Offbeat Corona: This is how you can avoid viruses in the supermarket

13:40  23 november  2020
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How safe are supermarket deliveries? Delivery slots permitting, a home food drop is less risky than a trip to a supermarket as you will avoid other shoppers. You could leave a note on your door asking drivers to ring the bell and step back, but Prof Bloomfield says there's no such thing as "zero risk".

Food shortage at Tesco Supermarket - Продолжительность: 5:14 It’s Adam Godwin 1 151 просмотр. WHY HAVE SOME PEOPLE GONE MAD~TESCO SHOPPERS STRIPPING THE SHELVES AMID CORONA VIRUS SCARE ~ - Продолжительность: 17:51

There are some things that we cannot avoid in the Lockdown Light either. Shopping, for example. But how can that be as safe as possible?

Viren vermeiden Supermarkt istock © istock Avoid viruses Supermarket istock

Many people are now very reluctant to go shopping. The fear of contracting Corona is ubiquitous and this is particularly noticeable in supermarkets. With these expert tips you can reduce the risk.

1. Acyclical shopping

Most people go shopping during their lunch break, after work or on Saturday. If you want to keep the risk of infection as low as possible when shopping, then it is best to go in the morning. Few people are in the supermarket in the early hours of the morning. In addition, the shops are often cleaned and disinfected overnight, so the area is generally less contaminated with germs than in the evening.

Government resolves legislative reform: What the new Infection Protection Act means

 Government resolves legislative reform: What the new Infection Protection Act means The Bundestag has cleared the way for the changes in the Infection Protection Act planned by the grand coalition. 415 MPs voted for the reform on Wednesday in order to put the corona measures on a more precise legal basis in the future. 236 voted against, 8 abstained from the roll-call vote. © picture alliance / dpa barriers are in front of the Reichstag building in the morning. A demonstration against the Infection Protection Act will take place here on November 18, 2020.

How can I stay safe when out shopping, particularly in supermarkets ? Photographs of lengthy queues of supermarket shoppers in Italy – with people In addition, some shoppers may be wondering whether it is safe for fresh fruit and vegetables to be out in the open, easily handled – and put back

The Corona Virus reached Europe. Here is how a supermarket is looking on a normal business day. A few groceries are sold out but that will only be a

Google Maps has analyzed that Saturdays between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. are the busiest and Mondays at 8 a.m. the least.

2. Disinfect the shopping trolley

Always have disinfectant spray or cloths with you - not only for your hands, but also for the objects you touch. Because COVID-19 can survive on surfaces for several days. In the supermarket, this applies above all to shopping carts and baskets, but the handles of freezers and refrigerators do not necessarily have to be opened with the "bare" hand. Use e.g. a handkerchief for it, which you can throw away at the end. If there is no other option, remember to wash your hands thoroughly at home before touching anything else. Some shops offer disinfectant dispensers and wipes at the entrance and exit - use them carefully.

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Amid the coronavirus outbreak, people are flocking to supermarkets worldwide – but are they simply preparing, or irrationally panicking? These are the real-world consequences of panic buying – a phenomenon that happens in the face of a crisis that can drive up prices and take essential goods

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3. Do not touch!

And that doesn't just apply to food that you just want to test out (how ripe is this one kiwi or avocado?), But also for your face. Thanks to the mouth and nose masks, this should no longer be a habit anyway.

Caution : Make sure that your mask fits well. A slippery and loose model has to be brought back into position with your fingers all the time - and fingers on your face should definitely be avoided.

4. Keep your distance

In the supermarket you can see how quickly distance rules are ignored. Since the aisles are relatively narrow for reasons of space, you get closer than you wanted. And especially before weekends and public holidays, people suddenly seem to be afraid of going empty-handed. Then they pounce on the goods without fear of loss (or contamination) and get too close. So not only keep your distance, but also keep your composure. This is - by the way - a very good exercise for everyday life and really stressful situations.

5. Be kind

It's not just about your own health, it's that of others too. Stay at home when you're not feeling well, do some shopping for your older neighbor, or de-escalate delicate business situations. Understanding for overwhelmed and stressed employees can also be helpful, so that everyone can endure this exceptional situation as well as possible and participate.

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