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16:00  22 february  2021
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GameStop, Reddit, and Robinhood are testifying to Congress today. Here's what to expect.

  GameStop, Reddit, and Robinhood are testifying to Congress today. Here's what to expect. Reddit may side with individual investors, Robinhood might try to condemn hedge funds, and Congress will likely call for market stability.The CEOs of Reddit, Robinhood, Melvin Capital, and Citadel will testify following an unexpected rally of GameStop stock driven by individual investors.

The large US Internet companies are currently under constant political fire. And even if they have been able to resist major regulatory interventions up to now, the whole thing is far from over.

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For the time being, however, the market was largely calmed by very strong business figures. This is also the case with Alphabet , the Google mother. As is well known, there was a strong increase in sales and profits in the final quarter of 2020. It was even tolerated that the results in the important new business area of ​​the cloud fell short of expectations.

But this patience could be finite. Especially when there are new regulatory campaigns. Accordingly, the share price seems to be pretty exhausted at the moment. At least there are signs of a top formation for Class A shares in the $ 2,100 area, which could at least temporarily cause a setback to the $ 1,900 area in order to close the price gap from the beginning of February and thus clean up the chart technique .

Lawmakers facing off with GameStop saga's key players

  Lawmakers facing off with GameStop saga's key players WASHINGTON (AP) — Lawmakers in Washington are digging into the GameStop saga at a congressional hearing. The episode has been portrayed as a victory of the little guy over Wall Street titans, but not everyone is buying it. Lawmakers from both parties are among the skeptics. GameStop shares soared 1,600% in January before falling back to Earth. Entangled in the drama are huge short-selling hedge funds, a social media message board and ordinary investors wanting in on the hottest new trade. The House Financial Services Committee holds a hearing Thursday. The head of the panel, Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif.

Speculative investors can rely on this perspective with a put warrant. We recommend an Open End Turbo Warrant from UBS with a leverage of 5.9. According to the technical chart correction potential at Alphabet, we would give the certificate a potential of a good 60 percent with a price target of around 4.70 euros. We set the stop loss at 2.00 euros.

• Underlying: Alphabet A

• Product type: Knock-Out Warrants

• Issuer: UBS

• ISIN: DE000UE5TR16

• Term: Open end

• Price knockout put (02/22/2021 1:48 pm ): 2.96 euros

• Base price variable: 2,414.38 dollars

• Knock-out threshold: 2,414.38 dollars

• Leverage: 5.9

• Distance to knock-out: 16.3 percent

• Stop- Loss Put: 2.00 Euro

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