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The CIA should leave diplomacy to diplomats

Sunday  15:20,   17 october 2021

CIA Director Bill Burns is a lifelong career diplomat and a former deputy secretary of state. He's also an ambitious man.Under ordinary circumstances, there is nothing wrong with that: Washington, D.C., is an ambitious town. Just as every... >>>

Conservatives Should Support Section 230 Reform

Saturday  13:50,   16 october 2021

Contrary to what some conservatives have argued, there are prudent — and principled — ways to secure more robust free-speech protections for social-media users.Senator Paul is hardly alone in this position. In spite of Big Tech’s increasingly brazen >>>

The School Board Screamers Are Loud, But Most Americans Agree On How History Should Be Taught

Saturday  13:45,   16 october 2021

More than three-quarters of us think some discomfort in the classroom is par for the course.But here’s the thing: We’re not actually much divided on this issue! Having recently teamed up with the American Historical Association, secured funding from >>>

Word of the Week: 'Ampliganda'

Friday  06:55,   15 october 2021

The Washington Post recently posted a job notice looking for a reporter on “digital threats.” I was reminded of something Josh Barro of Business Insider, reliably the most sensible of all similarly positioned prominent columnists, tweeted in March:... >>>

Nicholas Kristof to Attempt Rare Columnist-to-Politician Pivot

Thursday  23:26,   14 october 2021

The longtime New York Times columnist is really doing it; he quit the paper as he gears up to run for governor of Oregon.Kristof, whose op-eds often focus on the social inequities plaguing the U.S. and the world, has been at the Gray Lady for 37... >>>

How Government Could Make the Inflation Problem Worse

Thursday  20:57,   14 october 2021

With politically damaging price increases showing no signs of easing, it may be tempting to take counterproductive measures.Ben: The inflation news we got yesterday isn’t ideal. The price of seemingly everything in America, from rent to furniture to >>>

Welcome to Striketober

Thursday  20:56,   14 october 2021

What’s really behind the wave of national strikes at John Deere, Kellogg’s, and more.Welcome to... >>>

Facebook revelations: Social media has empowered our voices but impoverished our hearing

Thursday  18:01,   14 october 2021

Dog photos, updates from friends, wild misinformation about vaccine safety: One of these things is not like the other.But before the spotlight veers off toward one of our other crises, we ought to use this moment to get to the bottom of what's gone... >>>

Neoliberalism Died of COVID. Long Live Neoliberalism!

Thursday  15:59,   14 october 2021

How the predominant ideology of our time survived the pandemic.On the eve of this century, MIT’s Rudiger Dornbusch argued that humanity was living through the early days of a nigh-interminable Belle Époque. In the century to come, the world would... >>>

Why Republicans May Go All In on Parental Rights

Wednesday  22:07,   13 october 2021

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin thinks defending parents’ rights to dictate what happens in schools appeals to swing and base voters.Off-year elections typically generate lower than average turnout, so candidates invariably have to... >>>

The Real 2024 Election Nightmare

Wednesday  14:01,   13 october 2021

Trump could win, fair and square.Americans are ready now. If anything, they’re overprepared. Many members of the uneasy coalition of Democrats and former Republicans who oppose Trump are frantically focused on the danger of Trump and his GOP allies... >>>

Conservatives Want to Launch Their Own Anti-Vax Airlines

Wednesday  12:50,   13 october 2021

MAGA megafans are still determined to reinstall Donald Trump as president—but they’re divided over how to do so. As far-right efforts to “audit” the 2020 election fizzle, some of the movement’s biggest names have accused each other of being... >>>

Philly Mayor cannot answer how ‘common-sense gun laws’ stop city’s murders

Wednesday  01:16,   13 october 2021

Last year, Philadelphia had 499 homicides. The city topped 400 homicides for this year on Sept. 27. A week later, a man shot and killed an employee of Jefferson Hospital inside the hospital. The city is on its way to shattering its previous record... >>>

The problem with America’s semi-rich

Tuesday  16:10,   12 october 2021

America’s upper-middle class works more, optimizes their kids, and are miserable.There’s a space between that 0.1 percent and the 90 percent that’s often overlooked: the 9.9 percent that resides between them. They’re the group in focus in a new book >>>

The Vaccine Culture War Doesn’t Have to Be So Dire

Tuesday  14:42,   12 october 2021

The differences between red and blue America are easy to overstate.But I also worry about the enmity I see between vaccine proponents and vaccine skeptics, especially when it’s directed not within America’s red tribe or blue tribe but across the... >>>