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Chapped lips can develop into a more severe form called cheilitis. We’ll tell you what causes chapped lips and when to seek medical attention. Chapped , or cracked, lips is the term commonly used to describe dry lips . Chapped lips can be caused by several factors, that include

When your lips are chapped , they are dry and flakey, and they might even crack. This is extremely uncomfortable and can also indicate issues such as dehydration that may be occurring in other parts of your body. Additionally, hydrated lips might not make you a better kisser, but they can make your lips

Dry and chapped lips are annoying: When the skin cracks, it not only looks unkempt, it is also very uncomfortable. When kissing, for example. But also because even small cracks in the thin skin of the lips can really hurt. No longer your problem. Because here you can read why you get dry lips in the first place, what helps against them and how you can recognize good lip care.

Die besten Tipps gegen spröde Lippen © George Rudy / Shutterstock.com The best tips against chapped lips What causes dry lips and why does the skin tear, especially in winter?

"In contrast to other areas of skin, the lips are only protected from external environmental influences by a very thin layer of skin cells and are therefore extremely sensitive," explains Dr. Henrike Neuhoff, Head of Science at the cosmetics company Lavera. In addition, the lip skin lacks sebum glands. That means: it cannot supply itself with fat. "Instead, the skin of the lips draws its moisture from the small blood vessels connected to it. This is also the reason why it dries out quickly in winter: when it is cold, the blood vessels contract and can only transfer a small amount of moisture to the tissue," says the skin expert. But our diet can also favor dry lips.

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The best way to treat dry , chapped lips is using a gentle lip scrub and a lip balm that seals in This colorless lip balm makes it a neutral option for both men and women. “ Lip balms need to be In addition to relieving dry lips , it can be used to help heal burns and scrapes and hold eyebrows in place.

(And keeping lips less chapped in cold, dry , mountainous climates is one of the reasons for traditional Yak Butter Tea.) Got something against horses? i always have chapped lips during winter, and what helps me the most is drinking water of course, but also putting shitloads of chap stick or other

Are you nutritionally deficient when your lips are dry?

If you are deficient in vitamin B12 or iron, this will quickly become apparent on the skin of your lips: it becomes cracked and brittle. Have a doctor check out any undersupply. If a deficiency is to blame, you should eat fish and meat more often. Vegetarians go for cottage cheese or camenbert. You can find more delicious B12 suppliers here .

What helps against dry lips?

Lick it quickly? Better not! This provides temporary moisture and relief, but it evaporates immediately and leaves behind even more dryness. A special lip balm or stick is better.

Which cream helps with dry lips?

No conventional facial care. "Lips need special moisturizing care, especially because the lip skin does not have sebum glands, so that the protective layer of the skin is strengthened by the care substances and the lip skin loses less moisture," explains Dr. Alexandra Ogilvie, specialist in dermatology in Munich. So the motto is: "You can't overcare your lips," the dermatologist knows. The same also applies to the hands. But that's another topic that you can read more about in our Hand Care Guide .

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Chapped lips have many causes. Because the lips don’t contain oil glands, like the Don’t lick.Licking your lips only dries them out more. Because saliva evaporates quickly, your lips are drier after you It will help keep your lips from getting burned, and the dryness and peeling that can occur afterward.

Having dry , chapped lips is no fun. Aside from the obvious discomfort they bring, they also make it It also has anti -inflammatory properties, which can help soothe irritated lips .” According to Dr. Jaliman, licking the lips “makes them chapped and even drier because the water evaporates off your lips and

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In a drugstore there is a huge selection of lip care sticks. But: If you can quickly find the best lip care underneath, that's a stroke of luck. Because there is a lot of rubbish in many products (more on that later).

How do I recognize a good lip care stick?

"As a rule, high-quality products contain as few as possible, but carefully selected ingredients," says Dr. Ogilvie. According to the expert, these include beeswax, shea butter and naturally occurring oils - for example from coconut, olive or jojoba. These ingredients can almost imitate the natural protective layer of human skin. For those who do a lot of outdoor exercise, Dr. Ogilvie also has to pay attention to an integrated light protection in the lip care.

Here is a selection of lip care products that are recommended:

Which ingredients must not be used in lip care?

Pay close attention to the composition. "Substances of concern such as mineral oils, which can get into the body through the mouth, are not required at all in a good lipstick, since natural oils lastingly care for and protect the lips," explains Dr. Neuhoff. Expert Dr. Ogilvie adds: "Fragrances - which, by the way, are among the most common allergy triggers - and preservatives, such as parabens, are dispensable ingredients."

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It is quite effective on dry lips in summers. You can either gently rub the cucumber slices on your lips or apply its juice. Refrain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks, name calling or inciting hatred against any community.

Chapped lips tend to get worse in winter, but can be a problem any time of year. From too much dry air to medical conditions, we'll discuss what causes The skin of your lips is thin and delicate, so dry winter air and sun exposure can easily damage it. Coat your lips with protective lip balm to prevent

What helps against cracked lips that hurt?

Dr. Neuhoff has advice: "If the lips are badly damaged, an intensely nourishing SOS lip balm with active ingredients such as bisabolol, echinacea, lemon balm or liquorice root extract is suitable." The rest of your skin is also rather dry? " Here you will find further care tips for dry winter skin .

Is lip care addictive?

Lip care dries out the skin so it has to be used again and again, it is popularly known. "You just get used to the feeling of moisturized lips and forget the original skin feel of the lip area", says Dr. Neuhoff. But the fact is: The ingredients in lip care are by no means addictive.

Conclusion: It's all about natural ingredients

For the right lip care it is worth reading the packaging and seeing what is really inside. Then you just have to use the care regularly and nothing stands in the way of smooth lips.

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