Offbeat After Las Vegas, Talk Better Gun Policy and Avoid Second Amendment Debates

11:07  05 october  2017
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UNLV hockey coach injured in Las Vegas shooting

  UNLV hockey coach injured in Las Vegas shooting UNLV assistant hockey coach Nick Robone was one of the victims of the mass shooting in Las Vegas. UNLV assistant hockey coach Nick Robone was one of the victims of the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

After the Las Vegas shooting, don't argue about freedoms. Focus on policy . Anything to defend public safety is regarded by its ideologues as an attack on the Second Amendment 's right to keep and bear arms.

White House: It Is 'Premature' to Talk About Gun Control Laws After Las Vegas . When asked if she could delineate any view of the President’s on gun control, Sanders simply reiterated that he supports the Second Amendment , which states the right to bear arms.

The U.S. Capitol dome backdrops flags at half-staff in honor of the victims killed in the Las Vegas shooting as the sun rises on Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2017, at the foot of the Washington Monument on the National Mall in Washington.: Disarm the opposition with policy talk. © (Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP Photo) Disarm the opposition with policy talk.

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I understand the impulse. But it isn't smart.

The National Rifle Association and its accomplices in the Republican Party have transformed an otherwise sensible gun control debate into a constitutional battlefield. Anything to defend public safety is regarded by its ideologues as an attack on the Second Amendment's right to keep and bear arms.

The impulse after a historic massacre like Las Vegas is therefore to fight for gun control on the same terms. The Second Amendment is an anachronism, some say. It was about a militias, not individuals. It was about muskets, not semi-automatic rifles capable of being modified with bump stocks to make them fire more rapidly. These are among the go-to talking points of good-faith Americans outraged by Congressional impotence in the face of our darkening culture of death.

UFC to Donate $1M to Las Vegas Victims' Families

  UFC to Donate $1M to Las Vegas Victims' Families The UFC says they will donate $1 million to the families of those affected by Sunday's shooting in Las Vegas during a concert. UFC president Dana White said his employees are accounted for after a gunman killed 59 people and injured 500 more as he shot from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel."At the end of the day, this is our city -- we love this place," White told ESPN. "The first thing when we got up this morning, everybody, personally, got it together and made sure anybody they know or love was OK. Then we came in here and made sure all of our employees are OK.

There is a time and place for a political debate but now is the time to unite as a country," Sanders told reporters when asked whether Sunday's deadly shooting in Las Vegas has changed the president's attitude toward Second Amendment protections. "It would be premature for us to discuss policy

Monday marked the 275th day of 2017, and the Las Vegas shooting marked the 273rd shooting in Multiple questions addressed various gun violence prevention measures, but Sanders avoided “He’s a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and I don’t have anything further at this point.”

They are right, and in another place and time, when our politics are less venomous, these might be fruitful topics of debate. But we inhabit a bizarro world in which being right isn't the same as being smart. The smart politics right now is to focus on policy, not freedoms, because the Republicans don't want to talk about policy. Policy does not light a fire under their butts. Talking policy is what gets them in trouble. By talking policy, we take the first step in any meaningful fight.

We disarm the opposition.

Here's another way of looking at it. In saying, as some sincere progressives have said, that the real fight is over the Bill of Rights, they advance unwittingly an assumption: something about gun control is so inherently unconstitutional that we need to change the constitution. That, for most, is a nonstarter. Most people most of the time don't know much about politics, because they have better things to do. But they do know that messing around with a foundational document is risky. That alone, whether they care about guns or not, is enough to turn them against you even if you espouse gun policies they like.

Vegas Golden Knights, NHL will donate $300,000 to shooting victims

  Vegas Golden Knights, NHL will donate $300,000 to shooting victims The Vegas Golden Knicks hockey team has partnered with the league to donate money to the victims of the shooting, as well as first responders.Bill Foley is their team owner.

