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Offbeat Why General Electric shareholders have something to worry about

16:40  10 august  2018
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Tesla board evaluating CEO's bid to take company private

  Tesla board evaluating CEO's bid to take company private A group of Tesla Inc. board members says it is evaluating CEO and chairman Elon Musk's $72 billion proposal to take the Electric car and solar panel maker private. Six of nine members say in a statement Wednesday that Musk began talking with the board about going private last week.Six of nine members said in a prepared statement Wednesday that Musk began talking with the board about the move last week. This included discussing how being a private company could better serve Tesla's long-term interests. Board members met several times and also addressed funding for the move, according to the statement.

Procter & Gamble has been shoveling cash back to its shareholders lately . Dividend and share repurchase spending was nearly billion over the past nine months. That's on top of the .4 billion in stock retirements that went along with its billion sale of its beauty brands.

Unfortunately, there are a few reasons GoPro shareholders have something to worry about , despite its dominant position in the consumer digital camera Some bullish investors point to GoPro's Karma drone as a significant growth opportunity, one that would be welcome given the aforementioned

Looking at a three-year price chart of General Electric isn't for the faint of heart. For all of 2016, the industrial conglomerate's stock price hovers around $30 per share. But then, in 2017, the slide begins and doesn't end until March of this year. Since then, the per-share price has mostly stayed between $13 and $15.

For some analysts, this is evidence that the bleeding has stopped, and it's time to jump into -- or jump back into -- the stock. The shares have fallen so far, the reasoning goes, that there's very little downside and potential upside. 

But there are still good reasons to be worried about GE's long-term future. Here's why.

Tesla stock sinks, wiping out tweet-fueled rally in just 2 days

  Tesla stock sinks, wiping out tweet-fueled rally in just 2 days It didn’t take long for the euphoria to fade. Exactly 48 hours after Elon Musk triggered a frantic rally with a tweet saying he was considering taking Tesla private, the stock erased all of those gains.Doubts have mounted about Musk’s ability to take the electric-car maker off the market, sending the stock tumbling more than 5 percent in Thursday afternoon trading, well off the $420 at which Musk said shareholders would be bought out.

If such laws are applied to the whole industry, some shareholders won't have to weep about a collapse in their profits and returns. Bad strategy is self-destructive Shareholders who have shrugged off the idea that minimum wage workers deserve more for their hourly labors are in for a shock.

General Electric Company (NYSE: GE ) CEO John Flannery has a job to do if he wants to restore investors' confidence in the blue chip industrial stock In addition, in his annual letter to shareholders , he highlighted how the so-called " GE store" was an integral part of the company's efforts to improve

Hard luck

GE has been profoundly unlucky in its timing over the past decade or so. Its financial services and consumer credit arm, GE Capital, had grown to be its largest business segment, which left it holding the bag in 2008 when the financial crisis hit and consumers started defaulting on their loans.

The company had started to get itself back on track by 2014, in part thanks to then-CEO Jeff Immelt's focus on building up GE's oil and gas services division, which seemed like a great idea with oil prices above $100/barrel. Of course, then oil prices collapsed and left oil services companies -- including GE -- in the lurch.

Throughout all of this, margins were poor in GE's flagship consumer appliance and consumer lighting divisions. And now the company's power segment is struggling, too, along with power turbine makers across the world, such as GE's biggest rival Siemens.

Saudi Fund in Talks to Invest in Tesla Buyout Deal

  Saudi Fund in Talks to Invest in Tesla Buyout Deal Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund is in talks that could see it becoming a significant investor in Tesla as part of Elon Musk’s plan to take the electric car maker private, according to a person with direct knowledge of the fund’s plans. The Public Investment Fund, which has built up a stake just shy of 5 percent in Tesla in recent months, is exploring how it can be involved in the potential deal, the person said on condition of anonymity. Discussions began before the controversial Aug. 7 tweet by Musk, who is Tesla’s co-founder and chief executive officer, saying he was weighing a plan to take the company private.

The Top 4 General Electric Shareholders ( GE ). General Electric Company ( GE ) ranked 31 on the Fortune 500 list for 2017, even as its stock price has sagged after a series of negative quarterly earnings.

Shareholder meetings are generally administrative sessions that follow a specific format that has been set forth in advance of the meeting. GE , for example, has faced protest votes seeking to get the firm to stop engaging in the manufacture of components that can be used to construct landmines.

Still, perhaps the unluckiest person of all is new CEO John Flannery, who had been capably managing the company's healthcare unit -- which, along with its aviation unit, is a consistent outperformer -- and then walked into a hornet's nest of a C-suite. In his first six months, he was forced to downgrade earnings expectations, announce an unexpected insurance charge that ended payments from GE Capital, and cut the company's dividend in half. 

The bad timing, though, may be continuing, as GE is finally spinning off its oil and gas division -- which it had merged with Baker Hughes to form Baker Hughes, a GE Company -- just as oil prices are recovering. But even if the company's timing starts to get better, things may still languish at GE.

A rock and a hard place

With its oil and gas business spun off, its consumer appliances business sold to Haier, its transportation business sold to Wabtec, and various other divisions up for sale (lighting, healthcare) or already sold (water), GE is going to end up primarily comprised of two business units: its powerhouse aviation division, far and away the company's strongest, and its struggling power division. The company's third remaining division, renewable energy, is much smaller than the other two in terms of both revenue and earnings.

