Offbeat South Africa. The Cape Town Library destroyed by a fire

04:25  19 april  2021
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South African National Parks said firefighters were alerted at 09:00 local time (07:00 GMT). The flames spread quickly because of the low humidity and dry bush. The fire created its own wind further increasing the rate of spread, it added, estimating that firefighters would need at least three days to More than 120 firefighters have been deployed to the area, and one had to be sent to hospital for treatment with burn wounds. The fire partially destroyed the University of Cape Town 's Jagger Library and the historic Mostert's Mill. Other buildings were also affected. "All UCT students have been

Cape Town fire latest updates – University of Cape Town hit badly. For now, the blaze is thought to be a wildfire. No foul play is suspected, but a windchange earlier on Sunday scuppered efforts to contain the flames. At that point, UCT found itself in deep trouble. Precious archives, historic texts, and “Efforts continue to contain a vegetation fire in the mountain above UCT. The City of Cape Town is engaging in active firefighting efforts along with TMNP and the Volunteer Wildfire Service. At this stage, UCT has initiated an evacuation of student residences.” “The City is working with the university to

Dans la bibliothèque de l'université, « des trésors littéraires ont tragiquement disparu » a indiqué la ville. © Rodger Bosch / AFP in the university library, "literary treasures have tragically disappeared," said the city.

A fire ravaged Table Mountain, the emblematic summit of Cape Town (Cape Town), at the forefront of South Africa. The fire destroyed the city library, one of the largest in the African continent.

A fire started Sunday on Table Mountain, the emblematic summit overlooking the city of Cape Town, at the tip of South Africa , and was not mastered in the evening, according to the city.

Flames destroyed some of the nearby restaurant of a monument to the Glory of the British Colon Cecil Rhodes, which offers an exceptional view of the port, houses and several buildings of the prestigious Cape Town University below, including the library, the library, specified the city in a statement.

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The 2021 Table Mountain Fire (also known as the Rhodes Memorial fire or Newlands fire ) was a major fire that started on 18 April 2021 in and around the Table Mountain National Park area and the neighborhoods of Newlands, Rosebank, Mowbray and Rondebosch in Cape Town , South Africa .

Two firefighters have been hospitalised for burns after a runaway blaze which engulfed the Rhodes Memorial restaurant and parts of the University of Cape Town , including the Special Collections library on Sunday. In a statement, Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) said initial investigations show that a fire suspected to have been left unattended by a vagrant is believed to have been the cause of the runaway blaze which has seen hundreds of students A library at the University of Cape Town believed to contain its priceless African Studies collection was gutted by the fire . Image: Supplied.

Un pompier a été hospitalisé pour des brûlures, a précisé la ville, tandis que ses collègues continuaient à lutter contre l'incendie dans la soirée. © Rodger Bosch / AFP A firefighter was hospitalized for burns, said the city, while his colleagues continued to fight the fire in the evening.

the # Library of the University of Cape Town in flames ... One of the largest library of the African continent ... https://t.co/5FBLF0SVMI

- Kâplan (@Kaplanben_en) April 18, 2021

Fire at the famous Library at Cape Town University. Fortunately, students could be evacuated. Losses still risk being huge in terms of very old and rare books on African history ... https://t.co/gsyjywrb8t

- Joao Gabriel (@Joaogwadloup) April 18, 2021

Des centaines d'étudiants avaient quitté à pied leurs résidences, marchant le long de la route principale pour échapper aux fumées. © Rodger Bosch / AFP Hundreds of students had left their homes, walking along the main road to escape the smoke.

A firefighter was hospitalized for burns, said the city, while his colleagues continued to fight the fire in the evening.

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An "out of control" fire has broken out in Cape Town 's Table Mountain National Park on Sunday, according to South African officials, prompting the evacuation of hikers from the city's most famous landmark.

The fire destroyed part of a memorial to Cecil Rhodes, located on Devils Peak, before spreading rapidly up the slopes. Hundreds of students from the University of Cape Town were evacuated as runaway flames set several of the university's buildings ablaze. Residents have not been evacuated but have been cautioned to be on alert, keep windows A wildfire is raging on the slopes of South Africa 's Table Mountain, forcing hundreds of students to evacuate on Sunday. More than 100 firefighters were sent to battle the blaze and two were hospitalised for treatment after sustaining burns, officials said.

Hundreds of students had left their homes, walking along the main road to escape the smoke and find refuge, according to AFP journalists on site. They were all evacuated in the evening, said the city, while "strong winds" extended the fire.

The Mountain National Park, which extends over a good part of the non-constructed areas of the city, had asked in the morning, especially on social networks, to hikers immediately evacuate the zone and the motorists to pick up their parked vehicles nearby.

"Literary Treasures"

Firefighters had received a first alert shortly before 09 h local (07 hg GMT). Reinforcements have been deployed and three helicopters participated in efforts, letting water packets on the flames.

In the University Library, "literary treasures have tragically disappeared" but "Some of the most valuable works could be saved through the activation of rolling doors" , said the city.

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