Offbeat Fire in Gironde: The arrival of thunderstorms, a double -edged sword

12:00  13 august  2022
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7.400 hectares ont brulé depuis la reprise du feu cette semaine, amplifié par la canicule. Mais l'incendie pourrait se calmer grâce aux orages prévus ce samedi soir dans le sud-ouest. Si la pluie pourraient aider les 1.500 pompiers français et européens dans leur lutte contre l'incendie, il faut rester prudent, notamment en cas d'orages secs. © SDIS 33 7,400 hectares have burned since the resumption of fire this week, amplified by the heat wave. But the fire could calm down thanks to the thunderstorms scheduled for this Saturday evening in the Southwest. If the rain could help the 1,500 French and European firefighters in their fight against the fire, it is necessary to remain cautious, in particular in the event of dry thunderstorms.

The Fire in Gironde will finally calm down? Already 7,400 hectares burned since the resumption of fire in Landiras this week. Last night, the inhabitants of certain sectors of the Landes municipalities of Moustey and Saugnacq-et-Muret were allowed to return home. The authorities have also decided to reopen the A63, which links Bordeaux to Spain. The fire has not progressed for 48 hours. In the rest of France, 660 hectares of vegetation also burned in the Jura. In Brittany, nearly 300 hectares of the Brocéliande forest went up in smoke, but the fire was contained at two thirds, Friday afternoon. In Ardèche, another fire launched on Wednesday evening was set.

fires in Brittany, Isère and Dordogne: where are we this Monday?

 fires in Brittany, Isère and Dordogne: where are we this Monday? © Hervé Chatel A Canadair drops his cargo on the Chartreuse cliff where a fire has been raging since Friday evening, between La Buisse and Voreppe, near Grenoble. Three weeks after the monster fires that ravaged the Gironde, Several braziers mobilized firefighters everywhere in France this weekend. Liberation takes stock.

"We follow the weather as you go"

The storms which will therefore arrive by the Southwest may end the scorching episode, but could also be double-edged. Currently, we can no longer talk about a wall of flames on site, the 40 kilometers on which the fires are treated are treated. There are still a few small flames in the already burned areas. This Saturday, 1,500 French and European firefighters continue to fight on the ground day and night. But the weather conditions are double -edged. Thunderstorms accompanied by rain are expected this Saturday evening.

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However, the chief of the firefighters of Gironde, Marc Vermeulen, remains cautious. "It will depend on what type of storm it is. If it is a thunderstorm that brings us intense rain, I will be the happiest of the Departmental Directors of Fire Services. If now, they are dry thunderstorms , there on the other hand, it will rather annoy us since it can happen that we have lightnings which touch the peat and that, according to the winds behind, it generates new hatching of fires. We follow the weather as as it goes, "he explains. Especially since Météo-France plans gusts up to 70 kilometers in Sunday evening. So if it is not raining by then, the situation could be very problematic.

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