Offbeat in France, one in four family is single-parent (and the parent is often a mother)

13:10  14 september  2021
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  En France, une famille sur quatre est monoparentale (et le parent est souvent une mère) © Copyright 2021, Obs

in France, one in four family was single-parent in 2020. An increasing figure for ten years reveals An inquiry from INSEE published Monday, September 13th.

Last year, there are two million families who consisted of a single spouse, residing most often with a single child. In eight out of ten cases, this parent is a mother.

Yes, one can eradicate poverty of single mothers

in all, there are eight million families hosting at least one minor child in France.

The model of the family says "traditional", composed of a couple and their child (s) keeps a majority by representing 66% of the families, but it is a figure in decreased Three points since 2011.

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Recomposed families, consisting of a couple with at least one child born from a previous union, remain, stable out of ten years. It is these families who average the most children at home, and nearly 4 out of 10 of them have at least three or more children at home, compared with 21% for all families.

The single-parent and numerous families more precarious

other observation, more alarming, from INSEE on these many families: they are, with single-parent families, more often than others in a situation of poverty. 43% of families with more than 3 children are poor, compared to 24% in families of three children and 16% for those of one or two children. The employment rate is particularly lower in mothers of these families, more often home to the home than in other family models.

Buy a dwelling, a puzzle for the Parents Solos in the Ile-de-France

side single family family, 4 minor children out of 10 (41%) living in these outbreaks live below the monetary poverty line. In one third of cases, the solo parent has no job.

The Institute also notes that it is the single-parent and recomposed families who occupy overcrowded housing.

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