Opinion Terrible Images From A Criminal War Simply Aren’t A Good Enough Reason For Americans To Fight And Die

22:37  10 april  2018
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Good Samaritan in purse-snatching case convicted on contempt charge

  Good Samaritan in purse-snatching case convicted on contempt charge The man sitting in Palm Beach County, Florida circuit judge Laura Johnson's courtroom in a UPS uniform Thursday wasn't a criminal. In fact, the people who watched Corey Wyatt chase down a purse-snatcher outside a Boynton Beach Publix last year called the 40-year-old father of two a hero.So how did Wyatt's connection to the case land him in court last week as a defendant in a case that could have potentially sent him to jail for more time than the thief he caught?The answer is what the judge characterized as a "rough, but necessary" part of the criminal justice system -- one that exposes witnesses of crimes to legal troubles of their own when they fail to testify in court.

There is very good reason not to commit to war or regime-change in Syria, and nothing shown on TV or The terrible truth is if children killed in criminal war justifies military intervention, Myanmar War costs billions. American men and women die. American families are ruined. And not just that, we’re

PARIS — The moment was dramatic enough : In a courtroom in The Hague on Wednesday, a military commander from the former Yugoslavia pulled out a small bottle and drank from it, declaring that he had ingested poison to protest his conviction for war crimes .

President Trump sits with children at the White House Easter Egg Roll. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images. © Provided by The Daily Caller, Inc. President Trump sits with children at the White House Easter Egg Roll. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.

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Raise a hand if you didn’t know Bashar al-Assad was a bad man before this weekend. Raise the other if you didn’t know that women, children and the elderly were suffering and even dying in Syria’s brutal civil war.

OK, now raise your right foot if this newfound knowledge has you excited for another long American war in the Middle East, because that’s what a good number of politicians and pundits are clamoring for.

On social media, a troubling rush to view YouTube shooter as driven by faith

  On social media, a troubling rush to view YouTube shooter as driven by faith In the moments following a shooting at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, a report circulated that the assailant was wearing a “headscarf.” Almost immediately, and to the despair of Muslim Americans and others, speculation on social media ignited — with some conservatives asking why the shooter would be wearing a scarf in the sunny weather. Others were more pointed, with one posting pictures of Muslim women wearing the hijab on Twitter while saying he was “trying to find Google images of the active shooter.”Another user simply added a hashtag to the shooting report: #islam.

Yet it is undeniably a fact: Most US Presidents are war criminals . Jimmy Carter is a major exception to the rule; not only are there no credible accusations of war crimes against him, he has actively fought to pursue war crimes investigations against Israel and even publicly discussed the war crimes of

Japanese military movement in the American -British-Dutch-Australian Command (ABDA) area from 1941 to 1942. With the Anglo-Japanese Alliance, Japanese immigrants had been welcomed since the 1900s.

If this weekend was not the first you’d heard of any of this, however, there is very good reason not to commit to war or regime-change in Syria, and nothing shown on TV or the internet over the weekend changes that.

During both of President Barack Obama’s terms, Assad’s regime launched dozens of chemical attacks killing hundreds of people. On March 25, 2017, after a new president took office, a chlorine attack hit eastern Syria. Five days later, Syrian warplanes wounded between 50 and 100 with sarin nerve gas. Four days later, chlorine gas killed two children and injured dozens. The next day, April 4, a sarin attack killed dozens and wounded hundreds more, prompting President Donald Trump to launch a missile strike.

The global effect of this limited but severe action was immediate: Russia was warned about American commitments, China was place-checked while visiting Mar-a-Lago, the world was alerted there is a new boss in town and he will not tolerate a dictator so flagrantly violating international law.

This forensic science expert has testified in some notorious cases

  This forensic science expert has testified in some notorious cases Crime lab chemist Annie Dookhan was a classic failure. That’s according to veteran forensic expert Robin Cotton, who was horrified as she watched the Massachusetts crime lab scandal unfold six years ago. Dookhan falsified evidence in thousands of drug-related court cases. As a forensic practitioner herself, Cotton says, she understands the pressures scientists can face from heavy caseloads, law enforcement, and exposure to horrifyingly violent crime scenes. “A lab chemist can somehow get it into their head that they are there to facilitate the prosecution.

Well, but aren ' t criminals themselves civilians in the first place? As an example, I remember a day But fortunately he didn’t, because although I believe that that bloody guy deserved a good beating The fact that people do actually do these things is reason enough for people to have a means to First and foremost, not all Americans think that owning a gun is important. A significant number of

Image copyright Missouri Department of Corrections. Image caption Bobby Bostic in 2017. "I knew I was guilty of the case, but I always thought I had a better chance with the jury. The American Civil Liberties Union has asked the US Supreme Court to look at Bostic's sentence.

The effects for Syrians were less concrete. Assad could still kill as many people as he wanted with tanks, bullets and nooses without generating the kind of media interest that got him in trouble the first time. Between Jan. 13 and Feb. 26, four reported chlorine attacks killed four people, and in March, 29 people — mostly children — were injured in one. But then something changed: President Trump announced that the United States would be leaving Syria, media personalities lost their minds and a new, brutal chlorine attack was captured on camera.

While chemical weapons of any kind are banned, chlorine is a very different type of animal from sarin. Chlorine is a chemical with industrial and personal uses, and unlike sarin, is not a city-threatening weapon of mass destruction– and couldn’t be unless the entire city gathered together in the same crowded basement.

