Offbeat Table Tennis Bundesliga: Bergneustadt with the fourth victory in episode

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The Messi of Ammersee

 The Messi of Ammersee Thomas Müller has swung out in recent years to the unaccounted king of the tapes - Lionel Messi is better in this category. Not bad for one who was once only used, "if need is on the man". © Provided by Sport1.de The Messi of Ammersee "If need be on the man, he will certainly get his minutes." As the then Bayern coach Niko Kovac in October 2019, his long-term-notorious sentence pronounced He was not a player from the second row - he was Galt Thomas Müller.

roll the table tennis professionals of the TTC Schwalbe Bergneustadt the field in the 1st Bundesliga about from behind and sneak secretly on a playoff square? The team around top player Benedikt DADA celebrated the fourth victory in series. At the TSV Bad Königshofen there was a highly fought 3: 2 success and thus the repetition of the first leg result. In the table it went high in six place.

Mit 3:0 setzen sich Alvaro Robles (l.) und Alberto Mino im Schlussdoppel durch und sichern den Sieg für Bergneustadt. © Marco Steinbrenner With 3: 0 Alvaro Robles (l.) And Alberto Mino in the final double and secure the victory for Bergneustadt.

The residue for the fourth rank and the associated participation in the playoffs is only two counters with nine outstanding encounters. Next Sunday, the journey leads to the final light TTC Zugbrücke Grandau. Schwalbe-Sportswart Heinz Duda holds the ball flat: "Dusseldorf and Bad Königshofen played greatly replacement. That was our luck. We do not belong to the top four. "That's why Heinz Duda remains unchanged unchanged only the league. "We now have 14 points. With two more meters we should brought against Borderau or Bad Homburg, the league would be held. "

head thrust skate! Security folder stretches bus driver Nieder

 head thrust skate! Security folder stretches bus driver Nieder in Augsburg there is a violent examination between a security folder and a bus driver. The person concerned is driven into the hospital with blue light. The police determined. © Provided by SPORT1.DE Head Breast Skate! Security folder stretches bus driver Nieder head thrust crawl in Augsburg! In front of the Bundesliga game between the FCA and Eintracht Frankfurt , a Security folder has set a bus driver in front of the stadium. This reports the image and the Augsburg General matching.

Bad Königshofen must renounce Bergneustadt on Bastian Steger

The first away game of the year 2022 was over after a good three hours. Among other things, the fact that the swallows were allowed to take home two points. The budget number one, Bastian Steger, was not allowed to participate due to a positive Corona test. New addition Maxim Grebnev violated on Wednesday at the WTT Feeder tournament in Dusseldorf on the ankle and pulled himself a tapes injury. Thus, the only 16-year-old Akito Itagaki, son of the TSV coach celebrated his debut in the Oberhaus.

The game in franc was initially without great surprises. Bad Königshofen's self-green place sat down after a hard struggle and meantime 1: 2 sentence residue against the again very highly recharging Alberto Mino in the fifth section. Then Benedikt Duda succeeded by a 3-0 victory against Itagaki the compensation. Ateiving for the away win, the point gain of Alvaro Robles was in the duel of the two locations set for three actors against Filip Zeljko.

Zakaria? "Has not looking at Bavaria"

 Zakaria? Denis Zakaria is associated with a change to FC Bayern. Sport1 expert Stefan Effenberg goes Hart with the Gladbach star in the court. This season has the foal elf against the Munich in all Three mandatory games are not lost, two victories retracted and above all at 5: 0 in the DFB Cup .

Benedikt Duda awards the former decision

as Benedikt Duda in the duel of the two top actors against Kilian city with a 2: 1 sentence leadership in the fourth passage went, much indicated a quick end. The 27-year-old, however, left a total of four match balls (10: 7 and 12:11) lost the fourth and then the fifth passage. "Benedict has been surprised twice from the surcharge of his opponent. Overall, he did not play flexibly enough, "his father criticized. For the left-handed, it was the first defeat after a nine gained.

So as often this season, the double had to make the decision on victory and defeat. Alvaro Robles / Alberto Mino showed no nerves and made Akito Itagaki / Filip Zeljko only a few possibilities for points. For the left-right combination, it was the fourth victory in the fifth season game.

The pairings:

Kilian - Alberto Mino 3: 2 (11: 7, 7:11, 3:11, 11: 5, 11: 7)

Akito Itagaki - Benedikt Duda 0: 3 (4:11, 2: 11, 5:11)

Filip Zeljko - Alvaro Robles 1: 3 (7:11, 11: 8, 8:11, 7:11)

Kilian Place - Benedikt Duda 3: 2 (5:11, 7:11, 11: 5, 14:12, 11: 2)

Akito Itagaki / Filip Zeljko - Alvaro Robles / Alberto Mino 0: 3 (5:11, 10:12, 8:11)

Nagelsmann is celebrating for dream parade in training .
Julian Nagelsmann proves his skills as a sportsman in Bavaria training - with a well-handsome parade. © Provided by Sport1.de Nagelsmann is celebrating for dream parade in training Julian Nagelsmann is a unusual coach in many ways. The bay coach of Bayern has already come to work with the skateboard and gladly relies on the one- or other optical appeal at the sideline.

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