Offbeat Luise of Austria-Tuscany († 76): She burned through with her bourgeois lover

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Archduchess Maria Luisa of Austria , Princess of Tuscany (full name: Maria Luisa Annunziata Anna Giovanna Giuseppa Antonietta Filomena Apollonia Tommasa) (31 October 1845 – 27 August 1917) was a Princess of Tuscany , and later Princess of Isenburg and Büdingen.

Today she would play from memory; that was the way she felt. And what should the programme be? She sat before the piano with her small hands clasped on her lap, a plump rosy little person with a round and still quite pretty face, her hair done up in a neat bun at the back of her head.

The second child of the last Grand Duke of Tuscany, Ferdinand IV († 72), and his wife, Alix von Bourbon-Parma, got eleven first names († 85). That was the name of the girl Luise Antoinette Maria Theresia Josepha Johanna Leopoldine Caroline Ferdinande Alice Ernestine - the name of a great woman that the Archduchess of Austria was to become.

Luise von Österreich-Toskana © ddp images / Arkivi Luise from Austria-Tuscany

As soon as she was of marriageable age she had to fight off a whole crowd of admirers. Two even asked for her hand. With a self-confidence unusual for the time, the young woman turned them down. The first was Peter August von Sachsen-Coburg and Gotha († 68), the grandson of the last Brazilian Emperor Peter II († 1891). The second was then Prince of Bulgaria, Ferdinand von Sachsen-Coburg and Gotha († 87), who in 1908 appointed himself Tsar of Bulgaria. Neither of them could melt Luise's heart.

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Archduke Sigismund of Austria , Prince of Tuscany (born 21 April 1966 in Lausanne) on his wedding day to Elyssa Edmonstone, a daughter ofSir Archibald Edmonstone, 17th She is photographed with her eldest son Archduke Leopold Amadeo, Grand Prince of Tuscany (born 9 May 2001 in Glasgow).

Through her marriage to Philippe, Duke of Orléans, Maria Dorothea was also a member of the House of Orléans. Maria Dorothea was the second-eldest daughter and child of Archduke Joseph Karl of Austria and his wife Princess Clotilde of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Through her mother, she was the great-granddaughter of Louis Philippe I. Marriage. Princess Elisabeth of Liechtenstein Tuscany

Romantic love wedding in Vienna

On November 21, 1891, she finally gave the marriage to another prince. She married Prince Friedrich August of Saxony († 66) in the Vienna Hofburg. He was a distant relative of her disdained admirer Ferdinand.

It should actually have been love between Luise and Friedrich August. Their marriage was probably not arranged. That too was anything but a matter of course in aristocratic circles at the time. The couple had seven children together over the next ten years, including unfortunately stillborn daughter Maria Alix Carola .

Your closeness to the people did not go down well everywhere

But luck should not last long. Especially with the strict court etiquette, the brunette could not do anything. She found it difficult to adhere to the strict rules. Luise is said to have even made her own purchases, according to "tag24.de". She also learned to ride a bike and shook hands with her subjects. She is said to have even swung the dance floor with commoners.

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This approachability was very well received by the people - even less so by her royal family-in-law. Above all, her father-in-law, King Georg († 71), is said not to have liked Luise much and probably made her feel it. The young woman is said to have been monitored by the secret service and alleged to have had affairs. She is said to have actually had one: with her children's head of house, André Giron. The young and attractive Belgian is said to have shared their artistic inclinations and so the language teacher and the princess began a secret affair. But it did not take long to be discovered.

Spectacular escape - with an immense price

At the beginning of December 1902 Luise fled pregnant with her seventh child in the direction of Lake Geneva. She left her other children behind. She met there with her brother Leopold Ferdinand († 66) and her alleged lover. She dared to flee after she had been put under massive pressure by her father-in-law Georg and he had even threatened her to admit her to a mental hospital. In Geneva, however, they were tracked down and the scandal hit the press. Your reputation was ruined!

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Even if Luise is said to have renounced Giron, her fate was decided. Only a few weeks after the discovery, King George divorced his son by a hastily set up special court. The outcast princess was no longer allowed to have contact with her children and the last child, Princess Anna Monika († 72), who she gave birth to after the divorce, she had to hand over to her ex-husband two years later.

Second chance for great luck

Luise was not discouraged and married the composer Enrico Toselli († 42), who was twelve years his junior, in 1907, had a son (†) and divorced him again in 1912. This marriage was not meant to be either.

She no longer had many options: she was expelled from the imperial family in Vienna and she was also no longer allowed to wear her title. On March 23, 1947, she finally died a poor flower woman in Brussels.

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