labor costs might cut down on wait staff by installing electronic menus at tables for ordering, said Michael Lynn, a professor of food and beverage management at Cornell University. Still, the workers “who keep their jobs will make out like bandits,” he said.

Mr. Lynn’s research finds that tipping isn’t substantially different in states where there is one minimum wage. Add higher hourly pay, plus the fact that many guests will be tipping on bigger checks thanks to menu price increases, and workers potentially have a lot to gain, he said.

Boston bartender James Lamont returned to Massachusetts last year after several months in California. He found that it takes 40 hours a week on the East Coast to make the same money as he did in 33 hours a week on the West Coast.

California has a single minimum wage of $11 for tipped and nontipped workers at companies with 26 or more employees. A bill before the Massachusetts legislature would increase the tipped minimum wage, currently $3.75 an hour, to $15.75 by 2025.

“I’d much rather have my employer be responsible for paying me a living wage instead of essentially scrounging for handouts from the guests in the restaurant,” Mr. Lamont said.

Homes are at their least affordable in almost a decade .
The American dream continues to fade for many people. Housing affordability dropped this quarter to the lowest since late 2008, according to data released this month by the National Association of Realtors.  In May, the median price of a previously owned homes rose to a record $264,800, NAR data show. © Bloomberg Affordablity Dips A separate report from ATTOM Data Solutions shows average wage earners would need to spend 31.2 percent of income to buy a median-priced home this quarter -- above the historic average of 29.6 percent.

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