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The art of the apology: Lessons from anti-LGBTQ tweeters Kevin Hart and Kyler Murray

Wednesday  19:45,   12 december 2018

Is there a statute of limitations on our old, nasty selves? And why is apologizing so hard? LGBT missteps by Murray and Hart are a teachable... >>>

Conservatives should be wary of 'Medicare for all' distraction

Wednesday  19:30,   12 december 2018

There is a risk that those on the Right will get distracted by attacking the easy target of “Medicare for all,” which despite its fans is still likely a political fantasy in the near-term, and thus allow more practical Democrats to push through... >>>

House Democrats poised to set a dangerous precedent with president’s tax returns

Wednesday  19:06,   12 december 2018

At the end of the day, this isn’t about the involuntary release of the president’s tax returns. It’s about protecting every American from political intimidation. If House Democrats release Trump’s tax returns, yours may be next. Estes represents... >>>

Opinions | For Trump, it’s all downhill from here

Wednesday  18:55,   12 december 2018

The president's approval ratings won't get any... >>>

The Democrats’ Best Response to Republican Power Grabs

Tuesday  23:55,   11 december 2018

The best option goes beyond retaliation or... >>>

John Kelly Was Always Just Donald Trump With Better Manners

Tuesday  18:35,   11 december 2018

He was never really the adult in the... >>>

Republicans Must Reject ‘Russia Hoax’ Conspiracies and Examine the Evidence

Tuesday  05:20,   11 december 2018

Let’s find the truth and confront it fearlessly. No other approach will provide the justice and transparency America... >>>

Democrats shouldn't try to impeach Trump — yet

Monday  18:20,   10 december 2018

Donald Trump is a bad man and a bad president, a "leader" whose main redeeming quality appears to be that he's too lazy and undisciplined to effectively implement all of his cruel and anti-democratic ideas. The sooner he leaves office, the better... >>>

Manafort, Cohen and Flynn -- The Ghosts of Trump’s Christmases Past

Monday  18:06,   10 december 2018

In the Charles Dickens’ classic “A Christmas Carol” three ghosts visit Ebenezer Scrooge as a reminder of the life he has led. This December Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, and Michael Flynn are a haunting reminder of the life Donald Trump has led.... >>>

Donald Trump and the Imperial Presidency

Monday  18:06,   10 december 2018

A single person has come to exercise almost total spiritual, moral, and psychological control over civil society. His tenure as commander in chief reveals that this model of governance is basically unsound and incoherent. I strongly believe that, in >>>

Michael Cohen’s Sentencing Memorandum Is A Roadmap For Indicting Trump

Monday  18:06,   10 december 2018

A sentencing memorandum against President Trump’s former lawyer candidly lays out the federal case against Trump for campaign finance crimes. The prosecutors say that payments Cohen caused to be made to two women who say they had extramarital... >>>

Mueller Can Take Better Care of Cooperating Witnesses Than Trump Can

Monday  17:41,   10 december 2018

It’s better to work with the special counsel than to stay loyal to... >>>

Michael Cohen lied about dealing with Russia, but Trump didn't

Saturday  01:40,   08 december 2018

Opponents of President Trump who read the late Friday court filing by the special counsel's office on Michael Cohen must have once again felt the familiar deep pangs of disappointment that come with every turn in the Russia investigation. There is,... >>>

Pearl Harbor brought out the best in George Bush and others

Saturday  01:30,   08 december 2018

Historian H.W. Brands says Pearl Harbor brought out the best in George Bush and set the pattern for his career. As America observes the Pearl Harbor anniversary, Brands reflects that perhaps Bush's passing "can make us pause and ask ourselves if... >>>

A Naive Letter From Fledging House Democrats

Friday  18:30,   07 december 2018

OPINION — An enduring Washington truth: When a politician uses multiple clauses in a sentence, the opening words are camouflage soon to be contradicted by what comes later. Here are a few typical examples of this rhetorical shell game: When a... >>>