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Debunking BuzzFeed and the Wages of Investigative Secrecy

Sunday  22:21,   20 january 2019

It is long past time that the public was told exactly what the president is alleged to have... >>>

Judge Jeanine Pirro: Nancy Pelosi, you're a shutdown hypocrite -- Stop playing games and negotiate

Sunday  22:21,   20 january 2019

Your buddies vacation with lobbyists in Puerto Rico during the shutdow, and you plan a jaunt to Europe while federal employees are trying to save every... >>>

The President’s Hostage Attempt Is Going Miserably Wrong

Sunday  05:55,   20 january 2019

Once again, Trump tried and failed to strike a deal on... >>>

Time to Break the Silence on Palestine

Sunday  05:55,   20 january 2019

Martin Luther King Jr. courageously spoke out about the Vietnam War. We must do the same when it comes to this grave injustice of our... >>>

Opinions | The shabbiest U.S. president ever is an inexpressibly sad specimen

Sunday  05:45,   20 january 2019

What a misery it must be to be Donald... >>>

President Trump Should Deliver State of the Union — as Planned

Saturday  02:40,   19 january 2019

It would be a golden opportunity to make his case for a border... >>>

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Why I refuse to walk with the Washington Women’s March

Saturday  01:20,   19 january 2019

It should not be this difficult to condemn hate speech. Until national leaders get it right, local marches will carry the mission... >>>

Trump's border wall is a MacGuffin

Friday  19:35,   18 january 2019

The border wall is now a MacGuffin, and that's the problem. A MacGuffin is a term of art in screenwriting. It's the thing the hero wants but the bad guys are trying to get, and therefore it drives the action of the story. In John Huston's "The... >>>

Opinions | Trump is moving the polls: His are down, and Pelosi’s are up

Friday  19:35,   18 january 2019

It's hard to see how Trump climbs out of the... >>>

How The Media Missed The Story On The Women’s March

Friday  19:16,   18 january 2019

With more critical reporting on the Women's March, we could have avoided elevating someone who sympathizes with an... >>>

OPINION: Thanks To The Shutdown, Americans Have Found Out They Don’t Need Part Of The Government

Friday  19:10,   18 january 2019

Sooner or later, Americans are going to realize they don’t need all that government after... >>>

‘It’s Impeachment Material’

Friday  19:00,   18 january 2019

An explosive report that Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress provides a straightforwardly impeachable... >>>

Here's why Trump should worry about the latest report on his directing Cohen to lie to Congress

Friday  17:35,   18 january 2019

President Trump now stands accused of directing his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress about Trump's attempt to court Vladimir Putin during the campaign and build a hotel in Moscow. After two years of "bombshell" reports that proved... >>>

The anti-choice movement is about controlling women

Friday  16:51,   18 january 2019

Where are the marches for the women who die every day in pregnancy and... >>>

Who Are We Marching For?

Friday  16:45,   18 january 2019

On the selflessness of the pro-life... >>>