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Suicide attack targets area southeast of Baghdad

  Suicide attack targets area southeast of Baghdad Two attackers shot several civilians on Monday in the Nahrawan area southeast of Baghdad before one blew himself up and the other was killed by security forces, the Iraqi Interior Ministry said, without providing official casualty figures. Local media reported at least 17 people were killed and 28 wounded. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, which an interior ministry spokesman described as "a terrorist attack by two terrorist suicide attackers who fired indiscriminately on citizens in the Nahrawan area."Suicide bombings are a trademark of Islamic State.

American Millennials say they would rather live in a socialist or communist country than a capitalist democracy. In a new NBC News/GenForward poll, only 19% of Millennials identified with the Republican Party, and 71% said the GOP does not care about people like them.

Less than 1 in 5 millennials identify as GOP .There's a massive hemorrhaging of young voters from Trump and the GOP . And like Murphy, he isn’t exactly the next Harry Styles. The string of Democratic victories on Election Night 2017 falls well within the tradition of the party not holding the

In Philadelphia in 2010. © Jeff Fusco, Getty Images In Philadelphia in 2010.

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Fellow old people, imagine a candidate so lit that he’s backed by nearly three out of four voters ages 18 to 29. And imagine that the candidate getting your fam turnt (translation: your pals super excited) is not a YouTube star or a transgender activist determined to oppose cruel bathroom laws or (the way too conservative) Barack Obama in 2008. This new member of your squad is 60-year-old former Goldman Sachs executive Phil Murphy — who in January will become the first Democratic governor of New Jersey since 2009.

Suicide bombers kill 11 in Iraq attack claimed by IS

  Suicide bombers kill 11 in Iraq attack claimed by IS Two suicide bombers blew themselves up at a market on Baghdad's outskirts Monday, leaving 11 people dead, a security official said, in an attack claimed by the Islamic State group. "Five suicide bombers attacked a market and shops in the Nahrawan area" east of the Iraqi capital, a police captain told AFP."The police killed three of them but the other two blew themselves up" killing 11 civilians and wounding 31, he said.He added that the blasts also wounded two security personnel in the district, 35 kilometres (20 miles) east of the Iraqi capital.

Among voters 18-29, Trump's approval has already sunk to the level of George W. Bush in 2008 -- and that's before many of them realize that the GOP tax plan is designed to harvest the blood of the young for billionaires to feast on.https

Manafort, Rocket Man and the New GOP Health Care Bill: A Closer Look - Продолжительность: 11:44 Late Night with Seth Meyers 1 942 228 просмотров.

Murphy’s fire (yeah, hot) performance with younger Millennial voters was nearly matched by 58-year-old Democratic Ralph Northam, a former Army surgeon and the next governor of the commonwealth of Virginia. He won about seven out of 10 voters ages 18 to 29, a group that doubled its turnout from 2009 to 2017. And like Murphy, he isn’t exactly the next Harry Styles.

The string of Democratic victories on Election Night 2017 falls well within the tradition of the party not holding the White House cleaning up in off-year elections. But what’s notable is that younger voters are generally mad AF at President Trump and ready to clap back at the ballot box — right as Millennials are prepared to eclipse Baby Boomers as America’s largest generation of eligible voters. 

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More: Republican war on Millennials looks like a suicide mission . More: Tax bill race to break Trump's populist promises: Who's winning? You could look at Fox News and the vast right-wing media/donor infrastructure developed since the early 1970s as insulation that protects against any

A suicide mission is a task which is so dangerous for the people involved that they are not expected to survive. The term is sometimes extended to include suicide attacks such as kamikaze and suicide bombings, whose perpetrators actively commit suicide during execution of the mission .

While Trump is already historically unpopular for a new president, his appeal to America’s closest to death is keeping his ratings afloat, according to pollster William Jordan. Among younger voters, however, the president has already sunk to the level of George W. Bush in 2008 — after W had led America into the Hurricane Katrina debacle, two failed wars and the beginning of the Great Recession.

And it was likely W’s repellence to younger voters as much as Obama’s appeal to them that helped Obama win 66% of the 18-to-29 vote in 2008 as young people flooded to the polls in numbers that hadn’t been seen since 18-year-olds got the vote in 1972. 

