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08:05  05 may  2021
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French protesters demand trial for Jewish woman's killer

  French protesters demand trial for Jewish woman's killer PARIS (AP) — Protesters in Paris and other French cities on Sunday denounced a ruling by France’s highest court that the killer of Jewish woman Sarah Halimi was not criminally responsible and therefore could not go on trial. Thousands of people filled Trocadero Plaza in Paris, in front of the Eiffel Tower, answering a call by Jewish associations and groups fighting antisemitism who say that justice has not been done. Other protests took place in Marseille, Lyon, Strasbourg, Bordeaux and elsewhere. The announcement that the killer would not be sent to trial sparked outrage among the French and international Jewish community.

FRANCE is threatening to cut off Jersey ’s electricity supply in a row over access to fishing waters. It comes as a new post-Brexit law came into place on the Island on Friday, meaning french boats fishing off Jersey now need a special license from the Jersey government. French fishermen wishing to fish in Jersey must apply for a new licenseCredit: AFP. Now angry trawlermen and government officials want to cut a cable which runs underwater from Northern France to Jersey in response. Maritime Minister Annick Girardin told lawmakers in parliament: "We are ready to use these retaliation measures.

The French government could cut off the electricity supply to Jersey in an escalating row over post-Brexit fishing rights, a French minister has suggested. Responding to questions in the national assembly, Annick Girardin, the minister for maritime affairs, said she was “revolted” by the UK government’s behaviour over its waters and France was ready to retaliate. Last week Beaune threatened to stand in the way of access for UK-based financial companies to the EU market if issues over fishing rights persisted. “We are asking for the whole agreement, nothing but the agreement, and

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Minister of the Sea of ​​France, in charge of managing the Fisheries Fishermen as part of the post-Brexit agreements, Annick Girardin is furious of their application by the United Kingdom, and did it loudly know.

Birthal Malou thus threatened to cut the supply of electricity to the Anglo-Norman Island of Jersey, dependence of the British crown.

It was caused by the discovery of the issuance by the Government of His Majesty of 41 fishing licenses to French vessels.

Protests against French court's refusal to try killer of Jewish woman

  Protests against French court's refusal to try killer of Jewish woman “The entire Jewish community is traumatized," said Abraham Nahoum, one of 20,000 protesters demanding justice for Sarah Halimi, 65, a retired doctor who was killed in 2017.Protesters march with a banner of killed Jewish woman Sarah Halimi, during a demonstration in Marseille, southern France, April 25, 2021. Crowds gathered on Sunday in Paris, and other French cities, to denounce a ruling by France's highest court that Halimi's killer was not criminally responsible, and therefore could not go on trial.

France is "ready" to cut electricity to the British island of Jersey -- just off the French coast -- should the United Kingdom not abide by clauses of the Brexit agreement regarding fisheries, French Maritime Minister Annick Girardin said Tuesday.

Dozen of French fishermen blocked trucks and lorries coming from the UK in a protest against the Brexit fishing deal. The protesters stopped the trucks that had travelled to ports at Dunkirk and Calais, France .

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These permissions, explains, have been given unilaterally, out of all negotiations with Anyone who, and have been accompanied by extinguishing requirements of the post-Brexit Agreements between the European Union and the United Kingdom.

The small fish

"These new conditions are null and void," said the minister to the elected representatives of the Republic, stating that not to react to such violation could open the door to other abuses from the government. British.

We are alongside fishermen ???????? depending on access to British waters. Our neighbors impose criteria not belonging to the post- #brexit chord. The right is formal, the conventions must be respected. We will ensure that the agreement signed at the end of 2020 either. pic.twitter.com/vvoew6duo3

'The Captain' challenges impoverished youth to love France

  'The Captain' challenges impoverished youth to love France PIERREFITTE-SUR-SEINE, France (AP) — The man they call “the Captain” runs a tight ship, reaching into his years of military service to inculcate confidence, courage and a love of France in his proteges, youths from poor French suburbs,. But first they must learn how to wake up on time and brush their teeth, says Nourouddine Abdoulhoussen, a former member of the 8th Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment, who heads an association called Laissez Les Servir (Let Them Serve) with a unique approach to integration.

France has threatened to cut off electricity supplies to Jersey in retaliation at 'revolting' post Brexit rules restricting access to British. France could cut off its electricity supply to Jersey as restrictions over fishing continue to cause disagreements. She said: ‘We are ready to use these retaliation measures. ‘I am sorry it has come to this [but] we will do so if we have to.’ She added she was ‘revolted, that’s the word’ when she discovered new access conditions had been decided ‘unilaterally’ on the British side.

“Concerning Jersey , I’ll remind you of the transport of electricity via submarine cables,” she added. “I would regret it if we have to do it, but we’ll do it if we have to.” Girardin said she flagged the non-compliance with the Brexit deal to the European Commission, and posted a video clip of Last week, Clement Beaune, France ’s junior minister for European Affairs, threatened to block regulations that would allow U.K. financial firms to do business in the European Union if Britain doesn’t respect its Brexit commitments on fishing. Beaune was due to meet with David Frost, the Brexit minister and former U.K

- Annick Girardin (@annickgirardin) May 4, 2021

"You know it, in these agreements, there are retaliation measures and these retaliation measures, we are ready to use them She continued during a questioning session to the government. "As far as Jersey is concerned, I will remember the transmission of electricity by underwater cables," she said again: hard to imagine more apocalyptic threat for an island that, at 90%, depends on the French supply .

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Access to the "Zone of 6-12 miles" British, the very fishy coastal strip where French fishermen and their British counterparts have long taken the Habit to cross the iron, remains a major stumbling point between the hexagon and the United Kingdom.

As Note AFP , licenses are slow to be granted and both sides of the Channel have not yet been able to agree on fishing quotas for 2021, which has been started for more than four months.

a few days before the ultimatum brandished by the Minister of the Sea, the Secretary of State for European Affairs Clément Beaune had already threatened London to attack the nerve of his war, financial services, if the United Kingdom does not Have not his commitments on a question of fishing that, on the other side of the Channel, also makes many dissatisfied .

Jersey gives France more time over fishing dispute .
French vessels have until 1 July to prove they meet post-Brexit rules, Jersey's government says.The extension until 1 July is a sign of "good faith" that the row over France's post-Brexit rights can be solved, the Government of Jersey said.

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