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Must the church wrestle with systemic racism? A response to David French

Monday  23:07,   26 july 2021

My husband and I attended McLean Bible Church in the D.C. area for a little more than a year, but we began looking for a different church that was better-suited to our needs during the coronavirus pandemic. I still have the utmost respect for Pastor >>>

Latinos Will Determine the Future of American Evangelicalism

Monday  13:43,   26 july 2021

The fastest-growing group of evangelicals in the country is poised to transform our religious and political landscapes.Latinos are leaving the Catholic Church and converting to evangelical Protestantism in increased numbers, and evangelical... >>>

This Court Has Abandoned the Most Essential Element in American Democracy: Voters

Sunday  15:14,   25 july 2021

Two recent decisions capture perfectly just how distorted the Court’s approach is.In two cases decided on the same day, the Court signaled its side. In Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee, a 6–3 majority watered down what’s left of the Voting... >>>

Anti-abortion lawyers are finally being honest about what they want from the Supreme Court

Sunday  05:05,   25 july 2021

For decades, abortion opponents urged the Court to lie about abortion restrictions. They don’t need to anymore.Dobbs, which the Court will hear this fall, concerns a Mississippi law that prohibits nearly all abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy.... >>>

Bitcoin safety – Crucial tips that every user needs to follow!

Friday  19:10,   23 july 2021

It is irrefutable that bitcoin is an incredible cryptocurrency, but it is also true that begin a digital currency is exposed to a massive number of risks. So, if you are using bitcoins, you need to be aware of all those risks as well as the... >>>

A Better Way to Fight Critical Race Theory

Friday  14:58,   23 july 2021

Banning CRT from schools will actually prevent students from fully understanding its weaknesses.Let me be clear about one thing up front: I think critical race theory is nonsense. Most of its proponents insist that all black people are perpetually... >>>

Word of the Week: 'Rights'

Friday  07:21,   23 july 2021

The utilitarian philosopher Jeremy Bentham famously derided the entire conception of “human rights” as “nonsense upon stilts.” I’d submit that a political system built on the idea that citizens have inalienable rights that no legitimate government... >>>

Rules for radical chic

Friday  07:21,   23 july 2021

Today's CRT militants, including teachers unions, owe their tactics to Saul Alinsky.Racial cooperation and colorblindness have been replaced in many schools by an all-encompassing valuation of students’ lives and experiences based solely on the... >>>

Klobuchar proposes stripping Section 230 protections for 'health misinformation'

Friday  03:02,   23 july 2021

Senate Democrats introduced new legislation Thursday to hold social media platforms accountable for health-related misinformation during public health emergencies, a move that could cause more censorship during crises similar to the coronavirus... >>>

The Left’s war on speech is not the first time it betrayed its values

Friday  00:57,   23 july 2021

With Biden officials now helping Big Tech firms flag “misinformation,” the ascendant Left once again has betrayed the beliefs it once stood for. © Provided by Washington Examiner As this Tuesday’s editorial made clear, the White House is now trying... >>>

Imagine a 9/11 Commission If the Hijackers Had Allies in Congress

Friday  00:57,   23 july 2021

The whole premise of an investigation was that both parties opposed the insurrection.But when media accounts these days describe the political wrangling over the investigation, the once-ubiquitous term now rarely appears. The reason for this is that >>>

The Internet’s Most Aggrieved Influencer

Thursday  21:53,   22 july 2021

The most furious and oddly compelling of the Trumps is developing a personal brand as a victim of the platform he loves.With more than half a million likes, the post received about nine times the engagement of one of Trump Jr.’s typical posts,... >>>

Will the battle over "critical race theory" be a winning issue for the right? It already is

Thursday  19:01,   22 july 2021

As used by Republicans, "critical race theory" is an empty term used to channel racist urges. That's why it works People hold up signs during a rally against "critical race theory" (CRT) being taught in schools at the Loudoun County Government... >>>

Never Let Journalists Run Things

Thursday  15:49,   22 july 2021

The British experience should be a warning: Don’t let journalists go into politics.A British journalist would not need to be so coy about moving into politics. Our prime minister, Boris Johnson, famously began his career as a journalist. He was soon >>>

After 11 Minutes in America, I Got Hit by the Crime Wave

Thursday  15:37,   22 july 2021

I spent most of the pandemic abroad. It didn’t take long after I returned home for someone to try to rob me at gunpoint.Eleven minutes later, a man tried to rob me at... >>>