Offbeat Gwendoline Hamon: "Since the time I get Cassandre, I have breathed him a part of me" (France 3)

16:15  01 may  2021
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CITIZEN COLLEGE OF FRANCE: They create "the ENA of the field and realities"

 CITIZEN COLLEGE OF FRANCE: They create © Archives Marc Ollivier, West-France The artist JR is part of the collective at the origin of the creation of the Citizen College of France . Ten personalities propose a new training, free and high level, for civil society actors. They ambition to train the leaders of tomorrow, closer to the realities of the land. "Reveal the unsuspected leaders of tomorrow. The bet is dared, but in the air of time.

on the occasion of the broadcast of this new season, Gwendoline Hamon entrusts us with the reasons for success of the series and its many other projects.

À l’occasion de la diffusion de cette nouvelle saison, Gwendoline Hamon nous confie les raisons du succès de la série et ses nombreux autres projets. © Fabrice Lang / FTV On the occasion of the broadcast of this new season, Gwendoline Hamon entrusts us with the reasons for the success of the series and its many other projects.

Already five seasons you embody Commissioner Cassandre. Have you seen the time pass?

Gwendoline Hamon: No, absolutely not! Five years ago, when we turned the pilot, I did not imagine that Cassandre would become a series. Each additional season has been a real surprise because there are many conditions to fulfill for a program to be renewed. But the series pleases a lot, moreover, season 4 and the first three seasons, rebroadcast at the first confinement, have carded and attracted a new audience ( in March 2020, Cassandre seduced more than 5 million viewers and beaten the Voice, NDLR ). We can only rejoice.

France reopens schools as virus patients numbers peak

  France reopens schools as virus patients numbers peak PARIS (AP) — Nursery and primary schools reopened on Monday across France after a three-week closure in the first step out of the country's partial lockdown, despite numbers of COVID-19 patients in intensive care units reaching their highest level since last spring. Authorities argue that daily numbers of new infections have started decreasing in the country, providing encouraging signs about the impact of restrictions that were imposed at the beginning of the month.

other ingredients ensure the success of this program, such as the spontaneity that emerges from the dialogs ...

I immediately understood the chance that I had to give me entrusting a role created especially for this new series: I I could model it at me, draw it progressively ... it was exciting, even if it had to follow the specifications of the series and stay in a form of realism, while keeping the idea of ​​the family Polar.

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Have you met policemen to inspire you?

Yes, I met, among other things, Annecy's commissioner, where we turn some outdoor scenes ( the rest of the shoot is in the studio, Lyon ). She told me that the series often sounded just, especially at the level of the relations between the cops, and their propensity to make humor, even when the circumstances are dramatic. As with other difficult trades, it is a form of essential decompression valve.

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Does you look a lot, this Florence Cassandre?

Since the time I embody it, I have breathed him from me, my humor, my energy, from my part ... Like her, I have a son (Gabriel, born from his union with Frédéric Diefenthal ), who lives alternately at home and his father. In fiction, there are many scenes with my son that I have already lived, like the one where he wants to learn to drive! I also tried to bring him a form of empathy. She must be "right", a rule that I'm trying to apply to myself every day.

So you are running for a season 6?

Yes, we are already shooting! I also played in the series such a long night (6 x 52 min), with Mathilde Seigner and Jean-Pierre Darroussin, who should arrive at the antenna soon. I have a second role and I like that. My grandmother (actress and director Nicole Anouilh) often said: "The actors always want" the roles of room ", the main roles in the theater, while there are so many fantastic secondary roles! It marked me. With a friend, I also write a fiction scenario, which we would like to submit to a broadcaster. And then, I need to give others, especially to the Association Imagyn, who sensitizes the gynecological cancers, whose mother has been victim, for lack of testing in time. I do not arise at all, and it's good, because I think that the day it will be the case, I will also bother others!


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