Opinion I Was Right When I Said That President Trump Saved The Planet

19:17  12 july  2018
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  Dog bitten by rattlesnake called 'hero' for saving owner Todd, a very good boy in Arizona, saved his owner Paula Godwin from a rattlesnake during a walk.Dogs prove time and time again that they are man's best friend. Todd, a golden retriever in Arizona, is no exception.

A little over a year ago, I wrote that President Trump saved the planet when he pulled the United States out of the Paris climate agreement. I was right . As individuals, we are taking steps to protect the environment by choice — not by mandate — and going green is paying off.

When the president accused Barack Obama of wiretapping his phone — an allegation made on the basis of news articles that he had misread — Trump was reportedly furious “Just so you understand,” Trump said ,“just so you understand — I never mentioned the word or the name Israel in conversation.

Tons of 100 Dollars bank note spread on the floor and blue planet sit on it. Note: Earth Image from NASA (www.nasa.gov). (Media Credit Muemoon/Shutterstock): Trump's Free Market Saves World © Provided by The Daily Caller, Inc. Trump's Free Market Saves World

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A little over a year ago, I wrote that President Trump saved the planet when he pulled the United States out of the Paris climate agreement. The decision, I argued, “enabled the free market to do exactly what liberals want: Empower individuals to better the environment” — without government intervention.

I was right.

As individuals, we are taking steps to protect the environment by choice — not by mandate — and going green is paying off.

We Might Finally Know What Smacked Uranus Sideways

  We Might Finally Know What Smacked Uranus Sideways A planet twice the size of Earth gave our most unfortunately named planet its odd tilt.New research published today in the Astrophysical Journal suggests that Uranus got hit by a planet twice the size of Earth long ago. This collision could have radically changed the planet, resulting in its telltale tilt and making it relatively frigid compared to farther-out Neptune.

Saved searches. Remove. In this conversation. Say a lot with a little. When you see a Tweet you love, tap the heart — it lets the person who wrote it know you shared the love. “ trump would be remembered as a great president for successful peace talks with north

Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States of America. Rona Barrett: Would you like to be the President of the United States?Donald Trump : I really don't believe I would, Rona.

According to the Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) latest monthly energy report, U.S. carbon dioxide emissions are at their lowest point since 1992. Per-capita carbon emissions are the lowest they’ve been since 1950.

We’re also outpacing our allies, many of whom criticized President Trump’s decision to put America first. In the last year alone, U.S. carbon emissions fell more than 0.5 percent, while European emissions rose 1.5 percent.

It’s the height of irony, given Europe’s virtue signaling last year. After President Trump shredded his predecessor’s unconstitutional “treaty,” the globalist leaders of France, Germany and Italy claimed it “cannot be renegotiated.” They referred to the “irreversible” agreement as a “vital instrument for our planet, societies and economies.”

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft just got closer to dwarf planet Ceres than ever before, and here’s what it looks like

  NASA’s Dawn spacecraft just got closer to dwarf planet Ceres than ever before, and here’s what it looks like NASA's Dawn spacecraft is one that we don't hear from very often these days, mainly because it spent seven years on its way to dwarf planet Ceres and it's been (very) slowly getting closer to the object ever since it arrived in 2015. The spacecraft has already delivered some interesting views of Ceres, but the latest batch of photos are its best and most detailed yet.The images are incredibly detailed thanks to the extremely low orbit of Dawn at the time the photos were snapped. They show some of Ceres most interesting features, including large craters and a few geographical oddities that thus far remain unexplained.

All right . Wherever the hell he is ." Today they say , sources have said that President Trump -- sources. MUST WATCH. Trump slams correspondents' dinner at rally 00:52. 54. " When the President of France came in to see me , President Macron, wonderful guy.

What Mr. Trump is trying to do to the planet ’s climate will play out over geologic time as well. No president will be able to claw back this time — crucial time, since we ’ re right now breaking the back of the climate system. That makes this the critical moment when heroic action could save them.

The globalist decree would have left us spending trillions of dollars a year to mitigate a rise in global temperatures, without really mitigating it at all. The Paris climate agreement was expected to drop temperatures by one-fifth of a degree over the next century.

Apparently, it wasn’t such a “vital instrument” after all. Europe is failing to pull its weight as Americans cut pollution to historic lows.