So how is Trump’s GOP handling a hemorrhaging of young voters who are establishing voting patterns that could last the rest of their adult lives?

By trolling them out of the middle class.

How does the GOP tax plan, which has now passed the House and Senate in differing but rhyming versions, hurt young people?

Millennial poll: Is Trump's presidency living up to expectations?

  Millennial poll: Is Trump's presidency living up to expectations? Millennials of color say Trump is much worse than anticipated, according to results from a new NBC News/GenForward survey. Forty-five percent say his presidency has been worse than anticipated, while just 8 percent said he is doing better. But for millennials of color, reflections are especially grim.While a majority of white millennials said Trump is performing about how they expected (52 percent), majorities of African-Americans (57 percent), Latinos (61 percent) and Asian-Americans (52 percent) said that Trump is doing worse than they expected.

The one and only Gerald Celente from the Trends Journal joins me for an in-depth discussion about the GOP suicide mission . A Paul Ryan VP nomination is an

*Spoilers* This was not my playthrough, I had to steal it because I forgot to turn Fraps on. Song 1: Stand Strong, Stand Together Song 2: Rannoch Song 3

Cosmopolitan’s Robin Marty counted the potential ways: higher taxes, more expensive student loans, rising insurance premiums, underfunded public schools, lower home values and a withering safety net.

“What’s very clear through all of this is that the group that most pays are the younger people,” Eugene Steuerle, of the non-partisan Tax Policy Center, told The Atlantic’s Ronald Brownstein.

It just makes sense that when you cut taxes for the richest Americans and corporations, the winners are the people who’ve had the longest time to accumulate wealth, businesses and stocks. In other words, older people. It’s the younger people, meanwhile, who are most likely to be punished by cuts Republicans will likely demand to pay for these tax giveaways and a deficit that was rising even before this budget-busting scheme — especially since they have continually promised to reserve cuts to social programs such as Medicare and Social Security for people who aren’t yet eligible for them.

And the GOP tax plan is far from the party’s only policy that seems finely tuned to tick off the newest generation of voters.

After Cassini, where to next?

  After Cassini, where to next? The Cassini spacecraft just ended its 13-year orbit around Saturn in September, and scientists are already dreaming of where to send the next orbiter. Two potential destinations? Neptune and Uranus. Known as the “ice giants” of our solar system, both planets are hard to study from Earth because of their distance — and they seem to have some seriously wild weather. Case in point: Astronomers think that inside the planets’ atmospheres, it’s raining diamonds.“In the early 90s, it was realized that these two planets … were fundamentally different,” says Tim Dowling, a professor of planetary physics at the University of Louisville.

The latest thing millennials are killing? DIVORCE RATES. Looking forward to November 6th, Lyft will be providing free and reduced fare rides to your polling place! It is now U.S. policy to support poachers: dozens of permits have been issued to GOP donors, allowing them to murder endangered

As The New York Times documents Fred Trump’s tax schemes, the legend of Trump being a self-made businessman is relegated to the fairy tale it always was.

Repealing "net neutrality" protections isn’t popular with voters from either party and could be especially disastrous for the Republican Party if it ends up compromising the Internet experience Millennials grew up expecting.

They don’t like obstacles to birth control, either. “Few Millennials have moral qualms about birth control, and they generally support policies to make contraception widely available and affordable,” according to a 2015 poll by the non-partisan Public Religion Research Institute.

In a new NBC News/GenForward poll, only 19% of Millennials identified with the Republican Party, and 71% said the GOP does not care about people like them.

Sure, there are still warning signs for the Democrats that Republicans’ collapse with young voters won’t translate into electoral gains. The same NBC News/GenForward poll found that 71% of Millennials want a third party, and in 2016 white Millennials voted more like their parents than their multiracial peers. 

Even so, there isn’t a third party yet on the horizon, and the Millennial generation will be the most diverse America has ever seen. And for now, their No. 1 issue is health care, according to that NBC News/GenForward poll. They seem much more worried about the government coming for their insurance than their guns.

The future is happening, and Republicans are betting trillions of dollars against it. It’s enough to make you wonder why they aren’t even trying to fix a problem that — like Trump’s court appointees — could last for generations. Maybe they know something we don’t know?

Well, there is that old conservative proverb: If you can’t beat them, stop them — from voting

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