Offbeat Werder Candidate Kastrati: Disagreement about purchasing obligation

11:58  27 july  2021
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2. League: Juve and Chelsea Hunting Werder Talent

 2. League: Juve and Chelsea Hunting Werder Talent The Italian top club Juventus has apparently thrown an eye on the 16-year-old Talent Fabio Chiarodia of Second division Werder Bremen. As the Bremer Portal Deichstube reports, next to the old lady also watch the scouts of the FC Chelsea the center-back. © Provided by Spox The Italian top club Juventus has apparently thrown an eye on the 16-year-old Talent Fabio Chiarodia of Second division Werder Bremen.

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Since Werder-Sportschef Frank Baumann have been announced to 15-20 transfers until the end of the change period before ten days ago, first movement could now come into the Bremen cadring planning.

Bald beim SV Werder Bremen auf dem Platz? Lirim Kastrati © Picture Alliance / Pixsell Soon at the SV Werder Bremen on the square? Lirim Kastrati

Capino prepares departure before

what was apparent in the first mandatory game in the 2nd league against Hannover 96, of course, was already in advance as securitized: The SV Werder Bremen has human need on the outer railways. Defensive, where neither right in the four-chain with Manuel MBOM, still played left with Anthony young learned outer chests. And offensively even more, where a position on the left wing Felix Agu has pushed up a position and on the right of the actually central attacker Josh Sargent has been offered.

Decision against an OP: Asking Cource is to be about four weeks

 Decision against an OP: Asking Cource is to be about four weeks Leonardo Bewtcourt will be missed the start of the season with the SV Werder Bremen . The midfielder pulled a part rupture in the interior of the right knee to . However, the injury should be treated conservatively and pausing asking courses around four weeks. © Provided by 90min Leonardo Bewtcourt is not operated | BSR Agency / Getty Images As a rule, the downtime is in such a violation at six weeks or more.

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Werder takes Kastrati's visor

to occupy the vacancy especially in the offensive, Werder has now taken the Kosovar Lirim Kastrati, as "Sky" reports first. The 22-year-old from Croatian Master Dinamo Zagreb is evaluated in Bremen, especially due to its enormous speed as very interesting and pastrically in the requirement profile, despite some deficits in the technical field.

In the implementability of the transfer, however, there are still hurdles. Werder would initially borrow the player, but I do not want to get involved in the purchasing obligation required by the Croats at low seven-digit height. In addition, a six-digit sum in the middle area should be due for the lending. The Dinamo Responsible hovers in altogether in approximately the sum, which was paid in 2020 at Kastratis Ex-Club NK Lokomotiva Zagreb: two million euros. Not a little for a player who was in the preseason in the Croatian league of 36 possible games 13 times in the starting eleven state, 14 times.

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Capino prepares its departure

Werder-Profi Stefanos Capino was on Saturday evening at the 1: 1 against Hannover not in the squad, he had come in Zivil Clamps to the Weserstadion Weserstadion. As an official reason, slight muscular problems have already been mentioned on the press conference. That the goalkeeper will lead again in a jersey assembly for the SV Werder, is extremely unlikely. The Greek prepares its departure, maybe this week is there.

The decision of the 27-year-old is the consequence of the Bremen planning on the goalkeeping position. The designed extension of the previous Stammkeepers Jiri Pavlenka has taken Capino on the occasion that he sees his future elsewhere. Now the ninial Greek National Torwart probes the possible change options, of which it is supposed to give several abroad and one in the Bundesliga. As already the "Deichstube" reported, the FC Basel belongs to the interested parties.

Zetterer has the nose in front

Kapino seemed in the absence of the Pavlenka, which was planned in the preparation of back problems, as a preliminary Werder number one actually the nose in the front, but ultimately, coach Markus decided to start Michael Zetterer, who in contrast to Capino probably decided Also as number two would remain. Sportswift Baumann had already excluded anyway, with Pavlenka, Zetterer and Capino to go to the season, especially since Eduardo Dos Santos Haesler and the Luca Plogmann appointed to the German Olympic team are still available two young keepers.

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