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Alabama doctor: Why I won't stop providing abortions (opinion)

Monday  03:15,   20 may 2019

Dr. Yashica Robinson writes that despite Alabama's new abortion ban, she -- recognizing the importance of reproductive choice -- will continue to deliver babies, give prenatal care and, yes, provide... >>>

Bernie Sanders Wants to Destroy the Best Schools Poor Urban Kids Have

Monday  03:15,   20 may 2019

Bernie’s worst policy... >>>

Byron York: Mueller changed everything

Monday  03:15,   20 may 2019

From now on, the Trump-Russia affair -- the investigation that dominated the first years of Donald Trump's presidency -- will be divided into two parts: before and after the release of the Mueller report. Before the special counsel's findings were... >>>

Justin Amash Is Not the Start of Anything

Monday  03:15,   20 may 2019

The Republican congressman who spoke out against Trump is an anomaly, not a sign of things to... >>>

When Did the Spying Begin?

Sunday  02:10,   19 may 2019

U.S. Attorney General William Barr says he’s going to find the... >>>

4 ways Trump is trying to be king

Sunday  01:50,   19 may 2019

We have seen four major precedents that Donald Trump is setting into place that could have enormous long-term consequences on the institution, Julian Zelizer... >>>

The 50-Way Abortion Fight

Friday  18:26,   17 may 2019

If Roe v. Wade is reversed, it will be only the... >>>

Post-Roe America Won’t Be Like Pre-Roe America. It Will Be Worse.

Friday  18:26,   17 may 2019

The new abortion bans are harsher than the old... >>>

De Blasio is the Ferris Bueller of Democratic presidential candidates

Friday  18:11,   17 may 2019

The most rational response to the news that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to be president is to ask, "Of what?" When informed that he wants to be president of the United States and not of, say, the local organic hemp co-op, perhaps the... >>>

Why the Michael Flynn revelations are so important

Friday  18:00,   17 may 2019

Hearing is... >>>

SAT ‘adversity score’ isn’t what America is about

Friday  17:51,   17 may 2019

The College Board’s recent announcement that it will no longer score students based only on their ability to correctly answer questions on the SAT exam is about as welcome as a pop quiz. Students will now also be assigned “adversity scores” of 1 to... >>>

Trump’s Plan To Reform Legal Immigration Is Long Overdue

Friday  17:46,   17 may 2019

Shifting immigration away from family reunification and toward skills-based employment is something the United States should have done long... >>>

Trump’s Underwhelming Immigration Reform Plan

Friday  17:46,   17 may 2019

This is a missed opportunity for bipartisanship from a president who claims he wants legal immigrants coming in their “largest numbers ever.” That’s what this plan and the country need. Jordan Bruneau is an immigration policy analyst in Los Angeles. >>>

James Carafano: Why Trump’s immigration speech is a game-changer

Friday  17:40,   17 may 2019

Even before the president did a microphone check for his immigration and border security speech in the White House Rose Garden, his critics were saying they hated his plan. Good. That means he must be more right than wrong. Think about it. The... >>>

Trump’s immigration plan has one key fault

Friday  02:05,   17 may 2019

It sees immigration as a supply-side issue, rather than a demand... >>>