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OpinionDemocrats' 'Green New Deal' is a Crazy New Deal that would be a disaster for us all

17:31  08 february  2019
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White House blasts Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal: 'Central planning disaster'

White House blasts Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal: 'Central planning disaster' The White House lambasted the Green New Deal climate resolution spearheaded by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) this week slamming it as a "central planning disaster" and "a roadmap to destroy the American Economy." White House spokesperson Judd Deere said in a statement to The Hill that President Trump "has vowed that America would never be socialist, and this administration will fight this central planning disaster," adding that the plan was a "roadmap to require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.

The Green New Deal nonbinding congressional resolution unveiled by Democratic lawmakers Thursday calls for economically destructive and environmentally toxic extremist policies that would be an utter disaster for our country and the American people.

The New Deal was a series of programs, public work projects, financial reforms and regulations enacted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the United States between 1933 and 1936.

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The Green New Deal nonbinding congressional resolution unveiled by Democratic lawmakers Thursday calls for economically destructive and environmentally toxic extremist policies that would be an utter disaster for our country and the American people.

The radical and impractical plan could suck trillions of dollars out of our economy, raise costs of much of what we buy, wipe out millions of jobs and plunge our country into a recession or perhaps even a depression. It would be a self-inflicted wound causing enormous harm to us all.

Pete Buttigieg: Green New Deal resolution 'the right beginning'

Pete Buttigieg: Green New Deal resolution 'the right beginning' Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Indiana, said on Sunday he supported the recently released "Green New Deal" resolution from New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Ed Markey. Buttigieg announced an exploratory committee last month for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, and his remarks Sunday reflected a growing consensus among much of the prospective 2020 field in support of the "Green New Deal." "I think it's the right beginning," Buttigieg said of the resolution on CNN's "State of the Union" with Jake Tapper.

The Green New Deal is a four part program for moving America quickly out of crisis into a secure, sustainable future. Inspired by the New Deal In addition, corporate tax subsidies will be made transparent by detailing them in public budgets where they can be scrutinized, not hidden as tax breaks.

The Green New Deal that some Democrats are now championing is unlike anything this country has ever done before. But scientists have been studying policies like these for decades, and their research can tell us a bit about what might happen should we pass this sweeping new vision for climate action

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., released the proposal, elements of which have already drawn support from some congressional Democrats, including several seeking their party’s presidential nomination.

Calling climate change “a direct threat to the national security of the United States,” the resolution calls for the United States to “achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions through a fair and just transition for all communities and workers.”

In reality, the direct threat to our national security and economic security comes from the Green New Deal itself.

The resolution aims to accomplish its ambitious goals by eliminating virtually all fossil fuels from U.S. electricity generation within 10 years. That would destroy at least 3.4 million jobs in the oil, natural gas and coal industries.

Tomi Lahren: The Democratic Party is absolutely, unarguably out of its mind

Tomi Lahren: The Democratic Party is absolutely, unarguably out of its mind The party of aspiring socialists once referred to as the Democrats have a new plan to kill jobs, capitalism, air travel, and freedom so it’s no shock they had their chief dim bulb unveil it. WATCH TOMI LAHREN'S "FINAL THOUGHTS" EXCLUSIVELY ON FOX NATION. SIGN UP FOR YOUR FREE TRIAL NOW Yes, it’s called the “Green New Deal” and shock -- they don’t know how or WHO is going to pay for it.

“The term Green New Deal entered into the public discourse before a lot of the white papers, and think pieces of how you would achieve that were really Democrats create an agenda? How do we make sure that the Green New Deal and the environment take up a substantial share of that floor time when

The Green New Deal (GND) is any of several proposed economic stimulus programs in the United States that aim to address both economic inequality and climate change.

The radical plan would replace fossil fuels by building hundreds or even thousands of costly new renewable energy facilities across the country. It also calls for building high-speed rail and eliminating as many gasoline-powered vehicles “as is technologically feasible.”

All this would hit American families and businesses hard in the wallet – not just with increased taxes to fund the Green New Deal but with dramatically higher prices of much of what we buy.

Renewable energy sources like wind and solar power are two to five times more expensive than existing conventional energy sources like natural gas.

