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simplified access to short -time work will remain possible until the end of June. Federal Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil (SPD) told the Editorial Network Germany (RND/Sunday), despite the high loads that the economy had to do at the same time, the situa

Sunday  18:30,   11 december 2022

© Jens Büttner/DPA Central Picture/DPA An application form for short-time work money. , according to the RND, the regulation already went through the departmental vote and is to be decided in the cabinet on Wednesday. Heil said: “Short work has... >>>

Lady Di, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Rihanna… The icons of the editorial staff of Elle

Monday  21:00,   05 december 2022

supplied by News 360 Ceremony in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. - Volodymyr Tarasov / Zuma Press / Contactophoto The Ukraine Security Service (SBU) proceeded to the search of several installations of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow in the... >>>

The cartoon "Petronix", on Gulli: young heroes with the rescue of animals

Monday  19:20,   21 november 2022

© Method animation The heroes of "Petronix" travel the planet for their missions. "Petronix", intended for 4-8 year olds, features four children who defend fauna. To find on the Gulli channel, on weekends, and on its website. Petronix is "A... >>>

gap mushroom atom lets Scholz reach for power

Tuesday  10:00,   18 october 2022

- by Holger Hansen and Alexander Ratz and Andreas Rinke © Reuters/Christian Mang Archive: An overall view shows the ISAR 2 nuclear power plant in Eschenbach, Germany Berlin (Reuters) - Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz The weeks of dispute in the... >>>

editorial. Ukraine, composure and support

Sunday  08:20,   25 september 2022

© Genya Savilov, AFP A Ukrainian flag floats in front of a local administration building destroyed, in a village in the Mykolaïv region, Saturday September 24, 2022. while the Russian regime Mobilizes and threatens, let's not give in to fear. Let... >>>

For the first time, a couple of lesbian mothers appeared in the cult British cartoon "Peppa Pig"

Thursday  21:40,   08 september 2022

18 years after its creation, the directors of the famous British cartoon joined a lesbian couple in an episode. An initiative welcomed by LGBT+defense associations, as well as by many Internet users on social networks. © supplied by Franceinfo The... >>>

Fedora, Basket and sneakers ... The favorites of September 2022 of the editorial staff

Monday  18:30,   05 september 2022

The American actress with a thousand and one facets impressed us in a boyish look at a conference in Mexico on cinema. An outfit to take in model. Nicole Kidman is resolutely one of the most inspiring women of our generation. Its attraction for... >>>

François Hollande is the voice of a character from the cartoon of Jul inspired by the series "Silex and the City"

Tuesday  14:30,   30 august 2022

is a first for an ex-president of the Republic: we will hear the voice of François Hollande, As well as that of his wife Julie Gayet, in an animated film from the series "Silex and the City", which should be released next year. © provided by... >>>

It’s Not Good to Mock the Payroll Protection Program

Monday  21:11,   29 august 2022

Democrats have been delighting in Republican hypocrisy, mocking the GOP for taking PPP loans while opposing student-debt reform — a risky argument.The White House pointed out that Greene, the doyenne of the far right, had $183,504 forgiven in the... >>>

Trump’s Second Term Would Look Like This

Monday  14:31,   29 august 2022

The former president and his allies have explained their plans quite clearly.Today, however, we can do more than just speculate about how a second Trump term would unfold, because the MAGA movement has been telegraphing its plans in some... >>>

Andrew Yang Thinks Three Parties Aren’t Nearly Enough

Sunday  14:51,   28 august 2022

The former Democratic presidential candidate isn’t worried about being a spoiler.Yang insists that he’s concentrating on building up Forward and enlisting candidates, not on running for office himself. Working with a budget approaching $10 million,... >>>

We Can Be Framers Too

Sunday  14:51,   28 august 2022

The Constitution doesn’t have to be something we merely inherit; it could be something we can change ourselves—starting with rewriting the too-stringent rules for making such changes.[David Litt: A court without... >>>

If Prosecuting Trump Sets a ‘Dangerous’ Precedent—So Does Letting His Crimes Slide

Saturday  07:31,   27 august 2022

America is grappling with an unprecedented choice: Should we, or should we not, indict an ex-president? The Jan. 6 Committee has shown a ton of evidence that former President Donald Trump and various accomplices committed conspiracy to defraud the... >>>

‘Mike’ Helps Tyson Keep the Women He Abused in the Shadows

Saturday  04:41,   27 august 2022

In the weeks leading up to the premiere of Mike, the new Hulu limited series based upon Mike Tyson’s life, the heavyweight boxing champion took to Instagram to express his displeasure. “They stole my life story and didn’t pay me,” he alleges in his... >>>

Don’t Succumb to MAGA Fatalism

Friday  13:51,   26 august 2022

Three strategies to cope with Trump-induced gloomMany Americans are, rightly, gravely concerned about the threat posed to our nation by the MAGA movement, which started with Donald Trump but has now engulfed almost the entire Republican Party. In... >>>