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My third impeachment is really different from the others (Opinion)

Wednesday  16:50,   13 november 2019

Joe Lockhart writes that the Trump impeachment inquiry has certainly stirred memories for him of 1998-99 when he worked in the White House during Bill Clinton's administration, but it also reminds him of attending the Senate Watergate hearings... >>>

A Post-Post-Cold-War NATO

Wednesday  16:40,   13 november 2019

The U.S.-led alliance has been very successful for most of a century. Now what?It is a bit rich to hear French president Emmanuel Macron announce that NATO is suffering “a brain death” because of “a lack of American commitment.” France has allowed... >>>

Former Acting AG: Partisan impeachment of Trump sets a dangerous precedent

Wednesday  16:40,   13 november 2019

As the House Intelligence Committee begins the public hearing portion of its impeachment inquiry against President Trump on Wednesday – an inquiry that has been only approved by partisan Democrats who control the chamber – Americans are asking... >>>

The Case for the Impeachment Defense

Wednesday  05:05,   13 november 2019

My client’s call with the Ukrainian president was innocent, and the House inquiry is a travesty.If your only sources of news the past two months have been CNN and MSNBC, you probably think President Trump has committed some heinous act that is... >>>

Republicans Know Trump Is Innocent—They’re Trying to Figure Out Why

Tuesday  18:15,   12 november 2019

The three leading GOP defenses of the president contradict one another.Give Mac Thornberry this much: Unlike some of his Republican colleagues, he was at least... >>>

Impeachment hearings are Democrats' last, best chance to show how Trump endangers America

Tuesday  17:50,   12 november 2019

Closed impeachment testimony has revealed one nightmare after another. Now the witnesses are going public. Will America (and Republicans) take note?Like Saratoga in 1777 or Gettysburg in 1863, the Donald Trump impeachment is shaping up to be a... >>>

The Supreme Court and Congress must defend Dreamers

Tuesday  17:40,   12 november 2019

Sen. Dick Durbin and Rep. Zoe Lofgren write that President Trump's repeal of DACA was illegal, so this should be a straightforward case for the Supreme Court. And with two House passed bills, which fight back against Trump's cruel decision... >>>

Adam Schiff's 'ham sandwich': Not an inquiry, just a show

Tuesday  17:40,   12 november 2019

With the Democrats' case against Trump going on national television, fundamental fairness dictates that it be the whole case. Otherwise, it's just a show, produced and directed by partisan Democrats.Former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy... >>>

Who’s Afraid of Elizabeth Warren?

Tuesday  17:00,   12 november 2019

President Trump has been good for America’s billionaires. He slashed corporate taxes, cut the top income tax rate and raised the total exemption for the estate tax, directly benefiting several hundred billionaires and their heirs. He’s placed... >>>

Trump’s Most Dangerous Enemies May Be the Sycophants in His Midst

Tuesday  16:30,   12 november 2019

The White House of ‘yes men’ the president presides over can’t save him from his worst impulses.Editor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our content partner, and do not necessarily represent the views of MSN or... >>>

Opinions | We thought Trump was the biggest con man. We were all wrong.

Tuesday  16:30,   12 november 2019

Somehow they’ve “tricked” him into saying and doing racist and corrupt things, in public and on camera. They hoodwinked him into passing economic policies that punish his working-class base while rewarding wealthy donors. And, worst of all — in the... >>>

The truly frightening thing about Nikki Haley's big revelation

Monday  22:07,   11 november 2019

In her forthcoming book about her time in the Trump White House, former US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley claims that she was recruited by White House chief of staff John Kelly and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to subvert the wishes >>>

The moment of truth for Democrats arrives Wednesday

Monday  18:25,   11 november 2019

A crucial phase of the impeachment investigation begins with public hearings Wednesday. House Democrats on the Intelligence Committee are preparing to review with the public some of the damning findings that they have gathered over the course of... >>>

5 Reasons A Senate Trial Would Be A Nightmare For Democrats

Monday  18:00,   11 november 2019

If impeachment occurs and a Senate trial happens, the GOP has the advantages. It could be a disaster for Democrats.The once distant and gauzy fantasy of impeaching President Donald Trump is becoming very real for Democrats, just not quite how they... >>>

Life and death ... and Medicaid

Monday  18:00,   11 november 2019

Medicaid saves lives. Ideological antipathy to Medicaid costs lives.One implication of last week’s wins for Democrats in Virginia and Kentucky is that fewer people will perish because they lack access to health... >>>