Forcing Americans to ditch their perfectly good gasoline-powered vehicles and pay far more than they do now to provide power their vehicles and homes could cost families billions of dollars each year, harming low-income families the most.

Higher power costs for businesses would create huge incentives for them to relocate to other nations to reduce their power bills. This would be particularly true of factories, which require large amounts of power to manufacture all sorts of products.

Green New Deal: McConnell wants Democrats to go 'on record' about the bold climate change plan

Green New Deal: McConnell wants Democrats to go 'on record' about the bold climate change plan Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell doesn't like the Green New Deal, but he wants a vote on the controversial so Democrats can be put on the record.

The Green New Deal aims to get us there—and remake the country in the process. Since early November, I’ve seen the Green New Deal talked about as a story of Democrats in disarray, or The Green New Deal is one of the most interesting—and strategic—left-wing policy interventions from the

Franklin Delano Roosevelt sought to redefine freedom in the face of war. The Green New Deal imagines goals for a colorful democracy .

The Green New Deal would mandate the removal of “pollution and greenhouse gas emissions” from every manufacturer and industry. This provision alone would have devastating economic effects.

If manufacturers and all industries are forced to go “green,” the cost of producing products in the United States will increase so substantially that it would be virtually impossible for American companies to beat their global competitors. Manufacturers staying in the U.S. would try to cut costs in other ways – by holding down wages and by replacing as many workers as possible with automation.

Under President Trump, manufacturing is making a comeback in the U.S. after decades of decline. More than 450,000 manufacturing jobs have been added across our nation under the Trump administration, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This manufacturing renaissance could have never happened if the Green New Deal was in place, and these job gains would be reversed in the job-killing radical plan became law.

If all this wasn’t bad enough, so-called green energy sources are also are much more unreliable than fossil fuels, because the wind isn’t always blowing and the sun isn’t always shining. Electric power brownouts and blackouts would likely become common if the American people were forced to depend on these “green” energy sources.

What’s in the tentative deal to avert shutdown

What’s in the tentative deal to avert shutdown Lawmakers are set to introduce legislation Wednesday detailing a border security deal that they hope will prevent a partial government shutdown later this week. Whether President Trump will sign the measure is unclear, especially following Tuesday's remarks that he is "not happy" with the compromise. Conservatives have panned the deal, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is publicly urging the president to sign it, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is expected to have the House vote on the bill as soon as Wednesday.

It’s called the Green New Deal (GND) — a term purposefully reminiscent of Franklin Delano “What we thought was , let’s try to get the smallest possible thing done, which is get all Democrats to agree It is a vision for a new kind of economy, built around a new set of social and economic relationships.

Green New Deal : Democrats will try to flex their new -found electoral muscle in Congress by pushing for what has been described as the "largest expansion We wonder, are all those people who think a Green New Deal is a really nifty idea understand that ? Speaking of taxes, one of the favorite ways to

And it surprises many people to know that many forms of renewable energy – supposedly better for the environment – can in fact cause significant environmental problems.

Solar facilities and wind farms take up far more land than many existing conventional energy facilities. For example, solar energy requires 40 to 50 percent more land than natural gas facilities. Wind energy production takes up 90 to 100 percent more land.

Additionally, in order to build the thousands of new wind turbines and solar panels that would be needed to power the country, substantially more steel and rare earth minerals would need to be manufactured and mined, causing massive environmental damage.

And where would the government build all these new wind and solar facilities? Even many of the most liberal, supposedly environmentally friendly communities in the country have rejected new wind farms because they don’t want the land around their homes filled with turbines.

The Green New Deal would also have the federal government “work collaboratively with farmers and ranchers in the United States to eliminate pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from the agricultural sector.”

The radical plan would do this in part by mandating “sustainable” farming and land-use practices, giving tremendous power to the federal government to manage U.S. farms and ranches – immensely increasing the costs of producing the food we eat.

Bad Policy, Good Politics

Bad Policy, Good Politics The Green New Deal is not a good piece of policy. But I’m glad it exists. I’m glad it exists because climate change and the stagnation of mass living standards are both defining challenges for this country. And the authors of the Green New Deal — Senator Ed Markey and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — have the admirable ambition to take on both. The plan doesn’t ask what is politically possible today. It asks what needs to be done and tries to change the definition of politically possible.

