Offbeat DRC: The Inspector General of Finance is interested in the disappearance of several millions of dollars

10:10  12 april  2021
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Banking boss widow says daughters' made him feel like King Lear

  Banking boss widow says daughters' made him feel like King Lear Pamela Shearer, 68, told the High Court that her late husband Tony 'felt like Shakespeare's King Lear' and called his daughter Lauretta (pictured), 38, 'ghastly' for asking for money from him.Tony Shearer, the former head of merchant bank Singer and Friedlander and finance governor of Rugby School, died at 68 in October 2017 from a brain tumour.

Inspector Goole sheds a light on all the concerns that Priestley had at the time of writing An Inspector Calls around age, gender, class and social responsibility. Priestley uses the Inspector to make the audience question their own behaviour and morality and hopes that they will learn some lessons as the Birlings do. But just remember this. One Eva Smith has gone - but there are millions and millions and millions of Eva Smiths and John Smiths still left with us, with their lives, their hopes and fears, their suffering and chance of happiness, all intertwined with our lives, and what we think and say and do.

2-2.Who reads financial statements? List at least three different categories of people. For each category, provide an example of the type of information they might be interested in and discuss why. Long-term liabilities would decrease by million , and cash would decrease by the same amount. The book value of equity would be unchanged. b.A warehouse fire destroyed million worth of uninsured inventory.

Une vue de Kinshasa en RDC (image d'illustration). © Wikimedia / CC A view from Kinshasa in the DRC (image of illustration).

In the DRC, the Inspector General of Finance is interested in the disappearance of several millions of dollars that would have been used to finance the creation of a company supposed to belong to relatives of the former President of the Republic, Joseph Kabila . Jules Alingeti wants to understand how the private company called EGAL SARL saw its accounts receive several million dollars originally intended for an account entitled "Central Bank of Congo Equipment".

with our correspondent in Kinshasa, Kamanda WA Kamanda Muzembe

in a correspondence of April 5th addressed to the Executive Director of BGFI BANK, a Franco-Gabonese company, the Inspector General of Finance says he wants details about the movement of about 5 $ 43 million transferred from the Rawbank to the BGFI Bank on behalf of the Central Bank of Congo. This money was originally intended for an account entitled "BCC equipment". This sum, according to Jules Alingeti, has disappeared, and it is finally found on an account open on behalf of the private company EGAL SARL.

Nile dam talks extended in Kinshasa after draft communique setback

  Nile dam talks extended in Kinshasa after draft communique setback Talks gathering Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan on Addis Ababa's contested dam on the Nile were being extended on Tuesday after Sudan objected to the terms of a draft communique, a Congolese mediator said. Hosted by the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in Kinshasa, the meeting bringing together foreign ministers from the three countries began on Sunday and had been scheduled to end on Monday. "Ethiopia and Egypt accepted the terms contained in the draft final communique. But Sudan felt that its interests in the River Nile were at threat," said the DRC source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

record profit of 150 million euros. Our economic experts have produced a. gloomy sales forecast for the next quarter. They spend more than they earn and run up. huge debts on their credit cards. We fear that a rise in interest rates will. plunge the country into recession. There has been a dramatic fall in exports.

The orange line shows the number of dollars it takes to buy one pound sterling. The United Kingdom is a net importer, meaning the value of imports exceeds the value of exports. What can be reasonably surmised from the chart about large U.K. corporations? You are a euro-based portfolio manager and you have invested in the technology sector of the U.S. stock market. You want to keep your exposure to tech stocks but are worried about an impending financial crisis in the United States.

Transfer in four slices

A transfer would have been made in four tranches and the names of the agents involved in these movements are cited. For the IGF the receiving account that has received this money has increased several numbers, it could only be actuated by the BGFI Bank itself, and in no way by society EGAL SARL. He thinks it's a willingness to blur the slopes.

millions that belong to the state

therefore, failing to give the actual destination of this money, the BGFI Bank remains solely responsible for the disappearance of the sought-after millions that belong to the Congolese state. This is at least the conviction of the Inspector General of Finance. A few years ago, an alert launcher, former BGFI Bank employee, had already denounced these fraudulent acts.

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