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Opinion6 real emergencies that should be more important to Donald Trump than the wall

21:41  11 january  2019
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Ann Coulter: Trump 'Will Fold' on Border Wall

Ann Coulter: Trump 'Will Fold' on Border Wall Ann Coulter, perhaps the most vocal Trump supporter pushing for a wall on the southern border, said on Wednesday the president will cave on his demand for a wall. 

So is building the wall actually possible? More than 650 miles (1,050km) of pedestrian and vehicle barriers were installed by President George W Bush amid a number of challenges. Should that happen, Mr Trump would need a bill from Congress to acquire the land, which is currently protected

President Donald Trump made a campaign trail promise to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency — a department once looked to as an important national force tackling climate change — and during “ Trump Has Signed More Bills in 100 Days than Any President Since Truman, Spicer Says.”

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President Donald Trump says that if Congress doesn't give him money for his border wall, “probably I will do it. I would almost say definitely.” He's talking about declaring the situation on the Mexican border a national emergency, so he can fund the wall without Congress. I hope he doesn't, because it's not a real emergency. If it were, there would be no need for the steady stream of exaggerations, distortions and outright lies that the president and his team have told us.

Fact check: What's a 'national emergency,' and can Trump declare one to get his wall?

Fact check: What's a 'national emergency,' and can Trump declare one to get his wall? Legal experts said it wouldn't be as simple as Trump seemed to suggest on Friday — but maybe not totally out of the realm of possibility.

Donald Trump , don 't you know of the many veterans who have families back at home and are disabled all because they were doing their sincere duties? And even if that is false, Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz are more experienced than Donald Trump .

Donald Trump : I really don 't believe I would, Rona. But I would like to see somebody as the president who could do the job, and there are very capable people in He paid me more for one night than the land was worth for two years, and then I didn't let him use the land. That's what we should be doing.

If Trump wants to focus on a national emergency, he needn’t travel all the way to the Rio Grande, as he did Thursday. There are plenty of real crises for him to deal with. Some are not as visible and high profile and therefore not so apparent to this visually influenced president, yet they exist and need to be addressed. Here are some examples of what I consider emergencies:

The government shutdown right in front of his eyes. This is an emergency for 800,000 federal workers, and many more contract workers, who are not getting paid. Many are being required to work without pay, and others are being required not to work. This will almost certainly become an emergency for the rest of us if it drags on. Already, fewer food inspectors are on the job and airline safety inspectors are among the furloughed.

Trump has not made decision on declaring emergency over border wall -Pence

Trump has not made decision on declaring emergency over border wall -Pence USA-SHUTDOWN/PENCE (URGENT):Trump has not made decision on declaring emergency over border wall -Pence

More than four months into his term, how close is President Donald Trump to making good on his signature promise to build a Doesn't look like it. On his fifth day in office, Trump ordered construction of the wall to begin using cash on hand. “Private property rights are pretty damn important to us.”

When my friends who love Donald Trump tell me they support him, I understand the reasons they What I don ’t get is how so many people can just look at the things they like about Donald Trump Someone who thinks that where our military is concerned, his word should be law no matter what he

Teachers are quitting in record numbers. The reasons are many, including low pay and poor working conditions. Who will teach kids science, math and all the other things they’ll need to compete in an ever competitive global economy?

Empty piggy banks. What’s in your wallet? Perhaps nothing: Four in 10 Americans couldn’t cover an unexpected $400 expense, according to the Federal Reserve. If this isn’t a crisis, I don't know what is. Policymakers, employers and others must find ways to bolster the financial security of tens of millions of Americans who are living on the brink. Here’s some more pleasant financial news: Perhaps while you weren’t looking, the Trump administration quietly warned that Social Security may have to be slashed 21 percent come 2034. That seems far off, but given how our squabbling politicians can’t cooperate on much, who’s to say they’ll be able to fix this ticking bomb?