These were pro- gun Democrats who pledged not to weaken the Second Amendment . "I think there is a chance to clean up some common-sense issues as a result of Las Vegas . There is talk among senior Trump administration officials in favor of harsher actions against Russia the past several weeks

The Gun Control Debate Is Pointless Until Liberals Admit They Want To Repeal The Second Amendment . Liberals are using the Las Vegas atrocity to encourage federal gun control, but their real problem is with the Second Amendment .

Anyway, gun control is constitutional. The question isn't whether, but to what degree. Banning handguns within city limits? No, per the Supreme Court's 2008 ruling in District of Columbia v. Heller. But background checks, and bans of certain weapons, ammunition and modifications? Though untested, these are surely constitutional. They try to balance individual liberty with the government's responsibility to protect.

Of course, now is a time of radical imbalance, a time in which individual liberty actually supplants the government's responsibility to protect. But now is also a time of opportunity, a time to show all sides that gun control advocates not only demand greater government action but also greater freedom from the government's implementation of sensible gun control.

In other words, gun control is patriotic.

Not only should we focus on policy, but we should focus on public health policy. And not only should we focus public health policy, but we should focus on a mechanism for protecting public health that we know is effective. If you can't constitutionally ban the sale of a thing but know the more people buy it, the less healthy we all are, what do you do?

GOP lawmaker: AR-15s 'not dangerous' when 'used appropriately'

  GOP lawmaker: AR-15s 'not dangerous' when 'used appropriately' Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) is defending AR-15s in the wake of the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas, saying Wednesday the semi-automatic rifles are not dangerous "when they're used appropriately." During an interview on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Cole was asked if he would be against banning AR-15s or semi-automatic rifles as a way to help curb American gun violence.

With the Las Vegas mass shooting just a couple days old, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd was eager to push the gun grabbing debate . And actually, when it comes to machine guns it's been very, very effective without violating the second amendment .”

"Like most rights, the Second Amendment right is not unlimited Does mass murder impact monetary policy ? Does it help push tax reform through the legislative process? Gun Stocks Close Higher in Wake of Las Vegas Shooting. 15 Foods to Avoid if You Have High Cholesterol.

Levy an excise tax.

In 2015, the Seattle City Council passed a law imposing a $25 surcharge on the purchase of firearms as well as a tax of 2-to-5 cents per round of ammunition. City officials said the measure would raise revenue, but the goal was deterrence. Seattle City Council member Tim Burgess called it "gun-violence tax."

The NRA attacked the law and joined plaintiffs in an appeal to the Washington Supreme Court. But in August, the high court ruled 8-1 that the ordinance did not violate a state law banning cities from regulating firearms. The majority sided with Seattle in saying the ordinance was not gun control, but a tax.

The decision bodes well for the future of gun control, as a government's right to tax is virtually unlimited, thus removing the fight from a constitutional context and putting it squarely in the realm of public health policy. This is not to say an excise tax is politically feasible, but that's not the point. The point is finding a constitutional and practical way of addressing a public health crisis that protects liberty as well as public safety. Given that excise taxes on cigarettes, alcohol and gasoline have long been accepted, taxing guns might prove effective, too.

To be sure, the idea of taxing anything creates another kind of headache, but taxes are not the NRA's forte, and any day in which the NRA must talk about something other than the Second Amendment is a good day. And yes, a 5-cent tax per round of ammunition isn't going to deter much, but New York City didn't levy $4.35 on a pack of smokes on day one. And yes, an excise tax would not have stopped Stephen Paddock who appears to have been independently wealthy. But not being able to stop a mass murderer is scarcely the point of policy. The point is to mitigate as much as possible the risk of injury and death even as we strive to live in an open and free society.

An excise tax alone probably won't achieve that goal, but along with other measures enacted on the state and local level, and eventually embraced by the US Congress, perhaps it will.

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No law could have stopped Las Vegas shooter, Feinstein says .
Congress is debating if or how to legislate gun control, after the gunman opened fire on hundreds of people at a country music concertThe California Democrat made the comment as Congress debates how — or whether — to move forward on gun control measures that would prevent another Las Vegas-like tragedy. CBS "Face the Nation" host John Dickerson asked Feinstein if Congress could pass any law that would have stopped Stephen Paddock's rampage.

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