Offbeat savings plan helps countercyclical investments

14:51  07 july  2020
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Amazon sets up billions of funds for the climate promise

 Amazon sets up billions of funds for the climate promise The online giant Amazon is opening a multi-billion dollar venture capital fund to fight climate change with investments in sustainable companies. © Provided by Finanz.net GmbH Peter Bischoff / Getty Images • Amazon opens 2 billion fund • Companies from different industries come into question • Both startups and established companies can receive investments The climate promise fund The Worldwide online retailer Amazon recently announced the opening of a $ 2 billion fund to combat climate change.

Procyclical and countercyclical variables are variables that fluctuate in a way that is positively or negatively correlated with business cycle fluctuations in gross domestic product (GDP). The scope of the concept may differ between the context of macroeconomic theory and that of economic

Current Account = Savings – Investment . 5 January 20183 December 2017 by Tejvan Pettinger. Readers Question: I’m currently reading ‘Crisis Economics’ (by Firstly, it is worth remembering that in a closed economy, we assume that saving = investment . (S=I). For a firm to invest , it needs

savings plans are an easy way to build up long-term assets. Investors can buy shares in funds and ETFs for as little as EUR 25 a month. All they have to do is set the savings rate, according to the new guide “Investing in money for beginners” from Stiftung Warentest.

Mit einem Sparplan können Anleger langfristig Vermögen aufbauen. © Photo: Alexander Heinl / dpa-tmn With a savings plan, investors can build up long-term assets.

The bank buys shares for this rate, which are then booked into the savings account.

The advantage of savings plans: they have no fixed term and are flexible. After a salary increase, for example, the monthly rate can be increased. If the money is scarce, it can also be reduced or suspended. Another advantage: thanks to the fixed savings rate, investors buy more fund units when prices fall than when prices rise. They are automatically countercyclical.

Spotify brings its Premium Duo plan to the US

  Spotify brings its Premium Duo plan to the US Streaming services have been offering family plans for years. While the terms and prices may change, the basic premise is the same: save money on a monthly subscription with accounts for multiple people “under one roof.” Spotify has offered is ad-free Premium streaming to families for a while now, but not every household needs six accounts — or even four log-ins. The company created its Premium Duo tier for two people in the same house, but it has been limited to Latin America and a few countries in Europe. Today, the Duo plan makes its US debut as part of another round of expansion.

Investors attracted to stocks in counter - cyclical industries are faced with the arduous task of trying to time the market--that is, to predict where the bottom of the business cycle is in This can be hard, given the fact that some countercyclical stocks start sliding before a recovery has actually begun.

This guide will help you get to grips with how tax on savings interest is calculated, how the personal savings allowance works and whether your investments could be subject to tax. Planning your retirement, automatic enrolment, types of pension and retirement income.

The risk profile has to be right

Depending on the risk appetite, investors can split their savings rate: some of it flows into a secure component, for example a pension ETF or a call money account. The other part is invested in a stock ETF. It is important to note that the distribution between the security module and the stock module that has been defined should always be adjusted. Otherwise, the risk in the portfolio can increase over time if, for example, the proportion of shares grows disproportionately.

The adjustment - also called rebalancing - is easy. For example: An investor has decided to split 50 percent security and 50 percent shares. If the proportion of shares now grows to 60 percent, payments in the share ETF can be redirected to the security module, for example, until the original relationship is restored. Another option is to suspend the stock savings rate for a while.

The longer the better

Time plays an important role in savings plans, as a calculation of the “Financial knowledge for all” campaign by the fund companies organized in the BVI shows. Anyone who started paying € 100 a month in equity funds with an investment focus on Germany in 1989 could have assets on average of just under € 102,548 by the end of December 2019. 36,000 euros were paid in during the period. On average, this corresponds to a return of 6.2 percent per year. All fund costs including the front-end load are taken into account.

Presidential: Biden unveils an ambitious plan for renewable energies .
© Provided by Le Point Joe Biden promised Tuesday to invest massively in renewable energies, a sector which will mobilize "millions of jobs" in United States with the ambition of achieving clean electricity production in just 15 years. "We are going to make historic investments", assured the Democratic candidate for the White House, who wants to be the champion of the fight against climate change against Donald Trump to prevail in the election of November 3 .

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