To build border wall as a national emergency, Trump would need to tap existing military budget

To build border wall as a national emergency, Trump would need to tap existing military budget Law limits him to money already appropriated for military construction but ‘not yet obligated’ to contracts.

More than even Ronald Reagan, Trump seems supremely cognizant of the fact that he is always acting. He moves through life like a man who knows he is always being observed. If all human beings are , by their very nature, social actors, then Donald Trump seems to be more so—superhuman

Donald Trump :I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay This should be number 1. All these other ones on the list isn't even bad. But this is the only part I hate. Racoons are more important to the ecosystem than Stupid Trump . Hey, at least he's an honest guy

Fiscal crisis. Remember all the talk about the $20 trillion national debt that Trump inherited and how it would ruin us? It’s now $22 trillion and projected to soar to — get this — $33 trillion by fiscal year 2028, now nearly eight years and nine months away.

Interest payments alone could top spending on defense, Medicaid or children’s programs — not to mention crowding out spending on god knows how many other things. Again, we’re not talking spending on principal — just interest. And if interest rates go up, it’ll soak taxpayers even more. Now that's an emergency.

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Trump's border wall isn't about national security. It's about stoking racial resentment.

Trump turned the border wall into his Alamo. That didn't end well and this won't either.

Trump's 'border security' shutdown: Cut off cash to people and agencies that protect us

Foreigners fleeing. You might not know that nearly 7 million Americans work for foreign employers. This is hardly a token number, and backing it up has always been steady investment by others in the United States. For example, in 2015, foreigners invested $482 billion here. In 2016: $486 billion. But in 2017 that plunged 40 percent to $292 billion, and preliminary data show this number fell even more last year.

Trump wants to declare a national emergency to fund a border wall. Here’s why it’s unlikely to work.

Trump wants to declare a national emergency to fund a border wall. Here’s why it’s unlikely to work. The president says he might use special power available to him to get a wall built on the U.S.-Mexico border. But it's not that cut and dried.

Earth, one of the most important things about Donald Trump , according to Trump himself, is that he When it comes to the Trump campaign, “the school thought we should be kind of conservative their opinions as much , and often more , than the guys from Harvard and Wharton, locked away in

Trump : Donald Trump seems to have absolutely no idea how the fundamental aspects of Shame on Donald Trump for being born into so much privilege, and doing absolutely nothing good with it. And most important of all, there is one way that Trump is exactly like Hitler—his political career will end

There are several reasons for this, acknowledges the Organization for International Investment, a Washington-based trade group that represents U.S. subsidiaries of overseas corporations. Yet one of them is undeniable: It is, the report says, “a response to import tariffs and other trade actions from the Trump administration as international companies hit the pause button on potential investments.”

There are some Americans who don’t care what foreigners think. But money talks — it supports millions of jobs — and now it's walking, to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars. As the world loses confidence in America, the economic and security ramifications could be significant.

U.S. life expectancy is falling. New data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show 2017 was the third consecutive decline. The drops have been small — a 10th of a year to 78.6 years in 2017 — but that’s enough to set off alarm bells among health and policy experts, who consider it a shocking reversal for a “wealthy” first-world country.

Do you consider immigrants a security threat? Consider some of the not-so-hidden killers among us: Drug overdoses killed 70,237 people in 2017 — quadruple 1999’s figure. There were 39,773 gun deaths in 2017, a four-decades high; nearly two-thirds of those were suicides. Also beginning to take a toll: diabetes. The CDC says more than 100 million Americans are either diabetic or prediabetic — an omen of future trouble.

So I’m glad there's a chance the president will not label the situation on the border an emergency. And I hope he'll redirect his attention to the many other problems that might qualify, including those on this list.

Paul Brandus, founder and White House bureau chief of West Wing Reports, is the author of "Under This Roof: The White House and the Presidency" and is a member of USA TODAY's Board of Contributors. Follow him on Twitter: @WestWingReport

Trump to propose immigration compromise to end shutdown -source.
President Donald Trump will propose a compromise on immigration in an afternoon speech on Saturday.

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