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Christian Whiton: Trump's tough action against China is long overdue – Beijing must pay for its misconduct

Saturday  06:20,   30 may 2020

President Trump spoke Friday with more clarity about China than any previous president in U.S. history.Trump spoke in the wake of Beijing’s progressive assault on freedom in Hong Kong, and as China continued to refuse to come clean about the... >>>

US Virgin Islands welcoming tourists again next week

Saturday  04:37,   30 may 2020

As the travel industry reopens following COVID-19 shutdowns, TPG suggests that you talk to your doctor, follow health officials’ guidance and research local travel restrictions before booking that next trip. We will be here to help you prepare,... >>>

Why Big Tech isn’t fighting Trump in public this time

Saturday  02:15,   30 may 2020

Apple, Google, and Amazon fought loudly against Trump over immigration. Now he’s attacking them and they’re quiet.So what do America’s most powerful internet companies have to say about... >>>

Protesting Works. Rioting Doesn’t.

Saturday  01:35,   30 may 2020

Demand accountability for George Floyd’s death, yes, but don’t romanticize rioting, now or ever.While New York City waited five years before firing the police officer in the Garner case, Minneapolis moved more swiftly, firing all four officers who... >>>

Biden’s Vice-President Shortlist Is Shrinking Before Our Eyes

Saturday  00:51,   30 may 2020

This week, several of Biden’s more prominent prospects withdrew or saw their stock value drop due to national crises.And so, as my colleague Gabriel Debenedetti recently explained, Biden has been willing to hold what amounts to an “open audition”... >>>

What we’re missing when we condemn “violence” at protests

Saturday  00:35,   30 may 2020

What news coverage does — and doesn’t show — about unrest in Minneapolis and Louisville.The responses across the nation, whether you call them riots (and you shouldn’t) or whether you call them protests, uprisings, unrest, or rebellions, are being... >>>

Anger Is Justified, Riots Never Are

Saturday  00:15,   30 may 2020

Romanticizing disorganized violence is not just wrong in some factual way about how the world works; it’s depraved and vile.Unfortunately it must be said, because absolute morons who would call the cops without hesitation if there were an unruly... >>>

With Major City on Fire, President Feuds With Twitter Over Whether He Can Tweet About Shooting People

Saturday  00:06,   30 may 2020

Eye's always on the ball with this guy.Protests over the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis escalated into violence and arson again on Thursday night, though whether protesters or police were more responsible for inciting the unrest... >>>

Trump's new executive order is as phony as his Twitter feed (Opinion)

Saturday  00:06,   30 may 2020

Paul Callan writes that President Trump's executive order targeting social media companies could restrain freedom of speech under the First Amendment. It's a misuse of power, Callan writes, and nothing but political whining . If its... >>>

Trump’s Attempt to Change Social Media’s Rules Is Futile Political Coercion

Saturday  00:06,   30 may 2020

Trump's executive order targeting section 230 of the Communication Decency Act is pure political coercion, writes FCC chairman Tom Wheeler.With the signing of yet another executive order on May 28, Donald Trump embraced limits on free speech via >>>

Trump Can’t Explain Away His Vile ‘Looting’ Tweet

Saturday  00:06,   30 may 2020

Despite his disingenuous attempt to walk back his threat toward Minneapolis protesters, it’s clear he just wanted to pour gasoline on the fire.I can’t stand back & watch this happen to a great American City, Minneapolis. A total lack of leadership.... >>>

The Week contest: Inflatable eats

Friday  23:27,   29 may 2020

This week's question: The Open Hearth restaurant in South Carolina has opened its doors, but with inflatable dolls seated at 50 percent of the tables, to create a convivial atmosphere while still ensuring patrons sit at least 6 feet apart. What... >>>

This Is Easy: Don’t Excuse, Defend, or Encourage Rioters

Friday  23:10,   29 may 2020

The Left’s privileged commentators don’t have to worry about losing their homes or businesses.We’ve been down this road before, and it’s a straight stretch of highway with no twists whatsoever. It would take a moral moron to get lost on it, and yet... >>>

Trump’s Audience of One

Friday  22:35,   29 may 2020

The new executive order targeting social-media companies isn’t really about Twitter. It’s about Mark Zuckerberg.The president’s order targets Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which confers immunity to internet companies for content... >>>

What happens when the police lose all legitimacy

Friday  21:30,   29 may 2020

Minneapolis has witnessed serious unrest over the past few days, sparked by the police killing of a black man named George Floyd, who was accused of using a counterfeit 20 dollar bill. The official report of his death mysteriously omitted the fact... >>>