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Philippines: The Megi Storm made 117 dead

Thursday  13:50,   14 april 2022

© 14th IB Philippine ARMY / AFP L ES Landslides and floods caused by the Megi tropical storm did at least 117 deaths at the Philippines , according to the latest assessments officials published Thursday. Dozens of people are always missing while... >>>

Listeria: Carrefour and Leclerc reminiscent of fish everywhere in France

Thursday  01:15,   14 april 2022

© Pixabay Listeria: Carrefour and Leclerc recall fish everywhere in France The two largest distribution brands recall these products everywhere in France. They are marketed in self-service fishmonger rays. Vigilance If you have purchased fish... >>>

"Pathetic" and "lamentable", Real is destroyed

Wednesday  23:55,   13 april 2022

© provided by Sports.co.uk A head on the bar (66E)! "Incredible", "Heroic", "Immortal" ... As a whole, the press has inflamed after the qualification of the Real Madrid at the end of a stunning match against Chelsea (2-3 A.P.) quarter-finals return >>>

Philippines: The Megi Storm has made at least 80 dead

Wednesday  20:30,   13 april 2022

© AFP A The help of pellemeuses or bare hands, the rescuers continued Wednesday to dig the mud in the field search in remote villages of the center of the Philippines , where at least 80 people have perished and many others have disappeared in... >>>

9 euro monthly ticket should not remain a straw fire

Wednesday  17:25,   13 april 2022

The transport companies in Germany work under high pressure to implement the 9-euro monthly ticket for public transport, starting on June 1 and should apply nationwide. © Hannes P. Albert / DPA As of June, there will be a 9-euro ticket for three... >>>

Benneteau remains confident

Wednesday  12:15,   13 april 2022

© provided by Sports.co.uk Tennis - Billie Jean King Cup: Benneteau is confident The Billie Jean King Cup gets closer. From this Friday, France defies Italy, on the side of the Alghero Club Tennis, to win its place for the final phases of the... >>>

Survey: Alliance Trade: World trade from two pages under pressure

Tuesday  15:55,   12 april 2022

© Provided by Handelsblatt The energy prices in Germany rise. Photo: DPadata Portal Copyright = High transport and energy prices prepare German companies. The war in Ukraine and its consequences exacerbate the situation in addition. The Ukraine war >>>

Thailand launches its National Human Genome Sequencing Program

Tuesday  13:20,   12 april 2022

© Getty Images / Science Photo Libra - Tek Image / Science Photo Library In the insulation of genes sequences, one can identify the lead responsible for illness, understand the mechanism the appearance of this disease and explore therapeutic... >>>

Philippines: The Megi Storm has made at least 28 dead

Tuesday  11:20,   12 april 2022

© Bobbie Alota aerial view of the Floods in Abuyog after the passage of the Megi Storm, April 11, 2022 to the Philippines at least 28 people died in the center and the South of the Philippines during the passage of the Tropical Storm Megi, which... >>>

The Shock An ad Ramos

Tuesday  08:25,   12 april 2022

© provided by Sports.co.uk Sergio Ramos The hour of retirement is not near ring for Sergio Ramos . Despite its 36 years and last two years particularly complicated because of rehearsal injuries, the Spanish international defender sees far. "I would >>>

Tennis - Monte Carlo: Sinner touched to the abdominals

Tuesday  07:15,   12 april 2022

© Panoramic Jannik Sinner Winner in three sets of Borna Coric, Monday in Monte Carlo for his debut in the tournament, Jannik Sinner suffered from pain at the abdominals during the encounter. Examined at length by the doctor, the Italian then took... >>>

to the one: the presidential election in France

Monday  23:35,   11 april 2022

© Reuters - Sarah Meyssonnier Marine Le Pen candidate of the national gathering and Emmanuel Macron, again face to face for the second round of the French presidential election, April 24 2022 . The photos of Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen are... >>>

The match France-Germany 1982 will be replayed at the Roazhon Park

Monday  19:55,   11 april 2022

© provided by Sofoot forty years later, Patrick Battiston will be back on the ground. The director Massimo Furlan will revive the semifinal of the 1982 World Cup, which has become infamous for the German Guardian fault Harald Schumacher on Patrick... >>>

that has never been with "Bauer looking for a woman": Michael seeks "people to fall in love - no matter if man or wife"

Monday  16:18,   11 april 2022

© Provided by Berliner Kurier that has never been with "Bauer looking for a woman". In the new season, which starts on Sunday with the idea of ​​farmers, a farmer is not targeting a woman. Not after a man. The 27-year-old Michael is bisexual and... >>>

Pfeiffer Vacuum Share: Dividend Rain

Sunday  21:40,   10 april 2022

© Pfeiffer Vacuum AG Corporate Buildings of Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH in Asslar, Germany In almost all market segments, product groups and regions, the SDAX company records a strong increase in demand. The Semiconductor and Future Technology area grew... >>>