Offbeat To overcome his shyness, it offers parts Uno to strangers in the streets of Strasbourg

19:45  02 december  2021
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EU urged not to forget Belarus as bloc prepares sanctions

  EU urged not to forget Belarus as bloc prepares sanctions BRUSSELS (AP) — Belarus opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya appealed Wednesday to the European Union not to forget the plight of ordinary citizens and political prisoners in the former Soviet country, as the EU prepares new sanctions to prevent a security crisis at its borders blamed on President Alexander Lukashenko. Tsikhanouskaya told EU lawmakers that “882 of my fellow citizens have been recognized to be in prison for exercising basic political rights people in the rest of Europe take for granted.” She urged the 27-country bloc not to recognize Lukashenko or his government, and to boost support to ordinary citizens.“It is getting late.

Maxime Mabilia immortalise souvent ces moments de partage avec des inconnus et publie les photos sur un compte Instagram spécifiquement créé pour l'occasion. © MAXIME Mabilia Maxime Mabilia often immortalize these moments of sharing with strangers and publishes photos on Instagram account created specifically for the opportunity. Maxime Mabilia

is passionate about Uno. To combat her shyness, the young man of 21 years began to walk the streets of Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin) and offer passersby to play with the famous card game. A concept that meets a real success.

"Hello, do you want to play Uno with me? "Here's how Maxime Mabilia starts a conversation with a stranger for over a year and a half. After the first decontainment in May 2020, a young man of 21 he goes to meet passers in the streets of Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin) and offers some of the famous card game.

EU Eyes Sanctions for Airlines, Tourism Companies Aiding Migrants Entrance to Belarus

  EU Eyes Sanctions for Airlines, Tourism Companies Aiding Migrants Entrance to Belarus The sanctions are expected to be approved by EU leaders in the coming days.The EU is planning to target airlines and travel groups in the sanctions, which come after the organization accused Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko of purposefully using migrants to destabilize neighboring countries. According to a draft of the sanction obtained by the Associated Press, the affected companies are being accused of helping Belarus bring migrants to the country. From there, the migrants would be encouraged by the country to cross international borders into Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania.

The concept was born in 2018 when he was on holiday with friends in Spain. "We played Uno on the beach and as soon as we lost, we had to go see people on the street to invite them to join us. As I lost often, it was me who was going to offer them ", we he says. A few years later, he wanted to reproduce in Strasbourg.

Parts in parks or in the street

"At first, people were very surprised. When it comes to us today, it is often to ask for a cigarette and then a information ", Maxime explained Mabilia who lives in a village near Strasbourg. Finally, many passersby find the concept 'brilliant' and accept his proposal. Most of the time, they are students or people aged between 18 and 30 years. They settled in the streets, parks or at the Academy of beer.

Around the table, they can run in a single game or spend the whole evening together. "We also spend a lot of time talking and telling stories. We exchange a lot " emphasizes the moderator in extracurricular.

Man Receives Hundreds of Responses After Inviting Complete Strangers to Thanksgiving Meal

  Man Receives Hundreds of Responses After Inviting Complete Strangers to Thanksgiving Meal North Carolina's Brian Davis will spend the holiday with a group of strangers who responded to his invitation on the Nextdoor app.Raleigh resident Brian Davis decided this year was the year to give back and so he took to his Nextdoor app to see if anyone needed somewhere to spend Thanksgiving, as reported by ABC11.

Adapt to his opponents one thing can cause endless debate: the famous rules of Uno. "I do not want to rush anyone. Each evening, I adapt to those of my comrades. But I'd like to play with the real ", says he with a touch of humor. But he knows the official rules? According to him, it is above all forbidden to place more than one card at a time. Then add the ban on two and four.

why the young man chose the Uno and not another game? "is easy and everyone plays since childhood. It's universal. And there is not much to explain. " Maxime Mabilia, big fan, especially like the colors and design of the cards.

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It would be sponsored

Since launching this initiative ensures Maxime Mabilia be much more open to others. "I am very shy. Now I dare to go to the people. It helped me gain confidence in myself. " He also had the opportunity to meet many people and create social bonds.

He also created an Instagram account Unostrasbourg . Each photograph allows it to keep a memory of these moments of sharing with strangers. "It's also a way to talk about the concept because I dream it from worsening" , admits he. He would like for example that others submitting items to passersby in other cities in France. His ultimate goal? Managing to be sponsored by Mattel® to discover different Uno exist.

Tops / Flops Nice-Rennes: Ajorca still decisive, Galtier off topic .
© Panoramic and Reuters Ludovic Ajorque shine, Nice vacation. Tops Ludovic Ajorca shines again scorer in this meeting, the French striker scored his 9th goal of the season. Author of the opening of the score, he put his team in good provisions from the 21st minute. Grand Craftsman of Alsatian success, Ludovic Ajorca showed a tone above physically facing his opponents Nice. Powerful and athletic, it is once again decisive, for the greatest happiness of its coach Julien Stephan.

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