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CNN explains exactly why Joe Rogan is so popular

Saturday  08:15,   23 october 2021

Joe Rogan’s recent podcast featuring CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta is a perfect microcosm for understanding why the public currently reports record-low levels of trust in the media. © Provided by Washington Examiner What has been most >>>

John Eastman Is Right, His Election Memo Was “Crazy”

Friday  21:11,   22 october 2021

It is shocking that such an absurdly antidemocratic theory ever rose to political prominence. The survival of the United States as a constitutional democracy requires that we decisively reject it... >>>

Democrats Are Turning Their Big Spending Bill Into Absolute Trash

Friday  21:11,   22 october 2021

They could permanently improve the safety net. They're blowing it.As the party began trying to piece together its big social-spending and climate package, a split emerged between lawmakers who wanted to pass fewer programs (but do them well) and >>>

Why Merrick Garland Can’t Win

Friday  20:00,   22 october 2021

The show and spectacle are still more powerful than the boring institutionalists.We were wrong about this, on multiple levels. We were wrong about the American appetite for boringness and sincerity, and wrong too in believing that what America... >>>

Teaching Thomas

Friday  17:31,   22 october 2021

Over the past 30 years, Justice Thomas has taken the American people on a tour of constitutional law. For that, we should all be grateful.Although we “taught” the course, it was apparent from Day One who the real teacher was: Justice Clarence... >>>

Facebook’s First Amendment rights complicate Section 230 debate

Friday  15:30,   22 october 2021

Last week, House Democrats introduced another bill designed to alter social media companies’ business practices — this time by punishing “personalized algorithms.” This is the latest in a year-long bipartisan assault on Section 230 of the... >>>

The Backstory: Long before the Champlain Towers collapse, there was money laundering. Here's how we uncovered it.

Friday  12:51,   22 october 2021

No one wanted to talk about what happened at the Champlain Towers in Surfside, Florida. Our reporters kept digging.When USA TODAY investigative reporter Monique O. Madan sat down to handwrite the letter, she didn’t hold out much hope for a... >>>

Colleges and universities owe Black people restitution. It’s long past time to pay.

Friday  03:55,   22 october 2021

Education institutions with ties to slavery and Jim Crow crippled the earnings of Blacks for generations. Now, some are leading the way to justice.As scholar Craig Wilder aptly points out in his work, "Ebony and Ivy," dozens of the top research... >>>

Opinion | Why Is the DOJ Going Easy on Jan. 6 Defendants?

Friday  00:55,   22 october 2021

Leniency is not necessarily a bad thing, but politically selective leniency belies the guiding principle of equal justice under law.That question is complicated to answer in the abstract, in part because of the many stages of the criminal process... >>>

Smearing Popularism Does Not Help Black Voters

Thursday  18:15,   21 october 2021

Persuasively rebutting David Shor requires scrutinizing his arguments, not stigmatizing them.People like me — city-dwelling college graduates who know what a “Senate parliamentarian” is — comprise an extremely small share of the American population. >>>

Biden Has Two Long-Shot Plans to Placate Kyrsten Sinema

Thursday  18:15,   21 october 2021

Hail Mary... >>>

Canceling Thomas Jefferson

Thursday  14:40,   21 october 2021

New York City’s unceremonious decision to remove the author of the Declaration of Independence from its City Council chamber is wrong.It was wrong,... >>>

A solution to antisemitism in the media

Thursday  08:05,   21 october 2021

Axel Springer, the publishing giant that just bought Politico, made waves last week when its CEO said in an interview that he wants all staffers to adhere to companywide guiding principles, including support for “Israel’s right to exist.” As Mathias >>>

Are Failed Voting-Rights Pushes Backfiring for Democrats?

Thursday  03:40,   21 october 2021

The party keeps trying to dramatize Republican obstruction of voting-rights legislation. But it is also drawing attention to its futility.The idea is to show how committed Democrats are to voting rights — and how determined Republicans are to let... >>>

Report: Sinema Bent to Destroy Biden Presidency to Keep Taxes on the Wealthy Low

Thursday  00:05,   21 october 2021

This is extremely... >>>