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15:37  27 august  2018
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Ben Affleck's Reported Playboy Model Dinner Date Further Fuels Romance Rumors

  Ben Affleck's Reported Playboy Model Dinner Date Further Fuels Romance Rumors Playboy playmate Shauna Sexton sparked further romance rumors over the weekend.Last Thursday, Affleck was photographed leaving Nobu Malibu along with 22-year-old model Shauna Sexton, TMZ reported. The dinner outing came one day after Affleck turned 46, an occasion he reportedly celebrated with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, and their three children.

Hello World’ s Ashlee Vance paid a recent visit to Iceland’ s capital city of Reykjavik to see the next part of the green energy story. He found a start-up

Survive ap exams. Everything haha. Also in the future I want to share some of personal stories as well. Oh.. and can't forget the music.. gotta share that piece of me with you guys. So in today' s video, I just wanted to share three simple tips on how you can be less youtube -addicted.

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You are what you binge

You know those really old-school moms who guilted their kids into cleaning their plates by shrilly reminding them that “there are children starving in Africa”?

How about those even more intense moms who said that wasting even one grain of rice was an insult to her, since she cooked it, “And to your father, who worked for it! And to the farmer, who grew it! And to the sun, and water, and soil, who nurtured it! Eat your damn rice!

Well, I’m about to get old school on you about your youtube">YouTube binges. You have to appreciate the sheer accessibility of cat videos, because there are plenty of children all over the world deprived the privilege of looping “Despacito” ad nauseum, and I’ll tell you why. There was figurative sun and soil and sweat involved in those videos and any true binger would stand in awe at the mighty circle of life that “Charlie bit my finger!” really represents.

Google removes 58 accounts tied to Iran from YouTube and other sites

  Google removes 58 accounts tied to Iran from YouTube and other sites The disclosure comes after similar announcements from Facebook and Twitter days earlier.The deleted accounts include 39 channels on YouTube, which Google owns, six blogs on its Blogger site and 13 accounts from its Google+ social network. The YouTube channels had a total of 13,466 views in the United States for relevant videos. Google said the accounts were associated with the IRIB, or Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.

Lost luggage is down by 65% thanks to some new tech . Follow the roller coaster ride that your bags make into the bowels of the airport. Still haven’t

You're viewing YouTube in Russian. Performing some diagnostics tests our ASE Master Tech found raw fuel in the fuel vapor line, also know as the evaporative emissions line. Overfilling the fuel tank caused the excess to go into the vapor side of the evaporative emissions.

Know your tech

When was the last time you thought about the technology behind your binge-watching? Behind your ability to watch puppies play with piglets on long morning bus commutes? Did you know that all of those moments of joy are brought to you by video rendering?

When a computer takes code, and uses that code to display an image, that’s rendering. There are many different types of rendering. You might remember older kinds, which resulted in laggy videos and suspenseful pauses as the video processed.

These days, you probably experience advanced rendering, which enables videos to process ahead of time, so that you get accurate, uninterrupted video in real time.

Alright, so we get what rendering is, but how does this all go down on your computer?

YouTube expands non-skippable ads to more creators

  YouTube expands non-skippable ads to more creators YouTube is expanding non-skippable ads on its platform. Load Error

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It all comes down to this scrappy little thing called a GPU graphics processing unit. This is a tiny computer chip that’s super pro at multi-tasking.

Picture your GPU like the many-armed goddess Kali, except instead of holding weapons, fire, and a severed head, your GPU holds your memes (images), your trolling gifs (animations), and your Netflix (video), too.

In fact, just by looking at that GIF, your GPU is working right now. A little. GPUs can handle a lot, and they’re much faster than other approaches.

All of that alone should be enough to make you say a word of thanks to the engineering wizards that enabled your Lord of the Rings extended edition marathon.

But for movies like that, or animated movies like The Incredibles, you need 3D rendering. This is what makes stored 2D images come alive with shadows, textures, and effects.

3D rendering works by taking flat 2D shapes, manipulating them, and applying 3D traits like lighting and environment in processing. CGI is a popular form of 3D rendering because it’s a lot cheaper than other rendering services and is way cheaper today than it used to be.

Google widens crackdown on ads for tech support scams

  Google widens crackdown on ads for tech support scams Tech support scams are seemingly as plentiful as ever, and Google is taking some strict measures to prevent those fraudsters from showing up in its ads. Google reiterated that it had purged 3.2 billion bad ads of various kinds in 2017, and pointed to past crackdowns on shady behavior categories such as rehab centers and bail bond services. It characterized the tech support verification system as a logical extension of this approach -- it needed to screen advertisers when it was becoming "increasingly difficult" to tell the bogus services from the real providers.

When upgrading the fuel system, a component that’ s often overlooked is the fuel pulsation damper. You’ll usually find these fitted to the factory fuel rails

Do you sometimes sneak a late-night snack, even after you've had a big dinner? Or worse, do you find yourself hungry and craving sugar and carbs at night?

What might have been

If you’re a creative type, you have to be extra grateful for the rendering tech we have today. Think back to the era of black and white, or even silent films, and remember what limitations those directors and artists had.

For sure they created some amazing art, but imagine what they may have thought of if they had the tools and technical capabilities of filmmakers today. What would Orson Welles or Alfred Hitchcock have dreamed up in 2018?

Film has changed forever; not just because of the technology available to capture a production, but because of how effective video rendering is when editing, processing, and transferring a movie to the big screen, or to your screen at home. What’s next for video, and what tech will make it all possible?

Just remember that it's not movie magic there are a lot of hard-working, brilliant engineers and programmers out there working tirelessly to feed you that Great British Bake Off episode on demand! Binge on!

Willie Taggart accuses Virginia Tech players of faking injuries .
Willie Taggart’s debut as Florida State coach couldn’t have gone much worse, and now he’s accusing his opponents of engaging in some unsporting activity that helped bring about that result. Willie Taggart’s debut as Florida State coach couldn’t have gone much worse, and now he’s accusing his opponents of engaging in some unsporting activity that helped bring about that result.

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