“Chlorine has a host of commercial uses,” chemical weapons expert De Bretton-Gordon told Business Insider in 2014. “Actually, it’s not very toxic. Sarin is probably 2,000 to 3,000 times more toxic. You and I can buy chlorine in a shop.”

Milwaukee TV reporter arrested after allegedly punching a rival TV reporter at Brewers game

  Milwaukee TV reporter arrested after allegedly punching a rival TV reporter at Brewers game FTV Live reports that WITI (FOX Milwaukee) reporter A.J. Bayatpour was arrested after getting into a fight with a rival television reporter during Friday night’s Brewers-Cubs game at Miller Park. Bayatpour got into an argument with WTMJ (NBC Milwaukee) reporter Ben Jordan while they were both attending the game as fans.According to the police report acquired by FTV Live (pictured below), Bayatpour and Jordan got into a fight after Bayatpour “was ridiculing” Jordan’s girlfriend, Madeline Anderson, who’s actually a colleague of Bayatpour’s at WITI.

Those are good goals. But the defense budget that the Trump administration released in March doesn’ t come close to funding those commitments. Mattis is a probably distracted simply preventing Trump from launching World War III, with little energy left over for budget fights . In any case he is by nature

It functions to reinforce our preferred image of Lee on the battlefield. Consider Gallagher’s brief assessment The American civil war was far more violent than most Americans today realize. a good point that brings to mind a Star Trek episode where Kirk and friends visit a planet where two

The distinction is either lost or ignored by pro-war voices in the media. The drumbeat to war that had been growing louder since the withdrawal announcement hit a full-stride after the attack footage hit America’s TV screens.

“If you have the opportunity to take [Assad] out, you should,” Sen. Lindsey Graham, a reliably pro-war Republican, said Monday morning on Fox News.

“Israel is extremely worried about a possible U.S. withdrawal from Syria because that would allow Iran to move in and consolidate a massive military presence in Syria, which is a direct threat to Israel,” former Bush speech-writer Marc Thiessen said later Monday, making a great case for an Israeli military campaign but not an American one.

Israeli “President Benjamin Netanyahu has said he will not allow Iran to establish a military presence in Syria and he will go after not just Iranian proxies but Iran itself,” Thiessen said later, “so if we withdraw and allow Iran to move in and fill the vacuum it could spark a cataclysmic war with Israel in the region and that’s just one of many reasons why he shouldn’t withdraw.”

Trump slams Comey as 'weak and untruthful slime ball'

  Trump slams Comey as 'weak and untruthful slime ball' President Donald Trump slammed James Comey on Friday as a "proven LEAKER & LIAR," the day after explosive excerpts from the former FBI director's tell-all book surfaced in media reports. The president tweeted: "James Comey is a proven LEAKER & LIAR. Virtually everyone in Washington thought he should be fired for the terrible job he did — until he was, in fact, fired. He leaked CLASSIFIED information, for which he should be prosecuted. He lied to Congress under OATH. He is a weak and untruthful slime ball who was, as time has proven, a terrible Director of the FBI.

McCormick has suggested that earlier archaeologists were simply not interested in the "laborious" processes needed to discover rat remains.[57] Walløe complains that all of these authors "take it for granted that Simond's infection model, black rat → rat flea → human

You may fight back against a police officer who arrests you for something that shouldn' t be a Protesting sometimes gets a local police department to hire better staff or offer better training. Fair enough , but also irrelevant. Sure, if the police are saving your neighbor from being mugged, you

“You need to have a long-term military presence on the ground,” he added, “to help the good guys stay over and help the good guys stabilize…. So we need to stay in there, keep them down, protect Israel so that Iran doesn’t use Syria is a base to attack Israel.”

Assad is “a monster,” U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley said as justification for deeper American involvement, asking the United Nations’ chamber how many images of dead children it would take to force action.

Just days after declaring the job near done, the president on Monday promised “we’ll be making some major decisions over the next 24 to 48 hours.”

The terrible truth is if children killed in criminal war justifies military intervention, Myanmar, Yemen, Congo and Sudan better get ready for America’s Marines. Even if we raise the bar to murdered children plastered on YouTube and Twitter, Mexico should start preparing for the National Guard the president ordered to the border to march further south. It’s not difficult to look abroad and find “monsters to destroy” — not in the age of the internet.

War costs billions. American men and women die. American families are ruined. And not just that, we’re already massively committed in Afghanistan and Iraq, with smaller contingents scattered in war zones around the entire planet.

Assad was as terrible a man last week as he is this week, civilians were killed in war last month as they will be this month, but it is the just interests of the United States — not upsetting images or even friends such as Israel’s worries — that must dictate where to send our men and women to fight and die.

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Funeral services for Yarmouth Police Officer Sean Gannon to be held .
YARMOUTH - A funeral Mass will be said Wednesday for Officer Sean M. Gannon, a veteran Yarmouth police officer who was shot and killed as he and his K-9 partner, Nero, worked to arrest a probation violator last week in Barnstable. Services for the 32-year-old Gannon will be held at the St. Pius X church on Barbara Street here where a wake and the traditional law enforcement walk-by were held Tuesday evening, a public mourning attended by drew thousands of police and Cape Cod residents.Katie Sears, a Yarmouth mother of six children, passed out blue ribbons as her eyes welled with tears near the church doors during the wake on Tuesday.

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