Offbeat Lola (Koh-Lanta) reacts to Angélique's elimination: "It was very hard, in my head, I had just lost Koh-Lanta"

01:50  21 november  2020
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Koh-Lanta: the arrival of Ava to the final jury cut off during the editing, the adventurer and the Twittos have a blast

 Koh-Lanta: the arrival of Ava to the final jury cut off during the editing, the adventurer and the Twittos have a blast © Laurent Vu / ALP / TF1 Koh-Lanta: the arrival of Ava at the final jury cut during the editing, the adventurer and the Twittos have a blast The arrival of Ava at the hotel of the final jury was not shown in the semi-final of Koh-Lanta , the 4 lands, broadcast this Friday, November 20 on TF1. This strongly reacted to the Corsican adventurer and viewers on Twitter. It will have been decidedly "invisible on the screen" until the end of this Koh-Lanta , the 4 lands .

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Lola (Koh-Lanta) réagit à l'élimination d'Angélique : © Screenshot TF1 Lola (Koh-Lanta) reacts to the elimination of Angélique: "It was very hard, in my head, I had just lost Koh-Lanta" At 23 years old, Lola is one of the five finalists of Koh-Lanta: Les 4 Terres sur TF1. But the adventurer from the North experienced a complicated end of the semi-final with the elimination of her long-time ally, Angélique, during the final council. For Télé-Loisirs.fr, she debriefs this 13th episode of the adventure!

It is in tears that Lola qualified for the grand final of Koh-Lanta: Les 4 Terres ! Serene about her strategy with Angélique , Alexandra , Dorian and Loïc , the 23-year-old Ch'ti did not see the twist that unfolded before her eyes during the council meeting. thirteenth episode of this edition of the regions. While she was enjoying a (umpteenth) comfort with her ally Angelique, Brice , the last member of the red tribe, rallied Dorian and Loïc to his cause. As a result, Angelique was eliminated at the gates of the orientation test. For Télé-Loisirs.fr, Lola debriefs this semi-final of Koh-Lanta: Les 4 Terres .

Dorian (Koh-Lanta Les 4 Terres) is embarking on a new adventure ...

 Dorian (Koh-Lanta Les 4 Terres) is embarking on a new adventure ... © Instagram @dorian_kohlanta Dorian (Koh-Lanta Les 4 Terres) is embarking on a new adventure ... He is one of the last candidates from Koh Lanta, The 4 Lands to be able to claim victory: Dorian, a great sportsman, is embarking on a whole new adventure in his personal life, as he has just announced on his Instagram account.

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Télé-Loisirs: Thanks to your immunity collar, you were sure to reach the Koh-Lanta final. Relief during these last days?

Lola : We were all exhausted physically so having this joker to save me was a relief. Afterwards, we don't see it on the screen but I had warned Angélique that if she felt in danger at the council, I would give her my necklace. I wanted to go to orientation with her. I wouldn't have hesitated for a second. Without her, I knew I wouldn't win Koh-Lanta.

At this point?

I knew that if I didn't win the post event, I had lost Koh-Lanta. That no other adventurer would choose me if he won the posts. None of the 3 boys would have chosen me to go to the final jury against him.

Did you act out in the archery training?

I had an improbable strategy during this event (she laughs). Really, I suck at archery. Anything that is a game of skill, I suck. When it came time to play, since during practice my arrow would always go down the target, I aimed up. I never hit the target and it worked (laughs). Tomorrow you give me an archery, I’m not putting one in.

Denis Brogniart (Koh-Lanta: Les 4 Terres): this promise made to Bertrand-Kamal which he will fulfill on the evening of the final

 Denis Brogniart (Koh-Lanta: Les 4 Terres): this promise made to Bertrand-Kamal which he will fulfill on the evening of the final © JP PARIENTE / SIPA Denis Brogniart (Koh-Lanta: Les 4 Terres): this promise made to Bertrand-Kamal that he will make the evening of the final This November 20, Denis Brogniart organized a live on his Instagram account to talk in detail about the Koh-Lanta episode: The 4 Lands with personalities who particularly follow the show.

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During this semi-final, Angélique chooses you to share comfort. Bad strategy, right?

Clearly. She shot herself in the foot. This is my only regret of Koh-Lanta. That time. If Angelique hadn't chosen me during this last comfort, I would have stayed on camp and discovered the boys' strategy and maybe I would have torn myself more in the test. But we were living such a strong human adventure. We were very close. I had already taken her to one of my comforts. I gave her my necklace so she felt indebted when she shouldn't have been. To do it again, of course we wouldn't do it again but at the time, she wanted to enjoy this moment with me and that's it.

On the screen, you have the impression that you were the leader of this pair ...

In the image you may feel that but I don't think so. With Angélique, we didn't talk about strategy all the time. We only had to look at each other to understand this. It was innate. Afterwards, Angélique has always defended her strategies. When she wanted to eliminate Alix and Laurent, I was against it and in the end, I followed her and they left anyway. She was not a follower, she played her game as she wanted.

The notes of episode 13 of Koh-Lanta

 The notes of episode 13 of Koh-Lanta © Provided by Sofoot "Yeh yeah my friend she left" Lola continues her tour of Fijian hotels, but now it will be without her faithful sidekick Angelique. After a final turnaround, we now know the five finalists this season Koh-Lanta. Dorian (On the podium): Normandy will therefore be the Pennsylvania of Koh-Lanta, the 4 lands . Angélique would have cracked a "stop the count" after two "Brice" ballots, but Denis B. is the only one allowed to use his phone during the shoot.

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Did you really not know what the boys were all about?

I was 100% sure of our alliance so at no time did I doubt their strategy against Angélique… When we came back from comfort, we saw that the boys had a strange behavior but we put that on the frustration with Angelique's victory and her choice.

You blame Dorian for this reversal?

We don't see it at all on TF1 but I was very close to Dorian during the adventure. We got along really well. But I can't blame him for saving Brice with whom he started the adventure. Even though he betrayed me a little, I understand his vote. I don't blame him at all.

When you realize Angelique is being eliminated, what do you think?

I say to myself "hat boys". Strategically, they were strong and we girls were really bad. At the time, it was very hard to live with. I was losing a friend and strategically it was getting complicated for me. In my head, I knew I had just lost Koh-Lanta. I knew if I didn't win the post event, I lost. That I had almost no chance of going against the final jury without winning the posts.

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