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The Amy Coney Barrett Sham Senate Confirmation Is Done. Now, Her Supreme Court Horror Show Begins.

Wednesday  03:50,   28 october 2020

With Democrats powerless and Republicans shameless, the foregone conclusion of Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation as a Supreme Court justice is, at last, concluded. Justice Barrett was confirmed 52-48 by the Senate, and fittingly, given her... >>>

The Left Doesn’t Fear Amy Coney Barrett, It Fears the Constitution

Tuesday  19:56,   27 october 2020

The rest is... >>>

The Case for Criminally Investigating the Ex-President

Tuesday  19:01,   27 october 2020

America’s tradition of granting post-term immunity from prosecution to those who leave the White House now comes at too great a cost.The presidency of Donald J. Trump has upended those calculations, and the resistance to post-term investigation may... >>>

The Simple Reason Republicans Are Frantically Fighting ‘Fraud’

Tuesday  18:46,   27 october 2020

Two scenes of voter suppression—a fancy word for cheating—are unfolding right now in Pennsylvania. In one, Trump-flag-flying thugs drive semi trucks around a Democrat-leaning voting place, stereos blaring so loud that people inside can’t hear each... >>>

‘The View’s’ Sunny Hostin Schools Bari Weiss on ‘Court Packing’

Tuesday  18:46,   27 october 2020

Bari Weiss has been relatively quiet since she canceled herself from The New York Times earlier this year. But with Meghan McCain on maternity leave, there is an opening at The View for a relentlessly contrarian voice and Weiss stepped right into it >>>

The case for stripping the Supreme Court of its power

Tuesday  17:06,   27 october 2020

A Harvard law professor on whether it’s time to rethink the nation’s highest court.When he was arguing for the ratification of the Constitution, Alexander Hamilton wrote that the judiciary “will always be the least dangerous branch to the political... >>>

The Plot to Kidnap Me

Tuesday  14:15,   27 october 2020

Every time the president ramps up his violent rhetoric, every time he fires up Twitter to launch another broadside against me, my family and I see a surge of vicious attacks sent our way. This is no coincidence, and the president knows it. He is... >>>

There Is Nothing Left to Say. It’s Just Time to Vote.

Tuesday  12:16,   27 october 2020

The two candidates are extremely well-known. We just have a week (at least) to wait.There are things one could say about the last debate. Compared with how they behaved in their first encounter, Trump started out calmer and Biden started out... >>>

The Atlantic Daily: The Inevitability of Amy Coney Barrett

Tuesday  04:15,   27 october 2020

It’s official. Barrett is joining the Supreme Court.The rushed appointment of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court tells a story of a party aware of its own weaknesses. The nation is a week out from a national election that Republicans may very... >>>

Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation Is Proof That Norms Are Dead

Tuesday  02:25,   27 october 2020

Even if he loses next week, Trump got his third justice. The only question is: What are Democrats going to do about it if they gain power?“We made an important contribution to the future of this country. A lot of what we’ve done over the last four... >>>

Amy Coney Barrett Could Bring Down Decades of Anti-Discrimination Law

Tuesday  00:05,   27 october 2020

The court is poised to take away one of the most important tools for combating systemic racism.Scalia made his infamous “racial entitlement” statement during oral argument in Shelby County v. Holder, the 2013 case that eviscerated the Voting Rights... >>>

How to Restore the Justice Department After Trump Leaves Office

Monday  19:41,   26 october 2020

Constitutional-law expert Mark Tushnet on his call for a bipartisan commission to investigate the many ways the DOJ shattered norms under Trump.Back in June, Mark Tushnet, an expert in constitutional law and a professor emeritus at Harvard Law... >>>

Supreme Court’s Vague Election Orders Are a 2020 Wild Card

Monday  19:41,   26 october 2020

Republicans want the Supreme Court to stop lower-court judges from liberalizing voting rules, and the Court’s conservative majority often complies.At least nine times since April, the Supreme Court has issued rulings in election disputes. Or perhaps >>>

Trump Let the Right Make Him the Herbert Hoover of the Coronavirus

Monday  18:15,   26 october 2020

The virus was a chance for Trump to revive his presidency. He blew it by listening to conservatives.The pandemic, while a social and economic crisis, presented a political opportunity. Governors across the country and leaders across the world saw... >>>

The Catholic Church Is Still Catholic, Contrary to the Headlines

Monday  17:35,   26 october 2020

That’s a challenge to Joe Biden and all of us sinners. As it should be!If Pope Francis hadn’t gone on about a right to a family, the comments wouldn’t have captured my attention for too long. In retrospect, I wonder if we all should have tried to... >>>