Offbeat Each turn (France 2): top or flop? Bruno Guillon's game does it make it better than z'mours two months after its launch?

12:15  23 october  2021
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"It will be awful, dirty and naughty!" : Bruno Solo announces a sequel to "Cafe Camera"

 © Europe 1 Guest of the show "Culture Media", Bruno Solo, an emblematic actor of the famous comic series "Coffee camera", reveals that a new episode will be Distributed on M6, in 2022. "It will be awful, dirty and naughty!", He warns to the microphone of Europe 1. The filming must take place at the beginning of next year. The return of a popular comedy.

Chacun son tour (France 2) : top ou flop ? Le jeu de Bruno Guillon fait-il mieux que Les Z'amours deux mois après son lancement ? © Gilles Gustine - FTV Everyone (France 2): Top or Flop? Bruno Guillon's game does it make it better than z'mours two months after its launch? Two months after its launch, everyone's turn, the new morning game of France 2 makes it better than the Z'Mours previously broadcast in this schedule. Télé-leisure takes stock.

Bruno Guillon can have a smile! After the interruption of the Z'amours after twenty-six years of good and loyal services, the 50-year host signs one of the unexpected successes of the return TV. His new game, each his turn , imagined and produced by air productions, the company of Nagui, is gently but surely to become an Hit of the mornings of France 2. Indeed, two months after its launch, the The emission attracts each morning at 11:20, 719,000 follow-ups on average (17.3% of hearing share). Better still, Bruno Guillon sometimes close the 20% market share for the public. For the moment, the audience record side viewers stay at the launch on Monday, August 23th (960,000 curious) but PDA side, the game nibbles market shares week after week. On the whole public, the record is held by the issuance of September 13 which had 19.9% ​​of PDA over the ages 4 and over. YOUR Browser does not support this video

Miss France 2022: Who is Donatella Meden, Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais 2021?

 Miss France 2022: Who is Donatella Meden, Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais 2021? © Capture Instagram Donatellamedenoff Miss France 2022: Who is Donatella Meden, Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais 2021? a few months from the election of Miss France 2022, Nord-Pas-de-Calais elected the candidate who will represent the region during the national competition. And it was Donatella Meden who was elected during a ceremony held on Saturday, October 16th. Nord-Pas-de-Calais puts every chance on its side to reflect a new title of Miss France.

does better than the rings but then, two months after his launch, does the new game of Bruno Guillon make better than the Z'amours

, broadcast In the same time box? Well yes ! Over the same period last year, the cult game seduced 685,000 viewers (16.3% PDA). Each one his turn can then boast of attracting more than 35,000 more faithful and to predecessor from a PDA point. A success since the other bet of the Midis de France 2 ( The arrival of Laurence Boccolini at the head of everyone wants to take his place ) is more complicated than expected . Indeed, after two months of antenna, Laurence Boccolini attracts each lunch 1.38 million viewers (15.4% PDA) on average. Well or not? Well ... medium! Over the same period in 2020, Nagui brought up 1.58 million viewers for 17% PDA. Last satisfaction for Bruno Guillon: During the broadcast of each his turn , France 2 manages to apt TF1 and his mythical Fires of Love. On Tuesday, October 19, the game of France 2 was thus leader of the box, all chains combined, with 764,000 viewers. A game and thirty potential players In this new game, two candidates, drawn at the beginning of the issue among an audience composed of 30 potential participants, are called upon to compete on general culture issues during duels. Three games are planned by show. The competitor who wins his first duel is called to play the second round, while a new Challenger is drawn. And so on for the third round. At the end of each of them, the winner of the duel is called to launch a ball on a Japanese pool, in order to determine its gain. At the end of the issue, the winner may also attempt to win a pot that increases by 500 euros a day, as long as it is not won. If he wins, he must leave the game immediately. On the other hand, if he loses, he can again reintegrate the public in order, perhaps, to integrate the game again by drawing.

Traditionalists flood Rome after pope's Latin Mass crackdown .
ROME (AP) — Traditionalist Catholics descended on Rome on Friday for their annual pilgrimage, hoping to show the vibrancy of their community after Pope Francis issued a crackdown on the spread of the old Latin Mass that many took as an attack on them and the ancient rite. An evening vespers service at Rome’s Pantheon basilica, the first event of the three-day pilgrimage, was so full that ushers had to add two rows of chairs to accommodate the faithful. Many young families, couples and priests filled the pews, hailing from the U.S., France, Spain and beyond.

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