The decline in U.S. carbon emissions is a testament to the free market’s enduring power. There is nothing more vital for environmental protection than our freedom to protect the environment as individuals — without Big Government and its endless red tape.

Anti-Trump liberals and conservatives alike are investing in renewable energy, choosing hybrid vehicles over gas-guzzlers and encouraging their neighbors to do the same. We’re cutting down on waste like never before. We’re reusing more than ever. And we’re recycling, recycling, recycling.

On the hunt for mystery moons

  On the hunt for mystery moons Researchers have found that moons in distant solar systems may be the mostSince the first confirmed discovery of planets beyond our own Solar System over 20 years ago, we have known that our stellar neighbourhood is not unique in the Universe.

We have come to expect that when the national fabric rends, the president will administer needle and thread, or at least reach for the sewing box of unity. After white supremacists marched through Charlottesville, Virginia, shouting “Jews will not replace us,” President Trump ’s instinct was to

She volunteers with a local branch of Plant for the Planet , an international I understand President Trump ’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord was one source of motivation— were there other factors? When people say just let the kids fix it, it’s very annoying to me .

This year, the environmental industry is expected to grow five percent to $407 billion — without the Paris agreement. By 2020, the waste management segment alone is projected to surpass $70 billion in economic activity, with an average annual growth rate of 3.6 percent.

Corporate America is doing its part. Tesla is working on the world’s largest battery farm in the California desert, reaffirming its commitment to electric vehicles and an energy grid powered by renewable options. The new power plant will be capable of producing “up to 1.1 GWh” of electricity — enough energy for millions of homes.

Tesla isn’t alone. Last year, 19 companies announced deals with energy providers to build 2.78 gigawatts worth of solar and wind generating capacity. At least 22 companies in the Fortune 500 have committed to buying enough renewable energy to match 100 percent of their electricity use moving forward.

Earlier this year, oil and gas companies such as ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch Shell met with Pope Francis to discuss climate change and put concrete solutions on the table. They’re backing up their words: ExxonMobil is developing renewable oils from genetically engineered algae, while Royal Dutch Shell vows to become a leading supplier of renewable electricity.

The weather looks fine on this nearby Earth-like planet

  The weather looks fine on this nearby Earth-like planet Ross 128 b is the second-closest rocky planet beyond our solar system, but it may be the nearest exoplanet worth checking for aliens.While the nearest star beyond our sun, Proxima Centauri, appears to blast its only known planet with nasty sterilizing flares, Ross 128 is just seven light years more distant and orbited by a rocky planet, Ross 128 b,  with a much more favorable forecast.

You saw that the other night, right . You know they all said I hung up and I slammed the phone on him. Vice President Mike Pence on Trump . I always say the president has a gift for hospitality… I think people sense when they’re around the president an open door, a hospitality, a graciousness.

President Trump says : " I 'm the only one that matters" in setting U.S. foreign policy, thus downplaying the importance of high-level jobs such as the assistant secretary of state, which is currently vacant.

“Going green” is creating new jobs and new industries to boot. As always, free-market forces outperform the unfunded mandates and taxpayer-funded, job-killing enforcement bureaucracies of Big Government.

Even as the Left demands more environmental regulations, President Trump is wise to side with the free market. When individuals are free to choose when and how to adjust their daily lives to protect the environment without government compulsion requiring it — the environment reaps the benefits. When private enterprise is free to experiment and innovate, we see a stronger economy and a real commitment to environmental action.

President Trump understands environmental protection is impossible without individual action and private innovation. It’s because of free enterprise the environmental industry is as large as it is today and growing.

By protecting individual freedom from government regulation, President Trump is saving our jobs — and the environment to boot.

Dan Backer is a veteran campaign counsel who has worked for more than 100 candidates, PACs, and political organizations, including Great America PAC and the Committee to Defend the President. He is founding attorney of political.law, a campaign finance and political law firm.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of The Daily Caller.

NASA may have just caught a nearby star eating an entire planet .
Planetary systems aren't just born overnight. When stars form and begin pulling debris into their orbit, some of that material eventually clumps up into fledgling planets, and the gravity of those bodies pulls down more and more material which ultimately determines how large a would-be planet could be. But life isn’t easy for young planets, and astronomers know that stars and even some larger planets have a habit of decimating smaller worlds.Now, for the first time ever, NASA may have caught a star in the act of eating a planet.

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