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Here's why Dems want to generate climate panic (as they ignore ways to reduce carbon emissions)

Wednesday  12:21,   18 september 2019

What are Democrats really trying to accomplish when they push for climate change? Here are some... >>>

Editorial: Climate change is already here. 2020 could be your last chance to stop an apocalypse

Wednesday  12:21,   18 september 2019

The world is drifting steadily toward a climate catastrophe. F or many of us, that’s been clear for a few years or maybe a decade or even a few decades. But others have known that a reckoning was coming for much longer. A Swedish scientist first... >>>

The Absurd Campaign against Vaping

Wednesday  05:45,   18 september 2019

The current episode seems to be related almost exclusively to the use of illegal THC-based cartridges. Used as intended, vaping is a literal lifesaver. In the United Kingdom, medical authorities advise smokers to switch to vaping, because... >>>

Opinions | The New York Times’s travesty of journalistic ethics

Wednesday  05:45,   18 september 2019

The sources were as unreliable as the hazy “memories” of those who allegedly witnessed the... >>>

Can Trump win again in 2020?

Tuesday  23:25,   17 september 2019

In 2016, Donald Trump overwhelmed 16 qualified Republican primary rivals and became the first major-party presidential nominee without prior political or military experience. Against even greater odds, Trump defeated in the general election a far... >>>

Why Isn’t Trump Helping the Autoworkers?

Tuesday  23:15,   17 september 2019

The president has been happy to stand up for manufacturing employees on the campaign trail, but has done conspicuously little as GM workers go on... >>>

Cokie Roberts was the best of old-school journalism

Tuesday  23:15,   17 september 2019

Young journalists should emulate Cokie Roberts. Actually, all people, of all trades, should emulate her. She made the public square a better place. Other news obituaries will note Roberts’ pedigree: Her father, Hale Boggs of Louisiana, was U.S.... >>>

William Barr’s Radical New Attempt to Block the Full Mueller Report

Tuesday  23:10,   17 september 2019

The administration’s arguments are at odds not only with the law, but also with the executive branch’s own past positions. It is true, as Attorney General William Barr has repeatedly noted, that Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 6(e) generally... >>>

House Democrats fully earned and deserve Corey Lewandowski's trolling

Tuesday  22:52,   17 september 2019

House Democrats are still relitigating 2016, and at this rate, they'll still be doing so in 2040. Even then, they still will not have learned not to invite Trump trolls to beat you at your own... >>>

The only way to deal with Trump the whiner

Tuesday  21:20,   17 september 2019

Michael D'Antonio writes that whether or not the House decides to proceed with the impeachment process, Trump is going to play the victim, so it's better for Democrats to proceed with a serious approach to Trump's obstruction of justice than to give >>>

2020 Democrats’ Demand For Kavanaugh Impeachment Will Kill Them In Swing States

Tuesday  20:20,   17 september 2019

Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation smearing 'brought people back to the Republican Party,' and it appears Democrats want to rev that engine... >>>

Mad About Kavanaugh and Gorsuch? The Best Way to Get Even Is to Pack the Court

Tuesday  20:06,   17 september 2019

Their lifetime appointments cry out for Democratic... >>>

The Attack on Saudi Arabia Is the Crisis Iran Was Waiting For

Tuesday  18:05,   17 september 2019

Its precision munitions are capable of inflicting massive amounts of... >>>

Opinions | Trump has his global crisis, and he is woefully unprepared

Tuesday  18:01,   17 september 2019

Why Trump has mutilated any coherent response to the crisis in the Persian... >>>

Americans need to know about the horrors of life in Gaza

Tuesday  09:40,   17 september 2019

For Palestinians it is not about religion. It is about occupation. I wish that you could have held the dying baby I held last October.  Majid ("glory" in Arabic) was dying from a severe birth defect.  His father had contacted my friend for help. The >>>