Offbeat A trial in the US shows the royal rivalries in Saudi Arabia

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2 years ago, a Saudi princess was kidnapped and jailed without charge. Her family say they're being stonewalled, and are urging Biden to step in.

  2 years ago, a Saudi princess was kidnapped and jailed without charge. Her family say they're being stonewalled, and are urging Biden to step in. Princess Basmah was kidnapped and imprisoned in February 2019. She tried begging her cousin, Crown Prince Mohammed, for mercy, but was ignored.Basmah, an activist and businesswoman - and a member of the royal family - was abducted by Saudi state agents from her seafront penthouse in Jeddah that night, and has been detained a high-security prison in Riyadh ever since.

a trial in the United States involving the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Salmane rewritten the disappearance of his cousin and ex-rival in the rich oil monarchy of the Gulf .

Photo prise le 27 juin 2019 du prince héritier saoudien Mohammed ben Salmane à son arrivée au Japon pour assister au sommet du G20 à Osaka (archives). © AFP.com/Charly Triballeau Photo taken June 27, 2019 of the Saudi Prince Mohammed Ben Salmane on his arrival in Japan to attend the G20 summit in Osaka (Archives).

Such is taken who thought to take. Become the de facto leader of the kingdom - his father, aging king and sick - Mohammed Ben Salmane, alias MBS , leads an implacable repression against opponents, including within the reigning family. Evinced power in 2017, the fallen heir prince Mohammed Ben Nayef may have known the same fate. He has not been seen in public since his detention in March 2020.

Uyghurs are being deported from Muslim countries, raising concerns about China's growing reach

  Uyghurs are being deported from Muslim countries, raising concerns about China's growing reach After reports of Uyghur disappearances in some major Arab countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, some of China's ethnic Muslims fear they are no longer safe in parts of the Islamic world.Ahmad dropped Amannisa off at a friend's house that day in February 2018, promising to pick her up later. He never came back.

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gold, in June 2020, the Saudi businessman Nader Turki Aldossari takes a trial on behalf of his son, American citizen, against Mohammed Ben Nayef and other Saudi entities, alleging that they did not have honored a Old decades contract linked to a refinery project in Saint Lucia (Caribbean Island). But how to assign a prince who disappeared? The complaint is then modified to include MBS, indicating that by placing its cousin in "supervised residence" and seizing its property, it prevented it from fulfilling its contractual obligations.

Mohammed Ben Salmane is therefore forced to react and give more details about his actions.

Corruption and Delivered

in March, Prince Heir's lawyer proposes to provide the address of Mohammed Ben Nayef on a "confidential basis", affirming in a judicial document that he was the subject of threats related to "terrorism" Because of his former role as Minister of the Interior of the Kingdom, but without mentioning that he was detained.

Royal family line of succession: Who's who

  Royal family line of succession: Who's who See who inherits the throne after Queen Elizabeth II.The short answer: It doesn't. The duke remains sixth in line to the throne -- albeit without a royal title, but he could still move further down the line if the family expands. Harry follows his father, Prince Charles; his older brother, Prince William; and William's three children with Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.

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"Ben Nayef is a real prisoner of Saudi Arabia," said James Tallman, the lawyer of Nader Turki Aldossari, in a document.

In Pennsylvania, an American court rejected in May the allegations of breach of contract in this case, leaving entire the mystery on the fate of the old heir prince. Tallman plans to appeal and oppose the prohibition of traveling from his client. Nader Turki Aldossari does not have the right to leave the kingdom, according to the letters of his lawyer addressed to President Joe Biden and to other US officials, whose AFP had awareness. According to his lawyer, this prohibition of exit of the territory "could degenerate in detention".

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Saudi authorities have not publicly commented on the detention of Mohammed Ben Nayef, long regarded as the most reliable Saudi ally of the CIA, the American intelligence agency. According to various sources, the government accuses it of corruption and disloyalty. If MBS has spared no opponent, his cousin enjoys "a much larger support in the royal family," said AFP Bruce Riedel, a former American officer of the CIA.

Wray promises to look with Biden spy chief into declassifying more info on 9/11

  Wray promises to look with Biden spy chief into declassifying more info on 9/11 FBI Director Christopher Wray promised the bureau would do “everything they possibly can” to declassify information related to any connections between Saudi Arabia’s government and the 9/11 terrorist attacks. © Provided by Washington Examiner The 20th anniversary of the al Qaeda terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people is approaching, and family members of the victims have spent years seeking information about the role that certain members of Saudi intelligence may have played in facilitating the operation, with the Justice Department citing state secrets privilege in the federal lawsuits.

a cabinet to represent MBS and ... Prince held

in a report published last December, a British parliamentary inquiry group felt that Mohammed Ben Nayef "had not been able to challenge his detention before a judge. Independent and impartial (and) did not have access to a lawyer ".

Squire Patton Boggs lawyers, a big international practice based in Washington, recently manifested to represent the prince disappeared ... while working for his cousin MBS. Have

been directly engaged by the first? Do they have access to him? How can they represent both rivals simultaneously? Asked by the AFP, the cabinet did not answer.

"These lawyers have never represented (Mohammed Ben Nayef) before," said AFP a source in direct contact with the Prince's legal team, based in Europe.

"He never met them, and we do not know how they could have access to him while he was denied access to his long-standing lawyers, a regular procedure or any form of communication With the outside world, "she said.

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