Offbeat Mitt Romney: US Republican Buhen Senator and Donald-Trump Critics on Congress

17:25  02 may  2021
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Bid to censure Romney for Trump impeachment votes fails

  Bid to censure Romney for Trump impeachment votes fails SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Utah Republicans booed Sen. Mitt Romney but ultimately rejected a motion to censure him Saturday for his votes at President Donald Trump’s impeachment trials. The measure narrowly failed, 798 to 711, in a vote by delegates to the state GOP convention, The Salt Lake Tribune reported. Romney drew heavy boos when he came to the podium earlier in the day. Davis County delegate Don Guymon, who authored the resolution, said Romney’s votes to remove Trump from office “hurt the Constitution and hurt the party.” © Provided by Associated Press Sen.

The US Senator Mitt Romney is considered critic Donald Trumps - and voted for an official involvement of the former president. At home in Utah, the party base is therefore insisting him as a "traitor".

  Mitt Romney: US-Republikaner buhen Senator und Donald-Trump-Kritiker auf Parteitag aus © Rick Bowmer / AP

Utah would actually be a home game for Mitt Romney . It is considered a stronghold of his Republican and the ore-conservative politician represents the Mormon State in the US Senate. But at the Party Base in West Valley City, the US presidential candidate is exposed to a violent counterwind of 2012.

Before the prominent critics of ex-President Donald Trump could hold his speech, he was rebuilt and insulted by supporters of their own party. When he tried to take the word, many threw him to be a "traitor" and a "communist". The disapproval ended according to " Salt Lake Tribune " only after the state politician Derek Brown to show the delegates to show Romney to "Respect".

Utah GOP vote to censure Mitt Romney fails while senator is booed at convention

  Utah GOP vote to censure Mitt Romney fails while senator is booed at convention A resolution to censure GOP Sen. Mitt Romney for his two votes to convict former President Donald Trump failed Saturday at the Utah Republican Party organizing convention, where the senator had been booed earlier in the day -- a reflection of the anger that persists among the party's core activists about Trump's impeachment and Romney's frequent criticisms of him throughout his presidency. © Greg Nash/Pool/Getty Images Sen.

»Is not you embarrassing?" Demnach Romney then asked the approximately 2000 delegates of his party, which had once again gathered since the limitations of the pandemic. He was a man who say, what he's my - and also one, so have had his problems with the former President Donald Trump, who is still estimated at the base of many places. "You can buoy as much as you want," Romney said. He is still through his whole life through and through Republicans.

dispute over Trump's role in the party

Romney after the storm on the Capitol , together with six other Republicans, supported the ambulance procedure discussed in the US Congress against the then President. For a conviction, however, it had not been enough because of a lack of two-thirds majority in the Senate. Romney had already voted a year earlier in the impeachment process because of Ukraine affair against Trump - at that time as the first senator in the US story, which turned to the president of his own party.

Utah GOP motion to censure Romney narrowly fails

  Utah GOP motion to censure Romney narrowly fails Despite enduring a chorus of boos from the Utah GOP on Saturday, Sen. Mitt Romney narrowly avoided a censure motion from the state party for voting to convict former President Donald Trump on impeachment charges. © Provided by Washington Examiner Convention attendees voted by a margin of 798-711 to defeat the censure resolution toward the end of the party's meeting.

Many Republicans wanted to blame Romney on the congress in Utah for his voice against Trump in the recent impeatment procedure. However, a corresponding application failed after the Buhrufe - with 798 to 711 votes.

of Delegated Don Guymon, who was behind the application, said Romney's votes against Trump violated the constitution and harmed the party. "This was a procedure that driven Democrats who hate Trump," Gudymon said. It relaxes a quarrel on how the party will stand for Trump in the future and what role the ex-president should still play.

may be much relevant in the future in the future: Trump itself had recently been expressed extremely upset over the expiry and republican deviations at the second official entertainment procedure. He is supposed to have tried to ban the three biggest donation organizations of the party, still with his name to advertise .

Utah county GOP censures Romney over Trump impeachment vote .
The Weber County GOP in Utah voted to censure Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) on Saturday for voting to convict former President Trump.County Party Secretary Jill Koford told the Salt Lake Tribune that the party's vote to censure Romney passed 116-97."The Weber County Republican Convention censures Mitt Romney for his votes to convict President Trump in two U.S. Senate impeachment trials which denied the President due process, allowed falsified evidence, did not provide adequate time for an investigation, and did not follow the U.S. Constitution which states a President may only be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors," the resolution reads.

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