The Green New Deal is a mass mobilization to dramatically expand existing renewable power sources and deploy new production capacity with the goal of Defend Our Democracy . We cannot afford to continue partisan jockeying on these issues; there is too much at stake. Americans must be provided

Case in point: The Green New Deal . Once a pipe dream of America’s most radical Green Party candidates, the Green New Deal is now being promoted among members of the Democrats ’ Progressive Why Kamala Harris's Surge In Popularity Signals Democrats are Heading for Disaster .

And guess what – when it costs farmers more to grow food, its costs you and me more to buy food. So under a Green New Deal we could expect dramatically higher prices at the supermarket checkout line.

Another disturbing provision of the Green New Deal would require “upgrading all existing buildings in the United States and building new buildings to achieve maximal energy efficiency, water efficiency, safety, affordability, comfort, and durability, including through electrification,” costing trillions of dollars more.

Not only would these policies kill jobs, hurt families and insert the government in everyone’s home and business – they would provide few, if any, environmental benefits and would do nothing to avert climate change.

Even if you believe that humans are causing climate change and that climate change will cause significant problems in the future – claims not all scientists accept – the Green New Deal would not reduce global carbon dioxide emissions.

This is because countries like China and India are increasing their carbon dioxide emissions by so much that they will, based on current projections, more than offset any carbon dioxide emissions cuts made in America.

And unfortunately, the above economically disastrous policies are just the tip of the iceberg. The Green New Deal has still more harmful provisions when you look below the surface.

The resolution also includes dozens of socialist policies that have little or nothing to do with the environment – including some that were not included in Ocasio-Cortez’s initial draft proposal released last year.

The Green New Deal’s Disastrous First Week

The Green New Deal’s Disastrous First Week To their own detriment, progressives have hermetically sealed themselves off from the Right, and even from moderates. They actually leaked a document to their woke friends at NPR without anyone realizing how badly a pledge of support for everyone “unable or unwilling to work” would play outside the bubble, or how inane it seems to grownups when you propose eliminating every combustion engine in the United States in ten years or declare war on cows. Republicans who watch Fox News are often derided for living in an echo chamber. Maybe they’d like to be, but it’s almost impossible to accomplish.

Although the Green New Deal would be a sweeping piece of legislation that reshapes all sectors of the U . S . economy, it primarily focuses on climate We will invest in research in sustainable, nontoxic materials, closed-loop cycles that eliminate waste and pollution, as well as organic agriculture

Ocasio-Cortez’s “ Green New Deal ” calls for creating a House committee to draft legislation to fight global warming and turn the U . S . economy into something akin to what Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders envisions. Indeed, the “ Green New Deal ” could be a preview of what policies the Democratic Party

For example, the Green New Deal resolution would provide “resources, training, and high-quality education, including higher education, to all people of the United States, with a focus on frontline and vulnerable communities.”

Translation: implementing the Green New Deal will likely include a universal free-college provision that could costs trillions of dollars over the next couple of decades.

The Green New Deal also promises “universal access to healthy food,” “economic security” for all Americans, universal health care, and a jobs guarantee that would provide employment to anyone who wants it “with a family-sustaining wage, adequate family and medical leave, paid vacations, and retirement security.”

Funding all these government giveaways would require massive tax increases – and not just on the wealthiest Americans, because there are not enough of them to pay for all these enormously expensive programs. And even with gigantic tax increases, soaring federal deficits would still be likely under the Green New Deal.

The bottom line is that the Green New Deal would transform gigantic sectors of the U.S. economy – energy, health care, college education, and potentially more – into huge socialist, government-run or managed programs that would be controlled by an army of bureaucrats in Washington.

And all this would be done in the name of trying to control the weather 80 years in the future. This isn’t just socialism, which has been proven to fail repeatedly throughout the world over the past 100 years. It’s crazy.

Senate Dems introduce bill to prevent Trump from using disaster funds to build wall.
A group of Senate Democrats, including several 2020 contenders, have introduced legislation that would prevent President Trump from using disaster relief funds to finance a wall along the southern border. The "Protecting Disaster Relief Funds Act" would block Trump from taking funds allocated to the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Housing and Urban Development or the Army Corps of Engineers for disaster relief and using that money to construct physical barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border.

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