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Fox News is wise to add Donna Brazile to its punditry gumbo

Tuesday  20:20,   19 march 2019

My colleague Becket Adams was right on target in saying that it was “shrewd” for Fox News to hire former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile as a regular analyst. And she's wise to take the job, even if her best efforts still will >>>

Donna Brazile's misguided Fox News foray

Tuesday  20:20,   19 march 2019

Let's take Donna Brazile at her word. The longtime Democratic strategist has signed on to be a contributor to Fox News, she says, to help rebuild America's broken and deeply uncivil national... >>>

Elizabeth Warren nailed it

Tuesday  19:20,   19 march 2019

Elizabeth Warren wasn't perfect at her CNN town hall Monday night, Jill Filipovic says, but when it mattered she was real and righteous. The question now is how she will get her due in a crowded Democratic... >>>

Beto bashed: I normally hate the PC police but dads do matter and they don't get a pass anymore

Tuesday  17:36,   19 march 2019

Beto O'Rourke's distant parenting may not be that different from many fathers a generation or two ago, but today we expect more from fathers, and for good... >>>

Stop Politicizing the Christchurch Killings

Tuesday  17:16,   19 march 2019

Now is the time to console the grieving and honor the dead, rather than trying to score points in the culture... >>>

Despite Beto’s Concern, Carbon Is Good For The Environment — And The Economy

Tuesday  17:16,   19 march 2019

Abundant, low cost energy leading the world is exactly what traditional liberal Franklin Roosevelt would have chosen for... >>>

Getting Real About Rural America

Tuesday  17:11,   19 march 2019

Things clump together; the periphery cannot hold. As you read this, Democratic presidential hopefuls are crisscrossing Iowa, trying to assure farmers that they share their concerns. Commentators are publishing opinion pieces about how Democrats can... >>>

America Cares About Climate Change Again

Tuesday  16:51,   19 march 2019

For the first time in years, a broad spectrum of climate advocates are playing... >>>

Opinions | Why there may be much less — and much more — to the Mueller report than people expect

Tuesday  16:41,   19 march 2019

An insider's guide to the Mueller report's much-anticipated... >>>

What Americans Can Learn From Venezuela

Monday  20:20,   18 march 2019

Venezuela is an experiment in big government that has ended in economic... >>>

Legislators Are Not Stupid People. So What’s Behind Their Stupid Behavior?

Monday  20:20,   18 march 2019

Following the Koch playbook, Tennessee keeps finding new ways to undermine the welfare of its... >>>

Republicans Are Denying Trump’s Completely Open Bigotry Against Muslims

Monday  20:15,   18 march 2019

White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney: “I don’t think anybody can say that the president is anti-Muslim.” Really?... >>>

Juan Williams: Don't rule out impeaching Trump

Monday  17:25,   18 march 2019

Right now, impeachment is a divisive option. But it might not stay that... >>>

The Bogus Lawsuit against Remington

Monday  17:25,   18 march 2019

Two kinds of opportunism are at play against the gun manufacturer: financial and... >>>

How Hate Groups’ Secret Sound System Works

Monday  17:16,   18 march 2019

White supremacists exploit the weaknesses in the social-media ecosystem as Facebook and Google struggle to keep... >>>