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OpinionAs a national security expert, here's how I try to make sense of the senseless

17:36  15 march  2019
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Detective reflects on ‘senseless’ murder case during a 'dark age' in Nashville on ‘Deadly Recall’ docuseries

Detective reflects on ‘senseless’ murder case during a 'dark age' in Nashville on ‘Deadly Recall’ docuseries Detective Pat Postiglione is known for his good memory, but this one murder he says he'll always remember for how senseless it was. It was March 17, 1990, and Gul Telwar, 55, a native of Afghanistan who taught economics at Tennessee State University and also worked as a used car dealer, had been brutally shot to death. Postiglione was celebrating his daughter’s birthday when he received the call. BTK'S DAUGHTER TELLS ALL Postiglione, a New York City native with over 25 years of experience as a Nashville homicide detective, is recognized for remembering every detail of the crimes he has been tasked to solve.

Good Bones allowed her to accomplish both. Smith’ s poem went viral in the aftermath of the Orlando nightclub shooting in June. When asked what the nature of this poem’ s success was, she said it was how many people the poem reached who feel it described in words the emotions that they were not

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Word of a terrorist attack is always jolting, whether it comes via a phone call in the middle of the night, the morning news spilling from the alarm clock, or an email breaking into an ordinary day at the office.

When news of such an unspeakable event breaks, I start getting media queries almost immediately. They all ask the same question: What does this mean?

Democrats push to delay IRS tax-filing deadline by five weeks

Democrats push to delay IRS tax-filing deadline by five weeks A group of House Democrats want to delay this year's tax-filing deadline to account for the five-week partial government shutdown. Reps. Sean Casten and Lauren Underwood of Illinois argue that taxpayers need more time to ask the IRS questions, since the agency was hindered for five weeks in December and January due to the shutdown. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); Under the bill, the tax-filing deadline this year would be May 20 instead of April 15.

I ’ve opened a new blog: ‘ Making Sense of the Senseless …….’ It’ s based on what I do on Facebook and I ’m hoping to reach a wider audience. The articles will be short contemplations on current affairs, commenting on articles, events and memes, which have proven an incredibly powerful mode of

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I am now sadly practiced at processing atrocities like the appalling shootings in New Zealand.

There is a list of questions I always ask myself in order to make sense of the senseless.

What happened?

Despite the temptation to rush to judgment, my rule is to wait for the facts, and let the facts speak for themselves. In this case, the facts came out really fast, in part because the perpetrators broadcasted them to the world. The shootings at the Christchurch mosques are the very definition of terrorism: the willful intention to do violence on innocents to serve a political agenda.

Who is to blame?

In cases of terrorism my answer is always the same: the terrorists. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was exactly right when she said that people with such extreme views “have absolutely no place in New Zealand and in fact have no place in the world. … We utterly reject and condemn you.” Shifting the blame to anyone else is just wrong. Terrorists should be made to own their evil.

Trump's national security adviser: 'The ISIS threat will remain'

Trump's national security adviser: 'The ISIS threat will remain' The President's top national security adviser said Sunday that the threat of ISIS still remains and could undergo a resurgence, despite Donald Trump's declaration that US backed forces have retaken "100%" of the territory once claimed by ISIS in Syria. "The ISIS threat will remain," national security adviser John Bolton said on ABC News' "This Week." "But one reason that the President has committed to keeping an American presence in Iraq and small part of an observer force in Syria, is against the possibility that there would be a real resurgence of ISIS and we would then have the ability to deal with that if that arose.

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Home. Editor' s Choice. Making Sense of the Senseless . This is a politics blog, I am a student masquerading as a writer, and there is still blood on the sidewalk. These things should disqualify me from writing about the Boston Marathon attack.

What about whataboutism?

There are always some who want to make a tragedy about their agenda. That agenda may be gun control, politics, religion, or any number of other concerns, hatreds, conspiracies or righteous causes. But trying to make the issue about their cause and not about terrorism does nothing to advance our understanding of either – especially when people are in the midst of crisis, tragedy and mourning.

Take issues on their own merit. We don’t need a terrorist attack to argue that an extremist ideology that dehumanizes people of another religion or embraces xenophobia is wrong. We can argue that every day.

What about the terrorist threat?

All terrorism is terrible, but it is not all equal. Terrorist groups that are organized and supported by global networks, or directed by state-sponsors like Iran, represent systemic threats to national security and the peace and prosperity of societies. Individual acts of terrorism, even horrific acts of terror such as these mosque attacks, are extreme public safety challenges. Each should be handled with the resources and means appropriate to the nature of the threat.

Dem, Republican want to make rules for Trump on security clearances

Dem, Republican want to make rules for Trump on security clearances Trump reportedly ordered that Jared Kushner be granted a security clearance, and revoked the clearance of ex-CIA Director John Brennan, a frequent critic.

Everyday Health Emotional Health. Making Sense of the Senseless Violence. And mental health experts warn that this steady drumbeat of violence could have major consequences for the nation ' s psyche. Whether you suffer from addiction, depression, or everyday stress, these podcasts are here to support Because no matter how hard you try , calming teas and stress balls just aren’t working.

Here are few thoughts on the ramifications of this spectacular torpedoing of all Task Force and “Captain America” glory. Suggesting Jim Furyk didn’t consult you while the team professed the open book nature of the process, could suggest the old boys vibe of the Task Force did play favorites.

It is also worth remembering that if we add up all the terrorists in the world, including terrorists such as those in New Zealand, they are but a minuscule fraction of any race, religion, or any other group of humanity.

What about people?

Acts of terrorism can be quite telling in terms of understanding who we are – the good and the bad. In their wake, we see leadership, like the compassionate, firm and steady hand of Prime Minister Ardern. We see our capacity for caring and empathy, like the many people all over the world who stand with the people of New Zealand this morning, praying for them, their losses, and their future. And we see the exploiters, the hate-mongers, and the manipulators.

What does the horror in New Zealand mean? You have my answer to these questions. What are yours?


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