Offbeat Lion, Aries and Sagittarius: 3 things you should know about fire characters

13:42  23 november  2021
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Lion, Aries and shooters are among the fire signs. Which three things you should know about the element and the associated zodiac signs, read here

Das sollten Sie über die drei Feuerzeichen wissen ISTOCKPHOTO © iStockphoto You should know about the three fire characters iStockphoto

The elements help to assign special properties to the star sign. So the twelve characters in the zodiac are divided into four groups: air, earth, water and fire. Each three star signs can be found in such a group, which suggests similar characteristics. Which important aspects you should know in relation to fire signs - so Lion, Aries and Sagittarius - Find out now:

Fire signs are difficult to rest

Zodiac signs of the element Fire love action and always need variety. Without new inspiration, you quickly become grumpy and unhappy. This can be imagined like a fire without fuel, it goes out after some time. Fire signs love exploring new places and mixing among people. They also have a particularly pronounced urge to freedom.

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Fire sign are impulsive and emotional

fire stands for passion, so much is safe. And that manifests itself in different forms: Fire signs gladly give the sound and love spontaneous decisions. They prefer to listen to their gut feeling as rational aspects and are therefore often pretty impulsive but brave. Zodiac signs of the Elements Fire have no problem with the center of the focus, on the contrary, they even enjoy it. Fire signs, as in nature, can create both something and destroy. Who counts a ram, lion or shooter to his sweetheart, will always know a loyal and strong companion at his side. However, those who turn against them should be made on fiery resistance.

every fire sign lives its element otherwise other than

only because Aries, lion and Sagittariene belongs to all the group of fire signs, that does not yet mean that they all tick.

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Aries ruling by Mars, the planet of the ambition, the action and the war are particularly brave and determined, but also quite directly and do not take a leaf in front of his mouth.

Löwen , on the other hand, are ruled by the sun, which makes them too creative and generous people. On the other hand, you need a lot of attention and can be very dominant.

protecting are extremely adventurous and can motivate others, but are also quite leap and restless. No wonder, because they are ruled by Jupiter, who stands for happiness and expansion.

As you can see, the element of your star sign is a gross direction of direction, but many other aspects play a role to characterize a star sign. Do you already know your Venus sign , your Ascendent or your moon sign ?

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