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OpinionParty of the rich? Millionaires prefer Joe Biden over Trump

01:10  13 june  2019
01:10  13 june  2019 Source:   washingtonexaminer.com

Biden maintains 19-point lead over Sanders in new poll

Biden maintains 19-point lead over Sanders in new poll Former vice president Joe Biden leads Sen. Bernie Sanders in the latest Hill-HarrisX poll released Monday by 19 points, maintaining a clear separation from the rest of the field in the Democratic presidential primary, Biden won 35 percent support from Democratic and Democratic-leaning independent registered voters in the June 1-2 survey, compared to 16 percent for Sanders (I-Vt.). South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg was a distant third with 8 percent. He was followed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) at 5 percent. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and former Rep. Beto O'Rourke were supported by 4 percent of respondents while Sen.

Biden would beat Trump in a head to head, IrishCentral readers vote. All welcome to join the Irish Consulate in this year's NYC Pride Parade. A recent article from political analyst Mike Allen claimed that Joe Biden is the only Democrat who can beat Donald Trump in 2020 and IrishCentral readers

President Trump on Tuesday ridiculed former vice president Joe Biden over accusations that he has touched women inappropriately, in Trump has denied all of the allegations against him. We’re the party of the American Dream,” Trump said. He doubled down on his plan for Republicans to make a

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It must be true that the Democrats are the party of the downtrodden rather than the millionaires, for they tell us so repeatedly. What's odd, though, is that the votes of the millionaires trend toward Democrats. That's if we're going to believe the CNBC Millionaire survey, and there's no particular reason why we shouldn't. This is telling us something rather interesting and even important about political policy.

This isn't an aberration by the way, those millionaires polled breaking for Joe Biden rather than President Trump — they were heavily pro-Hillary too, for all the good that did her election prospects. But that again is an interesting thing to note. What it tells us is that Trump, whatever else we might think of him, is the radical here, not Biden or Clinton, the two representatives of the Democratic establishment.

Biden jokes about close contact with woman at rally: 'I want the press to know she pulled me close'

Biden jokes about close contact with woman at rally: 'I want the press to know she pulled me close' Former Vice President Joe Biden joked that a woman pulled him "close" at a presidential campaign event in New Hampshire, seemingly making light of allegations that his behavior has made women uncomfortable. "We've got a little secret going here. I want the press to know she pulled me close," Biden said after a voter reached out to speak in his ear. Those in the room seemed to react well to Biden's joke, laughing at his response.This isn'

Is Donald Trump an aberration? If he is, Joe Biden is the perfect Democratic candidate to defeat him next year, the steady hand that can restore decency, steer a middle course between Wall Street and Main Street, and reinvigorate the shaken liberal democratic order. I don’t think Trump is an aberration.

Hours after Joe Biden posted an online video announcing his 2020 White House bid, President Donald Trump responded on Twitter. The conversations, relayed by a Republican strategist with direct knowledge of the interactions, reflect the president’s assessment that Biden poses the biggest threat

Let us just assume to be true what we all believe anyway, people vote with their wallets. Why then would those doing well out of the current system, those millionaires, vote for those who insist they're for the poor? Those who would upend society so that those currently oppressed by it can make good? And equally, why would those at the top end of society be so against someone who is said to be only in favor of benefiting the rich?

Well, if people do vote rationally in their own interest, then it's our definition of those positions that is wrong, isn't it? Middle-of-the-road Democrats aren't going to change the system much. There will be no pulling away of the protections those with millions of dollars have. The opposition to Trump presumably comes from the opposite fear, that he will upset the cart. He may change society, or at least the economy, so that the poor will indeed benefit and leave out the professional and upper classes.

Biden: Trump is an "existential threat" to the U.S.

Biden: Trump is an Democrats' presidential front-runner and former vice president will blast the president while both are in Iowa on Tuesday.

Trump advisers, noting the way Biden recently backpedaled after publicly calling Vice President Mike Pence a “decent guy,” told the president the incident was a perfect example of the verbal tightrope Biden will have to walk if he declares his candidacy. When fellow Democrats and the party ’s

Joe Biden attends Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis in February. It overwhelmingly favours investors over workers and it’s riddled with unproductive expenditures.” There is energy in the feminist wing of the Democratic party and part of that is driven by the sexual misconduct allegations against Trump .”

Even in the standard political dictionary, Trump is certainly the radical in this grouping. It meaning not change in a left-wing direction, just significant change in any such. That could be it of course, those doing well in any societal set up are likely to be conservative in the sense of not wanting to rock the boat too much. A proper shaking up of the system might not leave the same people on those significant incomes with the assets to match, after all. We could thus righteously assume that those doing well would prefer to vote for the status quo.

Such assumptions do work both ways. Watching who benefits from the status quo voting does tell us which politician is going to preserve it. That is, we can tell which special interest will be favored by looking at who votes for it. Someone insisting dentists' incomes should double would garner a significant portion of dentists' votes. Watching who dentists vote for tells us something about who favors dentists. Watching which section of society votes against someone tells us something about their fears for their position from that politician.

Trump unleashes on 'failing' and 'slower than he used to be' Biden

Trump unleashes on 'failing' and 'slower than he used to be' Biden President Trump lashed out at Joe Biden in response to the 2020 contender's plans to call the president an "existential threat."

Former Vice-President Joe Biden . Photo: Nati Harnik/AP. The 2020 election is still 20 months away, but there’s already reason to worry for Democrats: The front-runner for the nomination for a major political party is a white septuagenarian who has openly praised white supremacists and called for the

Trump ’s Biden -phobia is shared by Republican strategists, who told David M. Drucker for Vanity Fair in December that they’d much prefer Trump to Biden , meanwhile, “wreaks calmness and normalcy,” one Republican strategist said, “which I feel like people crave over the chaos of the Trump

Being a foreigner, I'm not a Republican and I'm not particularly in favor of Trump either. This isn't a paean of praise for his policies, therefore. But it is interesting to note that if millionaires' voting habits break for the Democrats both last and this time, then that must mean that the policies on offer are pro-millionaire. Note that it breaks more Democrats than the general population, thus those policies must be more pro-millionaire than pro-general population. Which just isn't what the public rhetoric would lead us to believe, is it?

Watching who supports something tells us a lot about who benefits from it. It really could be true that the Democratic Party just isn't as pro-poor as it makes itself out to be.

Tim Worstall (@worstall) is a contributor to the Washington Examiner's Beltway Confidential blog. He is a senior fellow at the Adam Smith Institute. You can read all his pieces at The Continental Telegraph.

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