Offbeat CDU chairmanship: Norbert Röttgen catches up with Friedrich Merz in a survey, Armin Laschet knocked off

20:20  01 december  2020
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criticism of Corona "November aid": Merz throws Scholz unthought-out "quick shot"

 criticism of Corona The candidate for the CDU chairmanship sees inconsistencies in the billions in aid because of the lockdown - and does not want an extension of the VAT reduction. © Photo: imago images / photothek Ex-Union parliamentary group leader Friedrich Merz.

Both Merz and Norbert Röttgen , a third contender who is seen as a long shot, are defenders of the Asked about some of these comments in a recent interview, Laschet condemned Russia as an At the Munich Security Conference in February, Laschet , who grew up in Aachen near the border with

Friedrich Merz would fare best among those aspiring to lead Germany's governing Christian Democrats ( CDU ) into the next national election against the leader of their potential main rivals, the opposition Greens, a poll showed on Sunday.

For a long time Norbert Röttgen was considered an outsider in the race for the CDU chairmanship. A SPIEGEL survey now shows that Germans prefer him to Armin Laschet. The results are also unpleasant for Friedrich Merz.

  CDU-Vorsitz: Norbert Röttgen schließt in Umfrage zu Friedrich Merz auf, Armin Laschet abgeschlagen © Jonas Güttler / dpa

The decision should have been made at the end of this week: The CDU finally wanted to elect its new chairman. A nerve-wracking power struggle would have ended for the party. But the CDU top decided to postpone the party congress in view of the Corona situation - to probably mid-January .

This time window, so claimed the candidate Friedrich Merz , his competitor Armin Laschet only wanted to use to increase his popularity values ​​. The NRW Prime Minister rejected this resolutely. What neither of them had expected: That the third candidate Norbert Röttgen could still be dangerous.

Germany is already nostalgic for Merkel

 Germany is already nostalgic for Merkel © Supplied by Le Point “She will be missed. And God knows who will replace her? This is what we often hear these days in Germany , and this show of respect does not come only, far from it, from conservatives. Even the Germans who have never voted for Angela Merkel are suddenly melancholy, even worried, when they think of the departure of this chancellor who, this Sunday, celebrates the 15 years of her arrival in power. A sympathy that the polls reflect more than ever.

Germany's ruling Christian Democrat Union has chosen Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer as its new party leader, ending Angela Merkel's 18-year reign. The CDU general secretary narrowly beat Friedrich Merz , a millionaire lawyer, in a run- off vote in Hamburg. Ms Kramp-Karrenbauer, or AKK as she is

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If the mood in the population has its way, this would be exactly the case. A survey by the opinion research institute Civey for SPIEGEL shows that Röttgen is now doing significantly better than Laschet - and almost as good as Merz.

When asked who is most suitable for the CDU chairmanship, more than 27 percent voted for Röttgen. This brings him closer to Friedrich Merz, who received a good 33 percent of the vote. Laschet, on the other hand, is far behind with less than 13 percent.

In contrast to earlier SPIEGEL surveys, this time Jens Spahn was not available for selection. The Federal Minister of Health stood behind Laschet as a tandem partner in February. However, his increasing popularity during the pandemic led to discussions in the CDU as to whether he should not swap roles with Laschet. In the last survey, a good 23 percent of those questioned spoke for Spahn as the CDU boss from .

CDU: Armin Laschet closes change with Jens Spahn

 CDU: Armin Laschet closes change with Jens Spahn »I have my way«: In a new TV format with SPIEGEL author Markus Feldenkirchen, Armin Laschet speaks about his candidacy for the CDU chairmanship - and shares hard against Friedrich Merz out. © Federico Gambarini / dpa North Rhine-Westphalia's Prime Minister Armin Laschet has ruled out renouncing his candidacy for the CDU presidency in favor of Health Minister Jens Spahn . »The state association of North Rhine-Westphalia suggested me for good reasons. It stays that way.

Armin Laschet , CDU . Laschet became state premier of North Rhine-Westphalia in 2017. For that reason, the SPD's party leadership meeting on Sunday is likely to be even more fraught than that of the CDU ; the Social Democrats are caught in an existential crisis over their political identity after recent

But Merz performed well in a series of regional debates and is likely to attract votes from supporters of the The Deutschlandtrend survey also showed that most voters support Merkel finishing out her term as Friedrich Merz was ousted by Merkel as the head of the CDU /CSU parliamentary party in 2002.

But last week Laschet closed such a change with Spahn from . It now seems that the supporters of a Spahn candidacy in the survey have largely switched to Röttgen.

The opinion of the general population is of course not decisive for the CDU chairmanship, choice is made by the 1001 delegates .

An analysis of the survey on party preferences shows, however, that the Union supporters also think significantly more of Röttgen than of Laschet. Merz 'lead in this group is more comfortable at 43 percent, Röttgen is around 20 percentage points behind him. Merz is also clearly the most popular among the supporters of FDP and AfD.

The situation is different with supporters of SPD and the Greens, with Röttgen each reaching more than 40 percent approval. Overall, Röttgen is ahead of Laschet in all groups - a constellation that would hardly have been imaginable at the beginning of .

In addition to the open candidate race and the unanswered questions about the implementation of a digital party congress , there is another challenge for the CDU. Because after the election of the chairman, the question of the candidate for chancellor for the federal election arises. In the general population, however, none of the three presidential candidates did well.

Francesco Friedrich hopes for simulator after Beijing cancellation

 Francesco Friedrich hopes for simulator after Beijing cancellation After the cancellation of the Bobsleigh World Cup final in March 2021 on the new Olympic track in Beijing, it will be tricky for perfectionist Francesco Friedrich. © Roman Koksarov / AP / dpa Relies on the new bobsleigh simulator: Francesco Friedrich is happy about the first place at the award ceremony in Sigulda.

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Norbert Röttgen (born 2 July 1965) is a German lawyer and politician. He is a member of the Christian Democratic Union ( CDU ). He was Federal Minister for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety in the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel from 2009 to May 2012.

Most Germans still consider CSU boss Markus Söder to be the Union's most suitable candidate for chancellor. This is shown by another Civey poll for SPIEGEL.

The Bavarian head of government has apparently convinced many people with his crisis management in the corona pandemic, although the infection situation in his federal state was rarely better than elsewhere .

More than 40 percent of the participants spoke out in favor of Söder, just under 20 percent in favor of Friedrich Merz. Norbert Röttgen only has 8.4 percent - which is also due to the fact that with him as CDU boss , Söder would most likely be a candidate for chancellor . It is less likely that Merz or Laschet will forego the Bayern .

For Friedrich Merz, the result among Union supporters is particularly sobering. Just under 22 percent of those surveyed from their own camp trust him to run for chancellor, almost 56 percent think Söder is the candidate with the best chances. SPD and Green supporters would prefer Söder or Röttgen to Merz.

The only problem: Markus Söder has not yet registered for the candidacy for chancellor and wants to take his time with the determination. At the Junge Union's party congress last weekend , Söder said: "Not too early, not too early for the candidate for chancellor."

German Greens Want to Persuade Voters to Power Economy With Debt .
Germany’s Greens are betting they can convince crisis-weary voters that now is the time to keep on spending. The party -- Germany’s second-strongest in recent polls -- has proposed investing 500 billion euros ($600 billion) over 10 years to tackle climate change and transition to a clean economy. The investment, direct on the heels of a pandemic-related spending spree, would be financed by borrowing and taxing the wealthy and big tech companies.To sell the idea to a country traditionally adverse to government debt, the Greens are pitching it as a growth program that almost pays for itself.

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