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18:12  27 july  2018
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Google Fined $5 Billion by EU and Told to Alter Android Model

  Google Fined $5 Billion by EU and Told to Alter Android Model Google was fined 4.3 billion euros ($5 billion) by the European Union and ordered to change the way it puts search and web browser apps on Android mobile devices, setting a global record for antitrust penalties. The penalty -- the same amount the Netherlands contributes to the EU budget every year -- is far higher than any other dished out by the U.S., Chinese or other antitrust authorities. More significantly, Google was given 90 days to stop what the EU said were "illegal practices" on contracts with handset manufacturers that push Google services in front of users.

The Google Assistant can get multiple things done automatically with Routines . You can schedule a Routine for when you need it, or start it any time with You can also set up Home & Away Routines , which start when the first person comes home or when everyone is away. This feature is not currently

Open the Google Home app. Go to Settings> Routines . Create a new routine with the + button. Scroll to the “Set a time and day” option to schedule things ahead of time. Want your bedroom lights to turn on every morning at 7 am on workdays? You can do that.

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Google Assistant introduced multi-step routines earlier this year, allowing for a combination of several actions (toggling lights, changing the thermostat, etc.) to be carried out with one command. At the time, it was said that Google was also planning to add the ability to schedule routines, but no timeframe was given except “later this summer.” Now, as Droid Life spotted on Reddit, it looks like the scheduling feature is rolling out.

As of yesterday, some users are seeing the option, which appears within the Google Home app. Tap Settings, then Routines, and then the “+” button to create a routine. If its available for you, there should also be an option to “Set a time and day (optional).”

Google may put its Fuchsia OS on smart home devices within three years

  Google may put its Fuchsia OS on smart home devices within three years The Fuchsia team wants to replace Chrome OS and Android with something newAccording to a new report from Bloomberg, the Fuchsia team’s goal is nothing less than creating a single, unifying operating system that could run on all of Google’s devices: replacing Android, Chrome OS, and powering all of Google’s smart home hardware. The time frame is similarly ambitious: the team hopes to release a connected home device powered by the new OS within three years to introduce Fuchsia before moving on to larger devices like laptops and phones within the next five years.

I'm using Google Home mini with via Oneplus 3t. For some reason the Routines option is not visible in the settings, even when i change my phone's Having said that, i was able to access routines once, when i set up google home for the first time, through a banner in the app saying "set you morning

A nighttime routine for Google Home that locks the door, turns off the lights, asks when the alarm should be set and plays sleep sounds. When routines were first introduced, you could only trigger them with a short phrase. Now you can create routines that run on a schedule .

a screenshot of a cell phone: Google Home routine scheduling © Image: Droid Life Google Home routine scheduling

This should be supremely helpful for people actively using the routines. You could schedule Google Home’s Morning Routine for when you wake up every day, prompting actions like taking your phone off silent and adjusting the lights automatically instead of having to ask Google every morning.

For the scheduled routines to run, a Google Home unit needs to be selected to run the actions. One a device finishes running a routine, it will give an audio acknowledgment and notify you on your phone.

Google Pixel 3 launch date leaks: set for head-to-head battle with new iPhone X .
We've known for a while now that Google has high hopes for its incoming Pixel 3 range of smartphones, and has seemingly engineered them with just one main focus, gun down Apple's new iPhone range. First a radical new updated design leaked that showed that Google had gone back to the drawing board with its well-reviewed but disappointingly sold Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones, and returned with a device that - especially in its larger incarnation - looked a lot like the iPhone X.

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