Offbeat Macron finishes his tour in the Gulf by meeting the Saudi Crown Prince

16:10  04 december  2021
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Russia Wants to Broker an Iran-Saudi Deal and Biden Doesn't Seem to Mind

  Russia Wants to Broker an Iran-Saudi Deal and Biden Doesn't Seem to Mind "Neither the United States nor Russia is interested in having this war," Vitaly Naumkin, co-author of Moscow's Persian Gulf security plan, told Newsweek.Moscow's approach is rooted in an initiative called the Collective Security Concept for the Persian Gulf Region, a project first floated in the 1990s and periodically reintroduced with amendments. The first two came in 2004 and 2007, and the last in 2019, a time of soaring regional tensions during then-President Donald Trump's "maximum pressure" doctrine against Iran.

The Prince Heir Mohammed Ben Salmane, the strong man of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, welcomed the French president in the early afternoon in the Royal Palace of the great Saudi port city.

  Macron termine sa tournée dans le Golfe en rencontrant le prince héritier saoudien © bandar Algaloud / Courtesy of Saudi Royal Court / Handout

Emmanuel Macron arrived Saturday in Jeddah, on the west coast of Saudi Arabia, to chat with the Prince heir Mohammed Ben Salmane of the "Stability" in the Middle East and the situation in Lebanon. The strong man of the Kingdom, in Abaya Brown, welcomed the French President in the early afternoon in the Royal Palace of the Great Saudi Port Cité. After an interview, they had to lunch together.

Italy, France deepen economic, defense cooperation

  Italy, France deepen economic, defense cooperation ROME (AP) — Italian Premier Mario Draghi said that a bilateral treaty signed on Friday with French President Emmanuel Macron to strengthen bilateral cooperation would also help create a “true European defense." The treaty deepens cooperation “in crucial sectors, from security to justice, from research to industry,’’ Draghi told a press conference. That includes spending to create “a true European defense" that Draghi said “obviously is complementary to NATO" and doesn't substitute the alliance.“To be sovereign, Europe needs to know how to defend its borders. We need to create a real defense,'' he said.

Emmanuel Macron is thus one of the first Western leaders to meet Mohammed Ben Salmane since the assassination in 2018 of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi to the consulate of his country in Istanbul. The image of the International Prince International has since been strongly tarnished by this case. The head of state justified this meeting in judging necessary to speak to Saudi Arabia, "first Gulf country in terms of size", to be able to "work for the stability of the region". But that "does not mean that we are complacent," he assured, alluding to this assassination.

"I note that Saudi Arabia organized the G20 from the year following (the Khashoggi case) and I did not note that many powers have boycotted" this great international meeting, A-T -il still raised. "We have always been clear on the subject of human rights or this case".

What can we expect from Prince Harry's book?

  What can we expect from Prince Harry's book? Prince Harry is making headlines once again. This time, they're around the news that he's working on a memoir, to be published late next year. © Yui Mok/Pool/WPA/Getty Images The Queen meets guests at the Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace in 2019. And it looks like the Duke of Sussex will keep all subjects on the table, judging by the announcement from publisher Penguin Random House. It said the book will cover Harry's life thus far, taking in his decade with the military as well as his delight at starting a family.

Lebanese crisis

against the Saudi Crown Prince, he had in particular plead the cause of Lebanon where the economic crisis was aggravated by the diplomatic blossom open in October with several states of the Gulf, at the forefront of which Arabia, which had in particular. frozen its imports. In order to take advantage of the resignation, announced Friday, the Lebanese Minister George Kordahi, at the origin of the crisis for criticizing Ryad's military intervention in Yemen. Welcoming this resignation, Emmanuel Macron expressed his hopes for "being able to re-engage all the Gulf countries in the relationship with Lebanon". It has indeed been very involved for a year, and the deadly explosion in the port of Beirut, to help Lebanon get out of the worst socio-economic crisis in its history.

The relations between Beirut and the Arab Gulf States have also stretched up in recent years due to the growing influence of Pro-Iran Hezbollah. "France has a role to play in the region (...) But how to want to work to the stability of the region, how to want to deal with Lebanon and deal with so many topics by ignoring the first Gulf country in terms of geography and of size, "said French president.

Prince Charles Accused of Questioning Skin Color of Harry and Meghan's Kids in New Book, Palace Responds

  Prince Charles Accused of Questioning Skin Color of Harry and Meghan's Kids in New Book, Palace Responds Prince Harry and Meghan Markle previously accused a 'senior member' of the royal family of questioning Archie's skin color.According to Anderson, on the day Meghan and Harry announced their engagement in 2017, Charles wondered aloud to his wife, Camilla, about "what the child will look like." Anderson claims Camilla was caught off guard and replied, "Well, absolutely gorgeous, I'm certain.

Emmanuel Macron arrived at Jeddah, from which he gave up in the afternoon, on the second day of an express tour in the Gulf who led him to meet the other two strong men in the region: the Prince heir Abu Dhabi Mohammed Ben Zayed Al-Nahyan and the emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim Ben Hamad Al-Thani. The Escale in Dubai allowed him to make a historical agreement for the acquisition by the Emirates of 80 battle planes - RecordCommendé for the fighter plane entered into service in 2004-- for 14 billion euros . Other military contracts (helicopters and armaments) raised a total of 17 billion.

A Doha, Emmanuel Macron has "thanked" Qatar for organizing the evacuation of 258 Afghans, "threatened because of their commitments" or "of their links with France", which will be repatriated to the hexagon after to be passed by the emirate.

Complaint in Paris

At the very moment of this presidential displacement, a complaint was filed on Friday in Paris with a civil party constitution targeting the heirs of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, especially for financing terrorism. The complainants, victims of war in Yemen, accuse these two countries for having a "alliance" with the Jihadist group Al-Qaeda, explained their lawyer Joseph Breham.

Read: Macron deems it necessary to speak to Saudi Arabia for the "stability of the region"

Saudi Arabia, Allied of the United States, intervenes in Yemen since 2015 at the head of a military coalition in support To the government facing the Houthis rebels, politically supported by Iran, Washington enemy and Ryad Regional Rival. The Emirates withdrew their troops from Yemen in 2019 but remain members of the coalition.

The Saudi authorities have not responded to the stresses of the AFP at this stage. Also contacted, power Emirati had no comment to make at present.

Suspected killer of Saudi journalist Khashoggi was identified by passport, not just name - source .
Suspected killer of Saudi journalist Khashoggi was identified by passport, not just name - sourceFrench law enforcement sources have named the man arrested on Tuesday as Khaled Aedh Al-Otaibi - the same name as a former member of the Saudi Royal Guard listed in U.S. and British sanctions documents and a U.N.-commissioned report as having been involved in Khashoggi's killing.

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