In This Never-Ending Lehman Short, $170,000 Is Still on the Table

  In This Never-Ending Lehman Short, $170,000 Is Still on the Table Whitney Tilson made millions when Lehman went bust a decade ago, but he didn't quite close the dealTilson has about $170,000 stranded in an account at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. because he neglected to return the 68,013 Lehman shares he’d borrowed from Goldman to make the trade.

GE 's management did its best to put the development in the best possible light, stating that GE Capital would fund the contributions and had adequate liquidity to do so. I'm a firm believer that there is something noble about the industrial sector. Blue collar workers physically making a better world.

ought to know (former General Electric CEO Jack Welch declared in 2009, “ Shareholder value is the dumbest book, The Shareholder Value Myth, maximizing returns to shareholders is not something U.S The nation in which shareholders have the most power, the United Kingdom, has an anemic But Mayer worries about current attempts by federal lawmakers and regulators to give shareholders

While the aviation business is expected to grow, thanks to GE's market dominance in aircraft engines, the power division is expected to continue to languish, which has caused Flannery to reduce guidance for the troubled unit by half a billion dollars. And with power end-markets continuing to shrink, there may be more to come. In 2017, power segment orders were down 13% year over year, earnings collapsed by 45.1%, and margins had shrunk to just 5.6%. Contrast that with the company's aviation division, which saw 24.3% margins, a 12% year-over-year increase in orders, and modest increases in both revenue and earnings. 

Clearly, aviation is where it's at for GE, but the company's aviation segment is going to continue to be held back by its underwhelming power segment. And -- unlike with the other businesses that are being cut loose -- these two may not be as easy to disentangle from each other.

An uneasy marriage

Essentially, all three of GE's remaining businesses are turbine manufacturers (aircraft engine turbines, gas turbines, and wind turbines). That means there's a lot of operational synergy -- particularly where R&D is concerned -- among these three segments. For example, GE Aviation's hot new LEAP engine depends on lightweight ceramic blades originally developed for its power segment.

GE stock falls to a 9-year low below $12 per share

  GE stock falls to a 9-year low below $12 per share General Electric shares fell below $12 per share for the first time since July 24, 2009.Shares of GE fell more than 2 percent in trading, slipping as low as $11.94 per share. The stock has fallen more than 11 percent this month.

Mergers affect the shareholders of both companies in different ways and is influenced by several factors, including the prevailing economic environment, size of the companies and management of the merger process. However, the conditions of the merger may have different effects on the stock prices

Why do we drag ourselves out of bed every morning instead of living our lives just filled with And there's something special about idea technology, that makes it different from the technology of But we do have to worry about the theories we have of human nature, because human nature will be

In essence, that means the struggling power division is better off attached to the aviation division than out on its own -- if an interested buyer could even be found -- unless Flannery wants to take the extreme step of loading up the power division with a bunch of debt and obligations and spinning it off to get rid of it. He's already using that tactic with the healthcare division, transferring $18 billion of debt and pension obligations to the unit before spinning it off, so it seems unlikely he'd try it again. 

For now, though, the sales of the transportation and healthcare businesses and GE's stake in Baker Hughes will generate some much-needed cash to shore up the company's balance sheet -- and hopefully avoid further downgrades by ratings agencies -- but it leaves GE with nothing left to sell, making it more imperative that the company turn its power segment around.

Unfortunately, though, because the problem seems to be in the end-markets, there's not much Flannery can do. He admitted as much in a May presentation, saying there would be "no quick fix" to the power division's woes, and predicting an even softer market in 2019 and 2020.

Investor takeaway

During his brief tenure as CEO, Flannery has proven himself capable of making tough-but-necessary calls to shore up the business. But despite all of his savvy moves to improve the company's finances, cut costs, and streamline operations, weakness in the power segment continues to be a millstone around the company's neck, and there doesn't seem to be any easy or quick way to fix it. 

Mom yanks kids from electric toy car moments before it erupts into flames

  Mom yanks kids from electric toy car moments before it erupts into flames Michelle Kline rushed to pull her 16-month and 3-year-old from the vehicle; within two minutes all that was left was charred plastic and metal"I think that was the really scary thing because they were buckled in and they are both little so neither of them could have gotten themselves out," Michelle Kline told CBS Boston.

It truly is incredible how General Electric Company (NYSE: GE ) stock has performed. General Electric stock has lost 55% of its value in the last year, and hasn’t been this cheap in almost nine years. It’s been an uninterrupted run driven almost solely by the market repricing GE stock.

Why are some people so prone to "what if disease," while others merely worry about something when it happens? Sometimes worry is a good thing , says Bruce Levin, MD, a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst in Plymouth Meeting, Pa. "If there is an actual threat then there is something to worry

It's possible the market for heavy-duty gas turbines, the segment's bread and butter, will improve faster than GE is predicting. Or that a new innovation or further cost-cutting will turn the company's outlook around. But unless and until that happens, it's going to continue to be a rocky road for investors. GE's share price might not drop any further, but strong growth doesn't seem to be in the cards anytime soon. I'd put my money elsewhere.

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Trump calls on regulators to consider changing how often companies report earnings .
This could be a major shift for corporate America.“That would allow greater flexibility & save money,” Trump said in a tweet.

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