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Don't let paranoia guide our response to extremism

Saturday  01:11,   06 march 2021

Radicalization is a real problem in the United States. © Provided by Washington Examiner Let’s go about fighting it the smart way, then, the opposite of the approach taken by members of the press and left-wing activists. As U.S. law enforcement... >>>

The Left’s Welfare Extremism

Friday  19:10,   05 march 2021

Left-wing critics of our family-benefit proposal are sorely misguided.At Jacobin, Matt Bruenig titled his response, “Oren Cass Is Insisting That Starving Some Kids Is Important for Society” and warned that I think families “need some tough love... >>>

Adam Kinzinger’s Bold Prediction: Trump Will Fade Away

Friday  14:40,   05 march 2021

The Republican congressman tries to save his party and himself.Since you’ve gotten started with Country First, what’s the response been... >>>

The GOP debate over family-friendly laws

Friday  06:31,   05 march 2021

How conservatives are grappling with diverging economic and cultural trends.“Everything about our ideology sort of stems from the nucleus of the family, that we are leaving women in this country without the capacity and ability unless you have an... >>>

Wake up, America: Laughter is healing

Friday  00:02,   05 march 2021

The woke cancel culture tried to replace humor with dogma — which is no laughing matter — and to erase those who disagreed.Americans choose to laugh more often than to be enraged. We have been effective at using laughter to lower the temperature.... >>>

The Same Hate That Targeted Muslims Is Turning on Asian Americans Now

Thursday  20:43,   04 march 2021

Earlier this week, House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy used the House floor to falsely blame Democrats for trying to cancel and “outlaw” Dr. Seuss, a dead author whose best-selling children’s books are still available to read. The decision to stop... >>>

Voices from Philistia

Thursday  15:07,   04 march 2021

Notes on the politics and rhetoric of populism: then, now, and alwaysIn the last several years, I’ve heard the word “fancy” a lot — as in “you people with your fancy books and your fancy degrees and your fancy music and your fancy parties and . . .” >>>

Invasive remote learning tech scans my retina, records voiceprints and gobbles up my data

Thursday  12:08,   04 march 2021

I'm a student, not a bundle of data and biometric information to sell. Virtual learning may be here to stay, but predatory seizure of data must go.Days into another semester of Zoom University, college students like me find ourselves trapped... >>>

Biden should not be interfering in workplace elections

Thursday  07:31,   04 march 2021

Liberals were downright excited this week over President Biden’s bizarre and unprecedented decision to interfere in a private company’s unionization election. © Provided by Washington Examiner About 6,000 Amazon employees at an Alabama facility are... >>>

MAGA Fans Fume at Trumpy Channel for Censoring Conspiracies

Wednesday  18:45,   03 march 2021

As Trump supporters gathered Sunday outside the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando to greet the former president’s motorcade, a correspondent for a popular pro-Trump YouTube channel went into the crowd to interview them—risking the... >>>

So What if Romney Doesn’t Solve the ‘Root Causes’ of Poverty?

Wednesday  08:41,   03 march 2021

We handle problems all the time without dealing with their root causes.Romney’s new child-allowance plan incorporates the strongest fiscal arguments made by conservatives while still appealing to liberals. The old program, Aid to Families with... >>>

Cuomo Was Always New York’s Bad Guy. Here’s Why He Was Finally Exposed.

Tuesday  15:56,   02 march 2021

I do sometimes wonder why it took so long. Why is it now, in 2021, that so many people are finally waking up to the reality of Andrew Cuomo? A year ago, he was elevated to the status of hero and myth, so absurdly lauded—the magazine covers, the... >>>

Wait Just One American Moment

Tuesday  14:03,   02 march 2021

A new organization’s complaints about conservatism seem somewhat disingenuous — and self-serving.But if you believe the people behind the new organization American Moment, the main problem with the Swamp is simply that the wrong people have been in... >>>

20-Year-Old MAGA Pol’s War on Antifa Backfires Horribly

Tuesday  12:26,   02 march 2021

Chaos. Incivility. Lack of respect for authority. Those are the things a Montana lawmaker accuses anti-fascists of in a new resolution intended to designate the movement a “domestic terrorist organization.” But the measure is struggling to get off... >>>

Biden's 'commonsense' gun law reforms make no sense

Tuesday  07:42,   02 march 2021

The Biden administration has started the long-promised march toward disarmament. “I am calling on Congress … to enact commonsense gun law reforms, including … banning assault weapons,” wrote President Biden in a statement last month. © Provided by... >>>